FNAShinobiis gapcmon no longer supported with 22.04?00:10
Bashing-om!info gapcmon jammy | FNAShinobi00:13
ubottuFNAShinobi: Package gapcmon does not exist in jammy00:13
FNAShinobiwhat are people using to monitor it?00:13
sarnold        A Gtk2/GLib2 GUI application used to monitor UPS devices controlled00:14
oerheksvnstat ?00:14
sarnoldhmm, there's still a bunch of gtk2 things in my apt-cache search gtk2 .. I wonder ..00:14
sarnoldah here's the change where it was removed https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apcupsd/3.14.14-200:15
FNAShinobiany recommendations on an alternate application? Power Statistics in gnome shows 0 data from my apc ups.00:17
bluesceadaI get problems with snap over and over again that seem to be fixable by rebooting, is there another way to reload the snapd or something like that?01:05
bluesceada# snap-store01:05
bluesceada/snap/snapd/17883/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine: symbol lookup error: /snap/snapd/17883/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine: undefined symbol: , version GLIBC_2.2.501:06
bluesceadajust an example ...01:06
WaV snap-store --quit && sudo snap refresh may fix the issue without rebooting01:06
WaVoh that may be something entirely differnet01:06
bluesceadaWaV, I now tried to remove and install snap-store again, but the install fails similarly -.-01:10
sarnoldwhat a strange error message01:11
bluesceadaI have almost none of these snaps but they cause problems over and over again :( ... the idea is good, but it is just super buggy01:11
sarnolddoes 'ubuntu-bug snap-store' succeed well enough to file a bug report? it's hard to report bugs on the snaps, I think this sometimes works..01:11
bluesceadathe snap-store is not there anymore so it complains it is about a non-installed package01:12
bluesceada> snap install snap-store01:12
bluesceadaerror: cannot perform the following tasks:01:12
bluesceada- Run configure hook of "snap-store" snap if present (run hook "configure": /snap/snapd/17883/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine: symbol lookup error: /snap/snapd/17883/usr/lib/snapd/snap-confine: undefined symbol: , version GLIBC_2.2.5)01:12
bluesceadaI only have these massive problems on my fresh installed 22.04 notebook, not my 18.04->20.04->22.04 desktop01:13
bluesceada(i had ugly scaling of cursors and cursor theming in some snap packages on both systems, but not these actual errors)01:14
sarnoldbluesceada: okay, if ubuntu-bug fails .. post in01:16
sarnold5 7.7k 12d01:16
bluesceadaAh yeah, when using the file picker in the firefox snap (like to select a file for upload) I sometimes got a segfault in some gtk lib as well, firefox kept working but I needed to click again01:17
bluesceadayeah not now, I thought I might get a quick reply here how to restart snap without my whole system01:17
morgan-u2ok this "new" computer (that smells like electronic dust, sticks at the same place aagain during 22.04 installation. (> creating ext4 file system for / in partition #2 of SCSI1 (0,0,0) (sda...) -- what next? is there a way to check the 1T hard drive?01:50
morgan-u2the happening dial is just spinning its hear out.01:51
sarnoldtry using control+alt+f2 or f3 or similar to get a new terminal, then check dmesg output; there might be error messages logged to the kernel message buffer01:53
tomreynmorgan-u2: or just ctrl-alt-t01:53
tomreyn(spawning a virtual terminal, then dmesg)01:53
sarnoldoo that works? neato01:54
tomreynon gnome desktop, yes01:55
sarnoldI haven't actually seen our desktop installer in years..01:55
tomreynit did not really change in years either01:55
morgan-u2Ok I got a terminal and what would I do to get the messages? ie I see none.02:07
Sven_vBHi! I'm using Ubuntu focal. Is there a good way to measure how much of a bottle neck my number of CPU cores is, and how much performance for the current activities would improve if I had a few more cores of similar power?02:07
sarnoldSven_vB: that's actually *really* hard to tell.. top or htop can give you a good first approximation02:08
morgan-u2dmesg: read kernel buffer failed: opeation not permitted.  tomreyn sarnold02:08
Sven_vBsarnold, what should I look for? avg. load? is that how many times the current number of cores I'd need for optimum performance?02:09
tomreynmorgan-u2: use sudo02:09
tomreynsudo dmesg02:09
