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smeeHi, is it possible to apt update an img that is not the one loaded?01:02
cartdrigean img?01:04
leftyfbsmee: if you can properly chroot to it, yes01:04
smeeI might be using the wrong term here, when Linux starts, press ESC and you get a list to choose from.01:04
NickHIn grub?01:05
NickHBefore linux starts?01:05
leftyfbthose are kernels, nothing to do with the rest of the packages on your system01:05
leftyfbsmee: your machine will update to the latest kernel as needed01:05
NickHNeed to reboot to actually use the new kernel though.01:06
smeeWithin GRUB, the list of Kernels, NickH has mentioned kernels.01:06
leftyfbsmee: and those will get updated and removed as necessary01:07
smeeThe issue is I updated to the latest nvidia driver and now the kernel won't start completely. Just stops after displays some text.01:07
leftyfbsmee: what version of ubuntu?01:08
leftyfbsmee: which kernel?01:09
smeeI've got 5.15.0-48-generic and 56 wont start but 48 does in recovery mode.01:10
leftyfbsmee: you should instal linux-generic-hwe-22.04. That should bring the necessary modules package you need01:10
smeeI'm hoping to update 56 and see if I can get that started, I dont wont 48 to be placed in a bad state like 5601:11
leftyfbsmee: boot to your working kernel and install linux-generic-hwe-22.0401:11
smeeleftyfb: Can  linux-generic-hwe-22.04 be install as a new kernel ?01:21
leftyfbsmee: it's a meta package that will just make sure you have the latest kernel installed. But it should do a better job of also making sure you have the proper modules package installed as well01:22
leftyfbsmee: did you install linux-generic-hwe-22.04 and reboot?02:18
smeeleftyfb: No, I haven't worked out how to start the dud kernel.02:19
smeeI want to make sure that the one that I can get into via recovery is not touched.02:20
leftyfbsmee: I told you to just start ANY kernel that you can get into02:20
leftyfbsmee: that's not how this works02:20
leftyfbsmee: your working kernel won't get removed yet02:20
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leftyfbsmee: boot into a working kernel and run: sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-22.0402:21
smeeleftyfb: so will this create a new kernel?02:22
leftyfbsmee: I told you exactly what it is and what it will do02:23
leftyfbsmee: it's a meta package that will just make sure you have the latest kernel installed. But it should do a better job of also making sure you have the proper modules package installed as well02:23
leftyfbfrom 1 hour ago02:23
leftyfbit should take you less than a minute to boot into a kernel that'll let you login to a terminal and install the package02:23
cartdrigeif you can't boot with grub, you can boot with a live USB stick and chroot to the filesystem of the hard drive (chroot tutorial to mount /dev etc. few terminal commands)02:26
leftyfbthey can boot just fine into 48 which will work02:27
smeeleftyfb: I'm wanting to make sure that the outcome was going to be a NEW kernel to select  from via GRUB? And no, the only kernel I cant start is the previous one but only in recovery mode.02:28
leftyfbsmee: you don't need a NEW kernel. You're probably just missing the modules package for the latest kernel.02:28
leftyfbsmee: please just take the advice02:28
leftyfbsmee: it's been over an hour and you probably could have had this fixed in a couple minutes but you refuse02:29
smeeleftyfb: Not refuse, just time poor.02:32
leftyfbsmee: boot into a working kernel and run: sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-22.0402:33
smeeleftyfb: ok02:33
sarnold.. wouldn't "time poor" have been "thanks for the advice let me run that and report back"? :)02:34
leftyfbhorse to water02:35
quazimodo20.04 has wireguard built into the kernel right?03:02
quazimodoor do i need to install kernel modules for it via apt?03:02
leftyfbquazimodo: pretty sure it's already there03:04
sarnoldquazimodo: it depends on which kernel package you have installed if the module comes along easily or if you need a new linux-modules-extra-* package https://termbin.com/3oss03:07
sarnoldquazimodo: most people won't need to do anything03:07
quazimodogoti it03:14
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tozzianyone knows hopw to access mongodb with preinstalled wekan on 22.04.1 server ?09:22
tozzitrying to change my user as admin in wekan.09:22
