o|||||ocan anyone help me understand part of a tutorial?00:12
o|||||oi'm at the authroisation section(towards the bottom) and what do i do with the line that starts with deploy? just run it? https://capistranorb.com/documentation/getting-started/authentication-and-authorisation/00:13
sarnoldheh, a *lot* of those lines have 'deploy' in them :)00:14
sarnoldthis one feels most likely to me, is this it?00:15
sarnolddeploy ALL=NOPASSWD:/etc/init.d/mysqld, /etc/init.d/apache200:15
sarnoldif so, that's a bit of a sudo config file; the documentation is horrible, but extensive; the sudoers(5) manpage has tons of detail. you can put that line in place with visudo00:16
sarnoldI'm worried about those docs, though, they suggest granting permissions to the sysv-init scripts for starting mysqld and apache2, which is a rare way to work these days; I wonder if this has been updated lately00:16
o|||||oyes sorry, didn't think about how many deploys are in there but yes that's the one00:17
tomreyngreat, i just answered the same question in #linux00:18
sarnoldtomreyn: did we come to the same conclusion? :)00:20
o|||||oyes lol00:20
tomreyni didn't comment on the use of likely outdated init scripts, so your answer was better, sarnold00:20
o|||||osarnold, what would you recommend instead?00:21
sarnoldo|||||o: no idea, it's possible that the deploy thing they're documenting is just not updated for systemd world00:22
sarnoldo|||||o: or perhaps it has been documented and those tips are now useless00:22
sarnoldo|||||o: worst case, you might have to read the source of the tool to figure out what it's going to do00:22
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* oerheks looking at https://github.com/capistrano/capistrano01:25
jay321trying dpkg -i gcc-8-riscv64-linux-gnu_8.4.0-1ubuntu1_18.04cross1_amd64.deb02:39
rbox gcc-8-riscv64-linux-gnu depends on cpp-8-riscv64-linux-gnu (= 8.4.0-1ubuntu1~18.04cross1); however:02:40
jay321is there an dpkg switch to resolve dependencies? i dont want to do it manually02:40
rboxwell if you're randomly downloading deb files02:41
rboxwhere do you think its going t oget the dependency from02:41
jay321i tried add the mirror to /etc/apt/sources.list, but failed to apt-update install because the public key is not available from InRelease from bionic-security02:42
sarnoldwhat ubuntu release are you running?02:43
jay321it is 22.04.1 LTS02:43
sarnoldjay321: you may find it easier to use lxd to start a bionic image in order to use that old of a compiler02:46
sarnold.. trying to install very old software is sometimes difficult, it's usually easier to just run the old OS, too02:47
jay321this is in windows 1002:47
sarnoldah, I wonder if we had a bionic in WSL or not02:48
sarnoldwhy do you need an old compiler anyway?02:48
jay321sarnold: building embedded linux for nexys a702:49
sarnoldthat might be reason enough for the weird old compiler then, heh02:49
jay321how can i get lxd?02:49
jay321tried apt-get install lxd?02:50
sarnoldI doubt lxd will run in windows02:50
jay321its ubuntu on lxd02:50
jay321its ubuntu on win1002:50
sarnoldthat screenshot shows there was an 18.04 LTS version at some point02:51
jay321use 18.04 LTS?02:53
sarnoldyeah, that compiler version string indicates it was built for 18.0402:53
sarnoldjay321: maybe try this? https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/ubuntu-18045-lts/9PNKSF5ZN4SW?hl=en-us&gl=us  -- once you're installed, then: sudo apt update && sudo apt install gcc-8-riscv64-linux-gnu02:55
jay321ok it is getting from the app store!02:57
jay321thank you : )02:57
jay321ok installed02:59
sarnoldheh that's nice and quick :)03:01
jay321im onto the vivado-risc-v instruction now, there will be some time to elapse before the bootstrap, https://github.com/eugene-tarassov/vivado-risc-v03:02
jay321sarnold: it is succeeding thou03:03
sarnoldoooo fpga fun! that's neater than I expected ;) hah03:04
jay321yeah got to control some radars03:04
jay321they all want to deve some vhdl or verilog, but i like embedded linux better, and device drivers03:06
jay321juniper is all embedded freebsd03:07
jay321sarnold, i think i remember you from freenode?03:08