sarnoldSven_vB: brendan gregg has a 'USE method' for diagnosing these styles of problems; here's a nice quick cheatsheet that might get you a long way, but there's probably better tools for most of these needs now.. https://www.brendangregg.com/USEmethod/use-linux.html02:09
sarnoldSven_vB: load average isn't as useful as top's %Cpu(s): line or htop's bar-charts02:10
Sven_vBmost CPU bars are at 40 to 50% most of the time02:11
sarnoldalright, my next favourite is to run 'vmstat -w 1' and check for the disk IO, swap IO numbers02:12
sarnoldideally swap IO numbers are long columns of zeros02:13
tomreynwhat you probably won't be able to tell reliably is whether some busy (near 100%, if you have those) cores will be less busy if you have more cores, because you'd need to know whether what is keeping those cores busy is single or multi threaded code.02:13
sarnoldtomreyn: and once, I had a workload that would have made more progress with *fewer* cores, because all the CPUs were stomping all over each other trying to acquire a spinlock :) hehe02:14
tomreynso i guess the only way to really tell is to compare the same workload (if you can make it comparable / rpeproducible / synthetic) on similar cpu models (same generation), with less and more cpu cores02:16
tomreynbut even that may be a bad comparion if those CPUs have different features, different amounts of caches etc02:17
sarnoldhehe yeah, but hopefully there's some hints whether the money would be better spent on ram, or disk, or network, or cpu, without actually spending money on all of them to find out02:17
sarnoldand for that, we have saint gregg to thank :)02:18
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Sven_vBnear 100% busy cores only happens for the first few seconds of htop running. after that, it's very rare to see any CPU bar over 90%.02:20
jhutchinsThere was a "feature" in VMWare that meant if you assigned multiple cores to a VM, that VM had to wait until that many of the host cores were free before it got a CPU tick.  They emphasized that multi-core should not be applied unless it was proven in testing to be necessary.02:21
sarnoldjhutchins: hmmm, is that the VM wouldn't even be started if its needs couldn'mt be met? or was that something that affected every single scheduling operation every ten microseconds?02:22
Sven_vBdisks are probably fast enough because an additional large copy operation doesn't impact performance much. and I don't use swap.02:23
jhutchinssarnold: The latter.02:23
sarnoldjhutchins: *yikes* :)02:23
jhutchinssarnold: Depends on how busy your hosts are.02:23
sarnoldjhutchins: I can see a case for the former..02:23
sarnoldSven_vB: depending upon what the disk IO is, then, perhaps you'd be better suited to add some swap02:24
jhutchinsThis VMWare feature was a while back now, I believe they found a more effective way to manage things.02:25
sarnoldI hope so :)02:25
jhutchinsStill, the message "don't be stupid about throwing cores at everything" is still true.02:25
Sven_vBsarnold, should I really use a swap even if I can afford more RAM?02:26
sarnoldSven_vB: yeah, the kernel can make better decisions about what to keep in memory if you have some swap02:26
Sven_vBalso RAM doesn't even seem to be short.02:26
Sven_vBhtop's RAM bar says 2.02G/3.68G02:27
Sven_vBand free -m says 1716 used02:27
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Sven_vBnevermind, the most hungry service wasn't even running. also if it depends much on CPU features, I should wait until I get the actual candidate hardware and compare there.02:31
Sven_vBthanks for the USE link though :)02:31
sarnoldthere's *months* of great reading on his website, his books, etc ;)02:32
sarnold50% cpu use and the main app isn't even there? I've got a feeling you'll want more hardware soon enough, hehe02:33
Sven_vByeah, I'll soon get a preview of what I can have next year. that's why I was trying to learn what to measure once they arrive.02:35
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SquareWhat does this prompt mean https://imgur.com/a/IQcfux8 ? The wording "Upgrade" makes thinking its about to upgrade to a new "major" release. I'm on 22.04 so I assume 22.10.04:37
morgan-u2I gather that I should use sudo fsck /dev/sda2 ----- but that just eturns clean IMMEDIATELY and numger of files and blocks.04:48
morgan-u2Ok and it's no answers so it is sleep for me.05:13
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alkisgSquare: run the following from a terminal,it shows better error messages: sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade06:57
