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zxmpichocolate orange/jaffa cake stash is now optimal16:20
daftykinsooh some discount wins?19:22
daftykinsgood eve everyone19:22
zxmpi2euro a pop. about uk1.5020:51
davefBe a shame if anything happened to your Jaffa Cake stash 😈21:04
daftykinsi've got a second toblerone on the go this evening21:06
zxmpii'd have to fall back to my second jaffa cake stash.21:28
zxmpiand of course in the words of chief o'brien. i wouldn't like to not have a 2nd backup21:28
daftykinsi'm struggling to resist ordering some upgrade parts for an old HP ML350p gen 8 server i convinced the biz to give me for free21:30
zxmpilike taking in an abandoned puppy at crimbo21:31
daftykinsand putting it to work for another21:32
penguin42oh what adorable processors it has21:32
zxmpiand you will be visited by 3 amazon men bearing gifts, ram, disk space and video cards21:32
daftykinswell i wouldn't say that ;) only a hex-core E5-2620 @ 2.0 GHz21:33
zxmpiguided by gps21:33
daftykins24 GB RAM right now, 4 x 300 GB SAS 10k HDDs21:33
daftykinsoh forgot i have a pic of its' super sexy baffle, one sec21:34
penguin42daftykins: So your question is whether your upgrades cost you less than a ~8 core modern machine with 24G RAM and 1.2T of SSD21:34
daftykinsi'm only thinking £20 on RAM and £10 for another 2.5" caddy :D 21:35
penguin42oh that's ok21:35
zxmpimight sound weird but it's also a very burnt in pc which is worth something21:35
daftykinslook at that beauty21:35
penguin42zxmpi: You'd rather fly on reused boosters - right?21:35
zxmpipretty spotless21:35
zxmpithere is value in reliable21:36
penguin42I guess that depends if you know where you are in a bathtub curve21:37
zxmpiit's why i still have my psion 3mx :-)21:37
zxmpioh sure. there is a point of deminishing returns21:37
zxmpibut a solid no trouble server can be better than a brand new shiny unknown21:37
zxmpithe number of times i've seen someone drive to arse end of ireland with shiny new kit for it to fail and have to come back and bring something older but reliable out instead21:38
daftykinssuuuuurely they'd stress test at HQ prior to going in21:41
zxmpia quick overnight burn in and it would be fine. i always felt if it was going to donkeygobackwards then it might warrant a longer 2-3 day burnin21:41
zxmpihp/compaq made some seriously crap pcs when they merged21:42
daftykinsthat HP is the loudest one i've ever heard, i took along the firmware update ISO during the week and when it did the management firmware it spun up full tilt for a bit21:43
daftykinsthe client employees all work upstairs, pretty sure it didn't save them from the sound :D21:43
penguin42that's pretty normal during firmware updates/crashes21:43
zxmpiuse that to make the dot matrix printer you're offloading sound quieter :-P21:43
daftykinsyeah the Dells i've got don't go anywhere near that level though21:43
penguin42try an original IBM bladecentre21:44
daftykinsi am intrigued!21:44
penguin42daftykins: 14 machines in one rack, but they have two fans - fans that are comparable to jet engines21:44
zxmpionce you disconnect the ibm model m the noise drops a bit :-P21:44
penguin42daftykins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ib0GbYhWVs21:47
daftykins @_@21:49
penguin42try 10:26 on that21:50
daftykinsgetting there...21:53
daftykinslol he can race them21:54
* zxmpi rembers when we had a printer tahat used to walk in college as it lurched from side to side at high speed and trap users in their seats when it bumped into the chairs jamming them in place21:57

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