IrcsomeBot<nomislou> How to install kubuntu02:54
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BluesKajHi all13:32
IrcsomeBot<lord chencho> download the ISO image burn it on a cd (old way) or use a usb stick (re @nomislou: How to install kubuntu)14:33
user|37how can I get audio?15:20
user|37my audio is not working - please help?15:24
IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Hi what’s better for flashing iso? Rufus or Etcher?19:00
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IrcsomeBot<lord chencho> rufus works fine for me (re @Gecko250: Hi what’s better for flashing iso? Rufus or Etcher?)20:31
IrcsomeBot<lord chencho> The dd linux console command works fine too. (re @lord chencho: rufus works fine for me)20:32
tomreynetcher works for me, is simple to use, cross platform, does the right things out of the box.21:21
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