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screenboiHey all, I have a weird problem. I have been using a dock for my laptop(screens go through dock) for a few months now, but since rebooting it doesn't work anymore. I tried a different dock, same problem. I can confirm the dock working at another computer. I am not sure what I should do now11:11
murmelscreenboi: does your journal say anything, when you connect the dock?11:13
screenboimurmel: What should I be looking for? I disconnected it and connected, there is a lot of messaging. BTW, I currently use a keyboard + mouse succesfully through the dock. But let me upload the journal, a sec11:16
screenboimurmel: This is the pasty: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/jgmJGpdTW8/11:20
screenboiThat is the disconnecting + connecting log11:20
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murmelscreenboi: is the other system also ubuntu?11:28
screenboimurmel: No, a windows system.11:29
murmelscreenboi: what dock are we talking about? as from skimming through the logs, I assume something from ASIX?11:34
murmelsadly docks are quite annoying on linux :S11:34
screenboimurmel: The dock says Baseus. But it is strange since it worked for the last few months. Just after booting up this morning it doesn't anymore.11:39
murmelscreenboi: did you update anything last time you booted?11:39
murmelor did anything else which could interfere?11:39
dailyi have this text string: "./gameconfigurations/initialinstallpackage/cas_02.cas" and i want to replace everything between slashes with double dots, how can i do that, using sed (or equivalent)? so i want the output to be "./../../cas_02.cas"11:42
otisolsen70On my Ubuntu servers, I seem to have an endless stream of these type of audit messages in auth.log: https://paste.yt/p24403.html Does Ubuntu Server by default log every program executed on a system? Is there a way to disable this?11:44
murmelscreenboi: hey, sadly I have to go offline, so hope you can find somebody else who can help you :)11:47
Maikotisolsen70: please don't cross post11:54
otisolsen70Sorry, it was because I thought #ubuntu-server was dead and the topic mentioned this channel.11:54
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Maikit's not dead :-) people aren't 24/7 at their pc and most of us are just volunteers. Just try to be patient and if no answer try asking again at a later point of the day or try askubuntu.com or the forums11:56
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davegarathHi all, I´ve Ubuntu 20.04 with root encrypted file system. I've run apt-get upgrade and it was installed new 5.15.53-generic linix image. At boot it still stuck and don't ask me in graphical form for the passphrase to unlock the FS. Booting with my old 5.15.0-48 I have not any problem. Also booting in safety mode with 5.15.0-53. Any idea how to fix this ?12:50
_merlin_I have this keyboard shortcut I need to copy to 30 other machines. Is there any shell command I can make to deploy keyboard ou any file do edit, so I can automate this task?13:00
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Apachezrehash: warning: skipping ca-certificates.crt,it does not contain exactly one certificate or CRL13:13
Apachezrehash: warning: skipping dhparam.pem,it does not contain exactly one certificate or CRL13:13
Apacheznow what?13:13
BluesKajHi all13:26
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GrImzHi all! Ubuntu server noob here, i'm installing a Ubuntu Server with Graylog&ElasticSearch&MongoDB on it and i'd like to update everything except the Kernel since I don't want any compatibility with Ubuntu version and my apps.14:35
GrImzAny apt-get command that update/upgrade all except the kernel?14:35
leftyfbGrImz: there shouldn't be any compatibility with the kernel and your apps14:36
leftyfbcompatibility issues*14:36
leftyfbGrImz: you can always remove the newer kernel if needed14:37
GrImzSystem requirement says Ubuntu 22.0414:39
leftyfbGrImz: ok, so install Ubuntu 22.0414:39
GrImzbut if I install 22.04 and do apt-get update/upgrade it will upgrade to 22.10 right?14:40
InZaneyeah that's not sane behavior for a LTS release to upgrade to a non-lts....14:40
GrImzok cool!14:41
leftyfbapt-get upgrades packages, it will not upgrade your release without first purposely making changes to system elsewhere14:41
GrImzand thanks all! my install can now resume :)14:42
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davegarathHi all, I´ve Ubuntu 20.04 with root encrypted file system. I've run apt-get upgrade and it was installed new 5.15.53-generic linix image. At boot it still stuck and don't ask me in graphical form for the passphrase to unlock the FS. Booting with my old 5.15.0-48 I have not any problem. Also booting in safety mode with 5.15.0-53. Any idea how to fix this ?15:10