jay321i was over there until they said to come here for ubuntu helps03:08
sarnoldjay321: yeah, probably :) your nickname is a bit familiar, yeah03:08
sarnoldjay321: I was there from the start of freenode until the death03:09
jay321cool throw back03:09
jay321where are you at?03:09
sarnoldportland, oregon, usa03:09
jay321ohh im near san luis obispo, ca03:09
jay321after freenode died, what happened to everyone? i still see them hanging out for some reasons03:10
jay321sarnold: are you on linked in?03:14
sarnoldjay321: well, sortof -- i've got an account, but basically never use it :)03:15
sarnoldso I get emails about work anniversaries and so on but never keep my own info there updates03:15
sarnoldI haven't got a clue why the guy who claimed to buy it decided to throw the whole thing away. insecurity and a desperate need to have his ego stroked..03:16
jay321sarnold: is the rose by another name, by chance, "gates"03:29
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jay321sarnold: ?03:29
sarnoldjay321: 'gates' doesn't sound familiar :/03:30
jay321sarnold: bill gates?03:31
sarnoldjay321: hah, no, as far as I know bill gates has no idea about irc, at all :)03:31
jay321sarnold: can i get x11 to start?03:34
jay321i was trying xterm, but doesnt open display03:34
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jay321network split messages flooding the channel in web chat03:35
sarnoldjay321: yeah, these quits and joins are brutal :(03:36
Unit193Server timing out.03:37
sarnoldjay321: there's *some* gui support, but I really don't know how good it is seats03:37
sarnold'seats'??? thanks firefox.03:37
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rocki am using armbian. how can i check whether i enable my gpu?03:38
sarnoldrock: it'd probably be better to ask in an armbian support forum -- you'll more likely find people who know what you're talking about :)03:39
rockthank u03:39
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thinkserverrprimera vez que entro acá04:02
thinkserverralguien por aqui?04:02
thinkserverro yo solo en todo esto?04:02
alirezaI'm looking for a tool that can provide 10 minutes disk speed average. Thanks04:58
arraybolt3alireza: Disk speed average? How do you mean?05:00
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kamelosisI need help07:20
guiverckamelosis, providing you OS/release details, and a brief description of your problem & people will help when/as they're able to07:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:24
gefkamelosis: what do you need help with?07:24
kamelosisZorin Os 16.2 (linux), Im traying to add a new channel, but I cant (Sorry for my english, sucks, I know)07:26
guiverckamelosis, Zorin isn't Ubuntu and thus off-topic here, you'll need to ask on a Zorin site07:27
pitBenec, Mirkó itt vagytok?07:27
tomreyn!hu | pit07:28
ubottupit: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál07:28
kamelosisok, genial, nadie habla español aqui :(07:29
tomreyn!es | kamelosis07:29
ubottukamelosis: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:29
tomreynbut this channel only supports ubuntu either07:29
guivercthere are many non-english support sites for Ubuntu, but you need Zorin support kamelosis07:30
guiverc(there are two spanish sites for Ubuntu for example; but they won't help with Zorin being Ubuntu or flavor of Ubuntu only)07:31
guiverc(correction 4; 2x support + ubuntu-studio & translator IRC channels in spanish)07:31
screenboimurmel: The issue with my dock and monitors is resolved by downgrading the nvidia-driver version; Didn't know it was updated. I really should pin that.07:32
kamelosisthanks so much07:32
pitGuys can anyone recommend me a good django tutorial for linux?07:42
Maikpit: non ubuntu related questions can better be asked in #ubuntu-offtopic or #linux since it's a general linux question07:45
tyklingpit: or in #django07:46
Maikor that indeed07:46
pitthank you!07:46
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TheBigK_does anyone know when the security update for vlc is released in ubuntu lts? i wonder why nothing happens since debian has this update for 4 days already08:27
