arraybolt3[m]How on earth do you even build Chromium in a PPA? It takes massive amounts of RAM, I thought.00:15
JanCseems like it works00:18
sarnolduntil recently the builder vms had 8gigs00:19
sarnoldwhich was half of what I thought they had00:19
sarnoldI think they fiddle with build options to reduce concurrency, use less memory inthe linker, etc00:19
JanCwouldn't the build process adapt to available memory also?00:19
JanCor to the number of cores available00:20
sarnoldnumber of cores, usually00:20
JanCwhich is likely quite limited in a VM?00:20
sarnoldyeah, perhaps by enough that the memory limit wasn't as painful00:20
sarnoldI've thought vaguely about writing an nproc replacement that also takes available memory into consideration00:21
sarnoldbut then when I thought about what "available memory" actually means I decided it'd be easier to just go insane directly00:21
JanCmight be useful on some SoCs that have plenty of cores but little RAM (and can't expanded RAM)00:22
sarnoldyeah, my rpi for example has four cores but one gigabyte of memory. you'd be insane to try make -j4 on there00:27
arraybolt3sarnold: (re: go insane directly) lol I've heard that it was pretty hard to figure out available memory, is there a particular reason that it's that hard?00:29
JanCdepending on what you are trying to compile, but for something big for sure00:29
arraybolt3htop seems to do a decent job of it.00:29
JanCit's hard to say what is *really* available (or can become available, if needed) because of caching/buffers/etc.00:30
arraybolt3I figured that buffers and cache could just be ignored, and that all that mattered was the total size of all active processes and shared libraries in use, minus whatever was swapped out. I suspect I don't know a whole lot about this area though.00:31
sarnoldarraybolt3: there's just so many variables -- the physical memory is easy to get, but after that things get fuzzy, because most processes share some amounts of memory with all the other processes on the system; a lot of memory is used for cache or buffers; and then there's rlimits, cgroups, overcommit limits..00:31
arraybolt3Oy, I didn't know about those last few (rlimits etc).00:32
JanCbut not all buffers/cache are shown as such (e.g. when using ZFS), and some of it would be needed for the actual build process, etc.  :)00:32
sarnoldand perhaps the database running on the system is far more important than the build :)00:34
JanCand maybe you don't mind using some zram- or flash-based swap, but HDD swap would be a problem, etc.00:34
JanCI mean, pushing some other stuff into swap00:35
arraybolt3That explains why Linux goes into thrashing when it runs out of RAM rather than just dying or destroying stuff outright?00:36
arraybolt3It's even designed to kill processes via the OOM killer, it just seems like without systemd-oomd it takes forever to actually do that.00:36
JanCOOM killers are a bad design, except in emergency cases really00:37
JanCexcept when you can really finetune how they work (what they kill when), I suppose00:37
JanCideally applications should get a warning before killing them is necessary & they react to it  :)00:38
sarnoldoh hah I forgot systemd-oomd, the thing that kills things before it's a catastrophe (and causes its own catastrophes :)00:38
sarnoldone more variable to consider00:38
JanCyou don't have to install it :)00:39
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lotuspsychjewelcome nibbon_ 09:42
nibbon_is this the right place to talk about subiquity (https://github.com/canonical/subiquity)09:42
lotuspsychjenibbon_: the ubuntu support channels will take all questions around ubuntu and their flavours09:47
nibbon_actually, my question is related to ubuntu sever, that's why I came here :)09:48
lotuspsychjeshoot, and if volunteers are awake, they will try to answer09:48
nibbon_with the d-i installer, I have a procedure to build an ISO that perform unattended installation 09:53
nibbon_my take away reading the subiquity GH repo is that I can still repackage an ISO, but then I need to have an external http server to serve the configuration09:56
nibbon_I would like to know whether or not I can still put everything into the ISO 09:58
tomreynnibbon_: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/hpc/ubuntu-22-04-server-autoinstall-iso/11:32
* nibbon_ reads14:23
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nibbon_tomreyn: thanks, that's the example I was looking for15:17
tomreynyou're welcome 15:24
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Exterminadorhello  folks. any idea on why my VPS isn't completing the `sudo apt update` command?20:00
Exterminadornvm.. it's because I've seek for help that it completed after almost 5m hanging -_-20:01
arraybolt3Tape the IRC logs to the monitor and that should make it keep working in the future :P20:02
arraybolt3(OK so not really...)20:02
arraybolt3Anyway, my guess would probably be either a bogged-down or glitchy server on Canonical's end, or possibly a really low-performance VPS.20:02
Exterminadorthe VPS isn't exactly low-performance even being from Kimsufi (OVH Eco branch)20:11
Exterminadorusually all goes smooth for the exception for today. so, yes, it was probably a glitch in the matrix :)20:12
ChmEarlworld premiere: https://pb.psychotic.ninja/view/90bc0efd20:52
arraybolt3ChmEarl: Excuse me?21:45
Woetjust like theres iftop for network traffic, is there something for storage "traffic"?23:01
Woetah, iotop23:01
sarnoldWoet: also take a look at biotop, filetop, and other tools https://github.com/iovisor/bcc/tree/master23:03

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