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lotuspsychjegood morning02:45
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BlackOpsWell, I finally might have to leave Ubuntu. I applied for a position with Canonical and they want me to take a test but I have a disability and I don't think I'll be able to perform in it which would lead to a legal situation if I file a federal discrimination complaint.20:12
BlackOpsSo, that means so long everyone ... Unfortunately, as I have been a hardcore Ubuntu user for years.20:12
oerhekswhy would a disability stop you?20:13
arraybolt3And what was the test?20:14
BlackOpsI am a pretty smart guy but they want me to take a time based test and I have a disability that causes a delay in processing information. Like for instance, if I see the picture of an object or have to solve a logic problem, it takes me like 50% more time than the average person and the idea of the test is to weed out people like me.20:15
BlackOpsI received my master's degree with a 4.0 though and my undergraduate with a 2.88 which wasn't very good but I do have two degrees and I'm not a damn genius. Not saying that. I'm just saying I'm qualified but they're trying to practice what is called defacto discrimination in the U.S.20:16
BlackOpsOf course, if a lawsuit is filed, they will have to remove the test depending on the success of the suit20:17
BlackOpsI'll file a complaint with the EEOC then formalize the charges and see where it goes20:17
leftyfbBlackOps: you do understand Canonical is a UK-based company right?20:18
oerheksfederal discrimination complaint... but if you did not attend, what makes you think you are in title to say so?20:18
BlackOpsThey still have to follow U.S. law. It's a U.S. position20:18
arraybolt3No offense, but from doing Ubuntu development, some of this stuff requires hard and fast work to meet deadlines. If something keeps you from physically doing a job, I don't see how it's discrimination to not give you the job.20:18
BlackOpsIt's a position for the Americas20:18
oerheksfoolish, imho20:18
BlackOpsI've worked for companies doing the same thing and they had to follow the laws here20:18
BlackOpsI've done this before...Not the exact same situation but I've filed federal and state complaints20:19
BlackOpsyou might not like it because you're not disabled20:19
BlackOpsBut I know what I'm doing20:19
leftyfbgood luck20:19
oerheksoh, you are just looking for a quick buck...20:19
BlackOpsYou don't really mean that20:19
BlackOpsThat's trolling20:19
oerheksyes i do20:19
leftyfbI'm not sure this is the best place to discuss this20:19
BlackOpsI know it's not20:19
BlackOpsFace the music though20:19
arraybolt3And this is not the first time you, BlackOps, have been caught trolling.20:20
leftyfbBlackOps: good luck20:20
BlackOpsyou guys like a company that practices discrimination20:20
BlackOpsLike a restaurant in the '50s that won't serve blacks20:20
BlackOpsBut you guys would still eat there20:20
leftyfbBlackOps: lets not20:20
leftyfbBlackOps: take it elsewhere20:21
BlackOpsNo, I agree. I don't want to talk to people who support a discriminatory company. Block me too20:21
BlackOpsI'm out20:22
leftyfbyou know that won't be the last we hear from them20:22
arraybolt3lol and this from the person who supposedly has a Masters in cybersecurity but doesn't know how to Google the way to inspect the running OSes memory? (That was the time I dealt with them in #ubuntu, I figured they were probably trolling.)20:23
oerheksnow he is listening in again, to see if we react on his rant in ##linux20:26
oerheksgood job BlackOps20:26
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