murmelTheBigK_: good question, you can follow this site to see if an update was pushed https://ubuntu.com/security/CVE-2022-4132508:31
-ubottu:#ubuntu- An integer overflow in the VNC module in VideoLAN VLC Media Player through allows attackers, by tricking a user into opening a crafted playlist or connecting to a rogue VNC server, to crash VLC or execute code under some conditions. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2022-41325>08:31
guivercTheBigK_, if you know the CVE for the issue, you can look it up08:31
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hid3Greetings everyone. Is there any way to get logged in users counts but excluding tmux sessions? Something like `who | grep -v tmux | wc -l`. Wondering if that number is stored somewhere (possibly in /proc ..?)10:16
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SteelRosehid3: last  ... ?10:31
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temHey folks, I seem to be having a weird permissions problem with gedit. It's probably something basic because I've been using Linux for only a few hours, but I did a web search and didn't find anything.10:48
temSo I installed gedit from the Ubuntu Software center, and I created a folder in my home folder with the command "mkdir .themes" because I want to customize the GNOME theme and I read that copying it into this folder is a good idea.10:49
temBut when I try to open .themes in gedit I get a permission denied error!10:49
temSo I checked the permissions with "ls -ld .themes" and it says: drwxrwxr-x 3 tem tem 4096 Dec  9 10:38 .themes10:51
EriC^^tem: you want to create a file there i guess10:51
EriC^^gedit ~/.themes/my_file10:52
temWell sort of, I want to edit the file ~/.themes/Yaru/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and it won't let me, but even just trying to open the .themes folder or creating a new file in it results in the same error, yes.10:52
Maiktem: weird that you had to install gedit from the software center because gedit is pre-installed by default on Ubuntu10:53
EriC^^tem: type "ls -ld /home{,/$USER}"10:54
temI did see the "Text Editor" app, but some AskUbuntu answer said to use gedit so I installed that, which also is called "Text Editor" but they have different process names -- the default is called "gnome-text-editor" and the one I downloaded is called "gedit", so I downloaded the real gedit.10:55
MaikText Editor = Gedit :)10:56
temdrwxr-xr-x  4 root root 4096 Dec  6 16:30 /home/10:56
temdrwxr-x--- 18 tem  tem  4096 Dec  7 14:24 /home/tem10:56
temOk, so the default Text Editor has no problem accessing .themes10:57
EriC^^tem: what happens if you type 'gedit ~/.themes/test' as the user 'tem' ?10:59
temIt opens a new editor window, but when I CTRL+S it says "could not save the file... You do not have the permissions necessary to save the file"11:00
EriC^^tem: try 'touch ~/.themes/test' in a terminal11:01
temEriC^^: works just fine, it created a new file11:01
temI also checked the permissions in the Software Center and everything is enabled.11:02
mihonAre there anyway to hide folders without messing up the path way to the program?11:02
EriC^^tem: try from the same terminal, typing 'gedit ~/.themes/test' and adding some text and saving11:04
EriC^^mihon: what exactly do you mean? you want to avoid typing /path/to/program to run it you mean?11:04
temEriC^^: Yes, it's the same terminal! Is it hard to believe?11:04
mihonEriC^^ Yes, when i try to hide the Powerlevel10K folder it cant find the folder when starting the terminal.11:05
mihonSo i get an error message that it can not find the path to the folder11:05
EriC^^mihon: how are you hiding the folder?11:06
EriC^^tem: yeah, pretty odd stuff11:06
mihonI put a DOt infront of it, i even tried create a hidden folder and put it in there11:06
EriC^^mihon: ok, and how are you running the program later?11:07
mihonFor instance powerlevel10k is theme to ZSH. So i get this message "/home/mihon/.zshrc:source:109: no such file or directory: /home/mihon/powerlevel10k/powerlevel10k.zsh-theme11:08
