rbasakmdeslaur, leosilva: I just circled round to this ^. Looks like the bug tags were correct at the time of the "trumping" though. Athos changed them afterwards. So I think my original question still stands. My only concern is if there's a process issue on an ongoing basis that we should address - it doesn't matter about that case specifically.13:13
mdeslaurrbasak: oh! that changes the data13:13
rbasakIs it in general OK for the security team to routinely bundle changes that the SRU team have "staged" like this?13:13
mdeslaurso yes, leosilva was supposed to look to see if the packages in proposed were ready to be published, and base his updates on top of them13:14
rbasakOK, so no fundamental flaw in our expectation then. I feel relieved :)13:14
mdeslaurif the packages in -proposed have been tested and are ok to publish, we will build on top of them13:14
rbasakGreat - thanks!13:14
mdeslaursometimes we may publish a day or two earlier than the 7-day sru waiting period13:14
mdeslaurleosilva: please do that next time ^13:15
rbasakYeah. And also I understand that there will be exceptions - like if you prepared and tested an embarboed update13:15
mdeslaurleosilva: and if you do supersede a package because it's not tested, please mention it in the changelog13:15
rbasak(and that raced an SRU without us knowing)13:15
mdeslaursure, there can be exceptions due to bad timing, but I don't think that was the case here13:16
mdeslaur(oh and when I said we may publish a day or two earlier, that's _with_ the -proposed changes)13:18

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