ginggsif someone's around, please https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/70407308:55
jugmac00ginggs: unfortunately, I do not have the permissions to do that. The only one in our team with sufficient permissions is currently ooo. Yesterday I already pinged William on Mattermost, but he was already EOW. I just pinged IS on Mattermost. I am afraid, there is nothing else I can do currently. I will also talk with the team about giving permissions to more than one person. I did this already once, but it looks like it takes quite so09:09
jugmac00me effort to change the permissions in this specific case.09:09
jugmac00ginggs: Oh, this was fast - IS took care of it. Can you please verify?09:10
ginggsjugmac00: i see it, thank you!09:24
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