mihonI want to hide folders without having to change the pathway to all files and programs, i want to clean up the Home directory11:09
EriC^^mihon: you have to change the lines in /home/mihon/.zshrc i guess so it looks for .powerlevel...11:09
mihonThere are no other way to hide folders to make the home directory a little bit cleaner?11:10
EriC^^none that im aware of, sorry11:10
mihonOkey, thanks tho11:11
EriC^^no problem11:11
EriC^^tem: if you want try running 'strace -o /tmp/bla gedit ~/.themes/test' and try to write/save then upload the last parts of /tmp/bla somewhere in case it shows any clues as to why its not saving11:13
temEriC^^: Will do! Here it is: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KDDckzdYBs/ (the whole output because I don't know which parts are relevant)11:23
EriC^^tem: right off the bat, maybe it's cause it's a snap11:24
EriC^^try 'sudo snap remove gedit' then 'sudo apt-get install gedit'11:25
temEriC^^: Yep, that worked!11:29
EriC^^tem: great11:41
temEriC^^: Thanks for helping me solve the problem. I guess apt is what the pros use!12:12
EriC^^tem: no problem, hehe it's more like snap seems to be buggy :D12:14
chao121Hello everyone. I have a quick question, I feel like I must be missing something. I have tried ubuntu 22.10 on both an x86_64 machine and on an arm64 raspberry pi, and I've noticed that at some point between previous versions and this version, UDP receive performance as tested with iperf has gone from 900+mbps on my gigabit network to less than12:42
chao121500mbps. It's not only ubuntu, also with fedora with recent kernel versions. I googled but can't seem to figure out what's going on. Anyone know anything about this?12:42
ograEriC^^, the prob her is that someone thought it would be a good idea to package gedit as a strictly confined snap (versus classic (unconfined) as all other editors are), so it falls under the "no spying on hidden dirs" rule that strict snaps use ... someone should file a bug ("snap info gedit | grep contact") to have it re-packed as classic snap12:51
lotuspsychjewe see you TR2990WX12:51
EriC^^i see ogra12:54
RaimondRaji create znc on new Ubuntu but unable to connect to irc server is that any issue with ubuntu or znc13:14
crax23check the znc logs.13:15
RaimondRaji cant see any logs13:20
EriC^^RaimondRaj: define unable to connect13:21
EriC^^RaimondRaj: if you install irssi on the server and connect does it work?13:22
RaimondRaji dont about that13:24
RaimondRaji did before and is working well till now13:24
RaimondRajbut new vps i install its didint work13:25
no_gravityDoes anybody know if you can set a security policy for imagemagick on the command line, so it can create a PDF even though it is disabled in the /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml file?13:28
Maikno_gravity: seems you already got help in #linux13:31
crax23RaimondRaj, You can check on the server if your ZNC is connected on not, from your phone, and/or start the ZNC without detaching it from the console to see the outputs in verbose mode. Most likely an issue with it. No reason Ubuntu would prevent you connecting.13:40
RaimondRaji connct from mirc client13:48
RaimondRaj[21:38:40]-( <*status> IRC connection timed out.  Reconnecting...13:48
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BluesKajHi all14:09
=== Kow_ is now known as Kow
aberranthi all14:23
aberrantis there a utility that will take a netplan and output the actual ip/bridge rules that result?14:23
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SteelRoseaberrant: https://github.com/xinthose/Netplan-GUI would that work for you?14:28
aberrantSteelRose: checking. Thanks.14:37
aberrantSteelRose: probably not. I have a netplan already, but I need the actual commands that would recreate it for systems that don't use netplan.14:38
SteelRoseaberrant: no idea then... I don't use netplan :-)14:41
leftyfbaberrant: you're asking how to create a bridge interace?14:42
aberrantleftyfb: I have a few bridges and vlans defined. The netplan is working fine right now but 1) it's probably not optimized, and 2) I need to recreate it using iproute2 commands.14:44
leftyfbaberrant: iproute2 doesn't create bridge interfaces14:44
