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gz1[m]Hi guys,16:18
gz1[m]with ubuntu studio with luks encryption i am not being able to enter bios boot menu16:18
gz1[m]i am not saying luks is related as it comes after boot16:18
gz1[m]F12 is what i press16:18
gz1[m]any idea why is this happening? 1st time this issue happens. And only with ubuntu studio16:19
Eickmeyer[m]gz1: That is most certainly not an Ubuntu Studio issue and is 100% hardware related, so no, it does not only happen with Ubuntu Studio as it would happen with Lubuntu as well due to the way encryption is set-up by the Calamares installer. So no, you can't pin this one on Ubuntu Studio.16:20
Eickmeyer[m]You need to press F12 repeatedly upon boot to get to your BIOS menu.16:21
Eickmeyer[m]That's all the advice I have.16:21
gz1[m]i will try again16:36
gz1[m]but if it does not work is there another way to force it?16:37
gz1[m] * Eickmeyer: 16:37
gz1[m]i will try again16:37
oerheksgz1[m], turn off, remover battery (if it is a laptop), press power 10 sec, put battery back in, and try again16:41
oerhekscertainly not an ubuntu issue though16:41

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