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KBarhi all. what's the command to install all binary packages that some specific source package provides?15:49
leftyfbKBar: sudo apt install <package name>15:49
KBarsorry but that's not what i asked15:50
leftyfbKBar: source packages in the ubuntu repositories are directly related to the binary packages which they are the source for15:50
KBarleftyfb: try that with gtk+3.0 for example15:51
KBarit wont work15:51
KBarthere are many source packages that are named differently and that come with multiple binary packages15:51
ashafqKBar, like dev package?15:52
ashafqsudo apt install libsomething-dev?15:52
ioriaapt-cache  showsrc  gtk+3.0 | sed -n "/Binary:/,/Architecture:/p"15:52
ashafqthere you go15:52
KBarioria: nice! i imagine there isn't a single command/option for this kind of operation?15:54
ioriayou mean a one-liner install command or such ?15:55
KBaryeah kinda like a flag to `apt` itself, e.g. `apt instal -S gtk+3.0`15:55
KBar-S meaning 'install all binaries provided by this source'15:56
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ioriai don't know that, sy15:57
blombergshould i do-release-upgrade -d #or without -d and should i update&upgrade my os first before release-upgrade?15:57
leftyfbblomberg: you should run before you upgrade your release: sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade15:57
KBarioria: thanks for the tip!15:58
blombergwhy not just upgrade ? why full-upgrade leftyfb15:58
ioriano prob15:58
blombergshould i -d?16:00
leftyfbblomberg: what release of ubuntu are you currently running and what release are you trying to get to?16:00
blomberglatest 2216:00
leftyfbblomberg: -d is for the latest development release which is currently 23.0416:01
blombergwhat's the difference16:01
blombergand what's the non-dev release latest16:01
leftyfbblomberg: as for full-upgrade, it will remove any packages or dependencies that aren't needed anymore. No sense in trying to re-install those on your new release16:02
leftyfbblomberg: the latest LTS release is 22.04. I recommend continuing your pursuit to upgrade to that16:02
blombergok then i can just use the non-LTS version and keep running -d after expiry of 23.0416:03
blombergI prefer LTS for installs, but seems do-release-upgrade is awesome as it's so easy and comfy16:03
leftyfb23.04 is not released yet and unless you plan on installing for the purposes of discovering, reporting and/or fixing bugs, I do not recommend upgrading to it16:03
blombergahh i see16:04
leftyfbblomberg: I suggest upgrading to 22.04 and not worrying about 23.04 or even 22.10 unless you know you need either of those16:04
blombergi can get 23.04 after the ... release, since non-LTS too seems fine from this comfy cool do-release-upgrade16:05
leftyfbblomberg: 22.10 and 23.04 are not LTS releases.16:05
blombergnext LTS is 24.04 yes16:06
blombergyou have LTS ? and prefer it?16:07
blombergwell i prefer the latest16:07
blombergis LTS more secure,?16:08
leftyfbblomberg: LTS's tend to be more stable16:08
leftyfband continue to get security patches for 5 years16:09
davegarathHi all, I´ve Ubuntu 20.04 with root encrypted file system. I've run apt-get upgrade and it was installed new 5.15.53-generic linix image. At boot it still stuck and don't ask me in graphical form for the passphrase to unlock the FS. Booting with my old 5.15.0-48 I have not any problem. Also booting in safety mode with 5.15.0-53. Any idea how to fix this ?16:15
davegarathI'm searching it in google since 7 days without success16:15
WaVdavegarath: uname -a16:16
WaVdavegarath: Does it say Oracle at the end?16:16
davegarathLinux dave-desktop 5.15.0-48-generic #54~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Sep 1 16:17:26 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:16
davegarathThis version are working correctly16:17
leftyfbdavegarath: sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-20.0416:17
davegarathThe kernel with the problem is 5.15.0-53 generic16:17
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davegarathleftyfb, why hwe-20.04 ?16:19
leftyfbdavegarath: it will do a better job at keeping you with the latest kernel and the associated modules packages16:19
davegarathI'll try16:20
davegarathleftyfb, I'm thinking to do-release-upgrade in the next future to ubuntu 22.04. Do you think I'll do some problem ?16:23
leftyfbdavegarath: depends on what the problem is. You have yet to determine that16:23
davegarathdoh! leftyfb is left16:30