leftyfbI'm also not sure you how you can "optimize" a bridge interface14:45
aberrantleftyfb: the 'bridge' command can be used to create bridges, apparently.14:45
aberrantand as far as optimizing, apparently you no longer need separate bridges to handle vlans - a single bridge can do vlan filtering.14:46
leftyfbaberrant: I think you want #networking14:46
aberrantok. Thanks.14:47
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istanbuli cant connect my vps i have this error: Network error : connection timed out17:39
istanbulfirewall disable17:40
jhutchinsistanbul: Have you contacted your provider?  What was the last thing you did to/with the VPS?17:41
istanbuljhutchins: playing with mail settings and trying to open port 2517:45
istanbulbut firewall disable now ?17:45
xatrixHi, can you advice ? how can i enable "This browser needs Java plugins to run Java applets" in my Google Chrome browser? Do i have to installed icedtea-8(but i didn't find such packages to install on)? I'm using Ubuntu 22.0417:45
istanbulStatus: inactive17:46
istanbulCroatia in the semi-finals17:48
respawni knew it would be penalty shoutout17:49
jhutchinsistanbul: Disabling the firewall depends on how you enabled it.  Your provider may have a firewall you can't control, or may allow open ports only if you specifically request them.17:50
istanbulthere was no problem17:50
istanbuli think i did17:51
istanbulI activated17:51
istanbultcp       LISTEN     0           128                       [::]:22                      [::]:*         users:(("sshd",pid=762,fd=4))17:56
istanbulis it normal ?17:56
xatrixHi, can you advice ? how can i enable "This browser needs Java plugins to run Java applets" in my Google Chrome browser? Do i have to installed icedtea-8(but i didn't find such packages to install on)? I'm using Ubuntu 22.0417:57
ograxatrix, you have to ask google or check their docs ... we can't really support their proprietary browser here18:03
oerheksopenjdk perhaps?18:05
oerheksalso, NPAPI plugins are EOL, dead jim18:06
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istanbulits fixed18:22
philemonhey i have a bit of an odd problem, i'd be grateful for any help18:22
xatrixoerheks: yea, seems like no way18:23
leftyfb!ask | philemon18:24
ubottuphilemon: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:24
oerheksNPAPI is so 2015...18:24
philemoni have two users with UID 0 - root and a second one. i can't delete or change the ID of the second one because it believes that it owns PID 1. htop reports that root owns PID 1, and ps -u reports that they both own it. how can i fix this? thanks18:27
leftyfbphilemon: boot with a live usb, mount your root filesystem and fix your users UID to non-zero18:27
arraybolt3philemon: How exactly did you get things into this state?18:27
leftyfbarraybolt3: that would be trivial18:28
arraybolt3Hmm, I guess I'm not that familiar with users and UIDs then.18:28
leftyfbphilemon: future reference: leave UID 0 alone18:28
philemoni didn't, this installation does not belong to me18:28
leftyfbarraybolt3: it's as simple as changing a number in /etc/passwd18:29
philemonleftyfb: really?18:29
philemondo i just need to go in and edit it18:29
philemonok thanks18:29
leftyfbphilemon: yes18:29
arraybolt3leftyfb: Huh. Neat!18:30
leftyfbphilemon: if you can't use sudo, then you probably need to boot to a live usb in order to do it out of band. You'll want to reboot regardless18:30
seer__ok FOUND SN ACER IN the alley. (could stop my incessant what is going on with my chrome questions for the llast 3 years)18:31
philemonleftyfb: im not sure why that worked but it did. thank you so much18:33
seer__OK installtion of 21.xx hangs at "detecting file systems. This on a windows Acer. Should I have tweaked the BIOS wrt secure boot or UEFI or something before I installed?  It is stuck (left all night) on "detecting file systems" in the install.18:33
leftyfbseer__: Ubuntu 21.xx is EOL18:33
leftyfbseer__: once you try to install a supported release of ubuntu, you'll want to disable UEFI and secure boot in order to simplify things18:34
