RAOF<Saviq> "I didn't get far… wild guess..." <- Yeah, I *think* the way we're building `test_exclusion_filter` may not work.01:42
sophie-w * grayson-g: how did you fix your clang headers problem? I think I might be getting the same thing02:25
sophie-wEdit: problem seems to have gone away for no reason02:25
RAOF<RAOF> "Yeah, I *think* the way we're..." <- Or maybe not? 😬06:23
RAOFAaaaah. gtest only looks at the last --gtest_filter, and we pass it twice!06:40
RAOFAh! We pass the exclude filter to tools/discover_gtests.sh as a --gtest_filter, but tools/discover_gtests.sh expects excludes to be passed as --gtest-exclude.07:03
RAOFAlso, nvidia-core22 is failing to find the NVIDIA EGL platform, but in a way that strace is pretty happy to help with.07:08
RAOFAnd with that, EOW!07:09
SaviqMoan o/08:12
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/ubuntu-frame]** Saviq drafted [pull request #117](https://github.com/MirServer/ubuntu-frame/pull/117): snap: migrate to `base: core22`09:26
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** Saviq drafted [pull request #2745](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2745): Base core2212:08
-GitHub[m]:#mir-server- **[MirServer/mir]** Saviq edited [pull request #2745](https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2745): snap,ci: migrate to 22.04 / `base: core20`12:08
SaviqGood weekend o/17:07

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