leftyfbdavegarath: ?16:31
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davegarathleftyfb, tab completion confused me16:31
davegarathleftyfb, I've installaed linux-generic-hwe-20.04 that as insalled initrd.img-5.15.0-56-generic But I've the same problem16:32
davegarathjust initrd.img-5.15.0-48-generic seems works16:32
leftyfbdavegarath: sudo apt install linux-modules-5.15.0-56-generic linux-modules-extra-5.15.0-56-generic16:33
leftyfbdavegarath: after that, try booting to 5.15.0-56-generic which should be the default16:34
davegarathBut the strange thing is that if I choice safe mode of the kernel he ask me the passphrase and I can boot normally after that16:34
WaVdavegarath: Try what leftyfb suggested. Sounds like your hardware isn't supported without some additional kernel modules.16:35
davegarathleftyfb, linux-modules and extra are already installed16:35
leftyfbdavegarath: apt list --installed |grep oracle    # do you have any oracle kernel installed?16:36
leftyfb(not sure if this was just an issue on 22.04)16:36
davegarathI'm on 20.04.5 now16:37
knmaeHey, I needed to log in from tty, how to change localization of keyboard?16:41
leftyfbknmae: sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales16:42
leftyfbsudo update-locale LANG=fi_FI.UTF-816:43
knmaeGreat, thanks! Do I need to reboot or something?16:51
leftyfbknmae: I don't think so. Though I've never actually done it16:54
leftyfbknmae: maybe a lot out and back in might help16:54
oerheksleftyfb, seen this before, how does this oracle kernel get installed?17:31
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leftyfboerheks: not sure, though it was a bug that seemed to happen recently to multiple people18:17
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noorddoes 22.04 force to use snap or flatpak?18:53
leftyfbnoord: flatpak is not officially supported in ubuntu18:59
leftyfbnoord: there are a few packages in ubuntu 22.04 that are only available via snap, like firefox18:59
cartdrigeActually weither it is snaps or normal .deb is not visible at all for a normal user. But the snap version mounts virtual FS etc which makes things even more obscure, like when looking at mount output or process going on.19:03
leftyfbcartdrige: you're assuming all users only use the GUI software app to install applications. When using the CLI, it's very apparent if an app is a snap or .deb19:06
noordcartdrige: which messes df output, and bundles its dependencies, no thanks19:07
leftyfbnoord: snaps do not "mess with" "bundles" or dependencies19:08
leftyfbnoord: for df you can run: df -h -x squashfs19:08
cartdrigeleftyfb, all snaps are squashfs blobs mounted on the real FS?19:11
leftyfbcatalase: to be clear, sqashfs is a "real FS"19:12
cartdrigeleftyfb, i mean the FS on the hardware, cause squashfs is like an ISO, on top of the FS of the hardware.19:14
neowebThat worked.19:27
neowebIt is the only way.19:27
neowebBad ubuntu.19:27
leftyfb!bug | neoweb19:28
ubottuneoweb: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:28
leftyfbneoweb: though, you must be running an outdated and unsupported version of ubuntu. What you say works is changing configs for lightdm, which isn't used anymore19:30
arraybolt3Neither is Unity.19:30
arraybolt3Ubuntu uses GNOME currently (though there is Ubuntu Unity, if you like Unity, and it's now an official flavor).19:30
girafe3what are official ubuntu flavors ?19:46
leftyfb!flavors | girafe319:47
ubottugirafe3: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours19:47
snakes2112i eat kids19:59
rjwiiiI seem to have 2 instances of Ubuntu Core mounted on my Ubuntu 22.04. One if for Core 20, the other is for Core 16 ... I don't have any USB drives  connected. There are in /media/<user>. Are these supposed to be there?20:04
leftyfbrjwiii: a reboot should resolve that20:05
rjwiiileftyfb: Thanks ... I'll reboot after work ...20:06
tomreyni'm guessing that rjwiii is probably referring to the compatibility snaps20:06
tomreynif so, those wont go away with a reboot20:06
leftyfbtomreyn: I've seen this before. It does. After upgrading the snap it gets into a weird state where the old mounts get orphaned20:07
tomreynhmm, okay, better not research this too much. ;)20:07
leftyfband by seen it before, I mean on my own machine. It's happened several times20:08
leftyfbI THINK a bug was filed for it. Can't remember. It was several months ago that I ran into it20:08
knmaeYeah, now it wörks, thänks20:14
kietwhats this channel about21:17
leftyfbkiet: Ubuntu support21:18

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