arraybolt3As sad as I am to admit it, I also agree with disabling UEFI to make things easy. At least, if you're going to only boot Linux.18:36
arraybolt3(UEFI doesn't add too much complexity to single-boot setups, but it's also prone to some surprising firmware-related bugs.)18:36
leftyfb"surprising firmware-related bugs" = complexity :)18:37
leftyfbthere's really no benfit to UEFI over MBR which it comes to a single linux installation18:37
leftyfbon the other hand, UEFI can lead to problems18:38
leftyfbwhen possible, it's always easier to just disable it18:38
seer__lefty.. I just picked the first ubuntu usb I found. I will fire up the bios, disable  both, find 22.04 and install that. (Will ask if I want to dual boot, thanks for the headsup)18:41
seer__leftyfb, arraybolt3  thanks ^^^^18:42
arraybolt3seer__: The first one you found? Where are you downloading this from?18:43
arraybolt3The first Ubuntu Desktop ISO you should find should be the 22.04 one, if ubuntu.com is working right.18:43
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seer__arraybolt3, yes but I meant I was searching thur my flash drives (aka usb's) and I fuound it. But I will change the 21.xx disk to 22.o4 just to have it. Maybe with mate. Thanks for the reminder man.18:50
arraybolt3seer__: Ah, makes sense. Glad to help!18:52
seer__Windows is so "stable" the attempted repair changed the boot order back to what it likes. --- I didnt see anything in the BIOS to change the UEFI - Any hints on that? Meanwhile I will install. --. GOES BACK TO windows THOUGH i TOLD IT TO ONLY boot from removable device.18:53
seer__I dont know what I did before to interrupt the windows "repair"18:54
leftyfbseer__: you'll need to seek support with Windows in #windows. For your BIOS setting, try #hardware or looking up the manual for your device/motherboard18:54
seer__I know to cbios settings. and #windows wont give me sin getting rid of windows. I'll try web search.18:56
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seer__Ah ha, leftyfb  turned off "restore previous state" on AC power loss - in the bios.18:59
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=== morgan is now known as morgan-u
leftyfbmorgan-u: that will only tell the device to power on or stay off depending on if it was powered on or off before it lost power. Nothing to do with secure boot or UEFI19:10
WaVAnytime I have a firmware update installed for my system using Ubuntu, I have to re-assign the bootloader to Grub via Windows with bcdedit as the Grub bootloader doesn't show up after insatlling the new firmware. Aside from avoiding firmware updates, is there something I can do to avoid having to do this everytime there is a firmware update?19:18
WaVUbuntu 22.04 / Windows 10 FYI.19:18
morgan-u2Rebooted into USB of 22.04, and install told me two partitions has been written already and would be ignored. what do I do now? Use gparted to format the drive?19:22
leftyfbmorgan-u2: during the ubuntu installation, pick guided install and tell it to use the entire drive (wipe windows)19:23
leftyfbif wiping Windows is what you prefer19:24
morgan-u2I was doing that. after telling you I rebooted and retried the install and so far, it went past that point. Sorry to bother you of higher knowledge about these things.19:24
morgan-u2oh no now it as a new complaint - The attempt to mount a file sstem with type vfat in SCSI1 partion#1 (sda) at /boot/efi failed.  You may resume partioning from the partioning menu.  (GO BACK) (CONTINUE)19:26
morgan-u2EDIT scsi1 (0,0,0), partion #1 (sda)19:27
morgan-u2It isnt trying to install on the flash drive is it?19:27
leftyfbhit continue19:28
morgan-u2This flash trive has been used successfullyin thepast.19:29
rodybigMy VM is running at 100% memory utilization for some reason. When I list processes by memory util, it shows gnome-shell at 5%. Is it fine to kill it? I'm not using GUI19:31
rodybigAlso, how do I clear up more memory? Even 95% is too much.19:31
rodybigOr just restart the ubuntu vm?19:32
leftyfbrodybig: if you're not using the GUI, then remove it and reboot19:32
leftyfbrodybig: you should investigate further what is using memory. Look at htop19:33
rodybigleftyfb For some reason, I have /usr/bin/gnome-shell appearing 10-15 times on htop19:39
rodybigTaking up 4.9% memory each19:39
leftyfbrodybig: remove the GUI packages completely, reboot and then see what's running19:40
rodybig@leftylb Hmm, I could do that. But I do want the GUI at some point. I don't want to mess up that install.19:41
rodybigI do have gnome on other servers which work just fine19:41
rodybigAnd other VMs on the same server work fine19:41
rodybigIt's just this one VM which is at 100%19:41
morgan-u2leftyfb, so far is installing so good. comment on offtopic19:45
rodybig                   total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available19:47
rodybigMem:          3.8Gi       1.6Gi       650Mi        28Mi       1.6Gi       2.0Gi19:47
rodybigIt does say 2G available19:47
leftyfbrodybig: then you are fine19:48
leftyfbthere's nothing wrong with your system19:48
rodybigBut gotop shows 95% memory usage19:48
leftyfbthen don't use gotop19:48
leftyfbor learn how to read it19:48
leftyfbrodybig: especially since gotop isn't a support application in ubuntu19:49
morgan-u2How long before I decide that the installation is again stuck on "Creating est4 file systm for / in partition #2 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda)...  --> again!!20:17
morgan-u2OK I opened gparted and it is trying or has made sda2 the entire disk as sxt4 /target -BUT- there is still an /dev/sda1 that is EFI System Partition  ntfs   Label=Recovery  512MiB used 244.18 MiB  flags=boot, esp20:21
leftyfbmorgan-u2: if you have an old laptop HDD in there, it might take a while20:21
morgan-u2and no way to quit the install. I left it all night and it stuck at the same place. The HDD is 1 terabyte. Would it be useful for me to pastebin the lshw?20:22
morgan-u2or should I look at it myself and tellyou what you might want to ask me?20:23
leftyfbmorgan-u2: again, if this is a really old and slow machine and a 1TB drive, it might take a while20:24
leftyfblonger than you expect20:24
morgan-u2I have to call the internet provider. disconnectsgparted20:26
jwmTOI'm trying to convert a large CHM file to a PDF.  chm2pdf isn't installed on my 22.04 system and I can't seem too install it.  Any ideas?20:30
morgan-u2ok how do I check the temperature of the computer (wherever which part do they check, the chip or the hard drive??)20:30
morgan-u2It is a 3.5 2022 model hard drive. But there may be a lot of dust in the computer. It smelled bad at birst.'20:31
oerheks!info chm2pdf  jammy20:31
leftyfbmorgan-u2: lm-sensors package. You call "sensors" as the binary20:31
oerheksoh, latest version is bionic20:31
ubottuPackage chm2pdf does not exist in jammy20:32
jwmTOoerheks: thanks, I'll try20:32
mortwhat do you do when packages "have been kept back"? apt-get dist-upgrade doesn't make a difference20:32
jwmTOubottu that is my problem20:32
leftyfbmort: wait until they aren't kept back any longer20:32
arraybolt3!phasedupdates | mort20:32
ubottumort: Since Ubuntu 21.04, APT now implements phased updates. This can hold back updates on some systems while they are being phased in. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.20:32
oerheksbut see the bugreports first...20:32
arraybolt3mort: It's a safety feature, some updates are rolled out slowly, those who aren't getting them yet see them as being held back.20:33
morta bit annoying that the system just claims I have 7 packages not upgraded and I can't upgrade them but I suppose I'll just wait20:34
jwmTOoerheks thanks, I'll look for those20:34
morthttps://p.mort.coffee/JFB.png I don't think this screen is supposed to look like this20:35
jwmTOoerheks: looks very buddy.20:35
oerheksjwmTO, also Calibre can convert20:36
jwmTOoerheks: looks very buggy.20:36
oerheks!info calibre20:36
ubottucalibre (6.3.0+dfsg-2, kinetic): powerful and easy to use e-book manager. In component universe, is extra. Built by calibre. Size 28,616 kB / 61,638 kB20:36
oerheksjwmTO, yes, that is why i warned about bugs20:36
jwmTOoerheks: Calibre didn't handle this conversion at all20:36
morgan-u222.04 live-usb does not have hddtemp or sensors20:37
oerheksoh oke20:37
oerheksmorgan-u2, then install it, you might need to enable universe repo first20:37
oerheks!info lmsensors20:37
morgan-u2ok the repo.20:37
ubottuPackage lmsensors does not exist in kinetic20:37
oerheks!info lm-sensors20:37
ubottulm-sensors (1:3.6.0-7ubuntu1, kinetic): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Built by lm-sensors. Size 89 kB / 395 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)20:38
oerheksyes universe20:38
morgan-u2how to install universe repo20:38
oerheksin the software gui20:38
octav1ahow to install universe, life, and everything20:38
oerheksor add-apt-repository universe && apt update20:39
morgan-u2sorry that was for the other computer. I mixed up which keyboard I was using.20:39
jwmTOThanks for the help.  I'll try again another time.20:39
=== dtg01101 is now known as dtg01100
morgan-u2cant do this today I guess. life20:44
jhutchinsIt's an interesting alternative to sudo and su, but generally going with the flow of convention works out better.20:49
jhutchinsER, scrollbuffered back to the non-root 0 user conversation.20:50
xatrixhi guys, can you help me ? i can't get the clue, why my system gets overloaded time to time. I have 8G of RAM + 2G swap. I have uptime of 2 days, and have a tons of the google chrme processes, and skypefor linux. Why it doesn't sanitize itself ? https://imgur.com/kENWmj8.png and https://imgur.com/GMIcCy1.png21:34
xatrixplase advice21:34
sarnoldxatrix: do you actually run chrome and skype?21:36
leftyfbxatrix: looks like a combination of google, skype, telegram, timedoctor and whatever document-portal is21:37
xatrixsarnold: sure, i use it21:37
sarnoldxatrix: aha, good :) this seems normal enough to me21:37
xatrixleftyfb: yea, but why does chrome and skype allocates !!31GB!! of mem ?21:37
xatrixskype is a messager. it's not a database or whatever it is :)21:38
leftyfbthey don't, especially since that's physically impossible when you only have 821:38
leftyfbxatrix: I cannot speak to how poorly written skype is. It's a 3rd party application21:38
xatrixYes, But i have 8+2 Gb of RAM, How the hell, it can fill it up to 90% ?21:38
xatrixMaybe i have something misconfigured in my system ?21:39
xatrixmaybe i have to do some sysctl tunings ?21:39
leftyfbxatrix: close chrome and skype and see how your memory looks21:39
sarnoldI don't think you'll improve anything by fiddling around with settings. the best step to take is upgrading to 16gb or more21:40
leftyfbalso not opening too many tabs in chrome and not enable or even install too many addons/extensions21:40
xatrixi've closed both. and now i have only WhatsChrome (chrome app) for the Whatsapp service. And the situation didn't change max...21:41
leftyfbyour phsical memory looks a LOT better21:41
leftyfbswap will let go as needed21:41
xatrixAnd this is how looks like, when i closed WhatsChrome app. But ok, I'm using ubuntu 22.04 with XFCE window manager21:42
xatrixDoes it really take 1G+ for this ?21:42
leftyfbso you know the problem is with either chrome and/or skype. Skype we can't fix. If it's eating lots of memory, your only options are to not open it or add more physical memory to your machine21:42
leftyfbxatrix: chrome can eat ALL of your memory if you are not careful with it21:43
xatrixAnd ok, assuming it is. but can the webbrowser and messenger take a 8GB of memory ?????21:43
leftyfbchrome you can manage. I gave you some actions above. You can also try slimmer browsers21:44
leftyfbxatrix: if telegram and skype are taking lots of memory, you'll have to seek support from their vendors21:44
xatrixOk, i got it... thanks for advices..I thought i have misconfigured the system21:45
Supavisahis there a way to enter in unicode braille characters quickly in Ubuntu?21:55
SupavisahI see you can use ctrl+shift+u to enter unicode but this requires knowing the hexadecimal value e.g. 0x281A for dots-245 braille21:59
SupavisahI can't seem to get the braille xkeyboard layout working either, not sure why.22:21
sarnoldI poked around a bit but only found stuff for windows, blech22:24
oerheks 22:30

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