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illuminatedany idea on how to open vlc from cron... when doing so it 'looks different' than launching it from a terminal and doesn't register in my kde connect app07:10
illuminatednot sure why07:11
BlackOpswildly full circle today07:22
BlackOpsAnd, yet, it ends on a good note and I have no technical questions or issues so I will leave.07:22
alkisgilluminated: running GUI apps from cron isn't a good idea. Running them on startup via /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop, even adding some delay, will allow them to have proper environment07:33
alkisgSetting DISPLAY isn't enough, it's better that they belong in the same cgroup as the session, have the same DBUS and all07:33
illuminatedwell, what I'm trying to do is create an alarm clock via shoutcast and vlc07:34
illuminatedi can get it working07:34
illuminatedbut vlc opens 'different'  it looks different07:34
illuminatedand doesn't register in the lock screen or my kde connect app07:34
alkisgRun the script from /etc/xdg/autostart, and have it wait for the correct time, and lauch vlc then07:35
alkisgE.g. sleep $((desired_time - current_time)); vlc07:35
alkisgOr use a dedicated application, e.g.: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/en/man1/alarm-clock-applet.1.html07:36
illuminatedthanks man07:39
illuminatedi'll look into this more07:39
illuminatedthanks man, I was able to get somethin workin with kalarm08:00
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masberhi, is it possible to show battery percentage in the status bar?09:51
masberI followed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/power-percentage.html.en but the option seems missing in my power settings window09:52
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bingoJACKPOTGonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight11:22
bingoJACKPOTGonna grab some afternoon delight11:22
bingoJACKPOTMy motto's always been 'when it's right, it's right'11:22
bingoJACKPOTWhy wait until the middle of a cold dark night?11:22
bingoJACKPOTWhen everything's a little clearer in the light of day11:22
bingoJACKPOTAnd we know the night is always gonna be there any way11:22
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Dr0neC -> KICK #ubuntu Drone11:27
Unit193Dr0ne: Quit playing around in here.11:28
Dr0neWill I get a permanent ban if I hack the commands and boot the bot?11:28
Unit193Dr0ne: This isn't a playground or testing channel, it's the Ubuntu support channel.  If you don't have a Ubuntu support question, then it doesn't belong here.11:31
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Guest71hi all, can someone help me out with a boot issue?12:16
ravageleft or right boot?12:16
Guest71this time the left one12:17
Guest71getting a recovering journal error, any help would be appreciated12:20
ravagewith some more details about your problem someone may be able to help you12:21
ravagelike the actual error message. version of ubuntu. what did you do before that error happened?12:22
Guest71after an authentication failure error, the system couldn't exit the screen saver mode, after rebooting it gives the journal error and loads tty. the ubuntu version is 18.04.6 lts12:24
Guest71so basically the desktop environment doesn't load, and the wifi is down. usb modem is unable to connect to the internet, too. live booting via usb stick and disk diagnose says the file system is undamaged.12:27
Guest71before the authentication error, a lamp package by bitnami and another lamp package via tasksel were installed, then both removed, and the bitnami package installed again. it worked until screen saver mode. there might be too less of disk space too, currently around 7 gb disk space is free, which makes around 5% of the whole partition.12:31
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Guest71because startx couldn't load via terminal, after inspection the .Xauth file was found to be on the wrong - root - user. the .Xauth file belongs to the right user now, and other lock file folder were inspected and any lock files removed.12:35
Guest71any hints would be appreciated - any way to repair the gui without an internet connection or to look for and delete log files that may be oversized if this is suspected, or how to initiate an offline update via tty etc12:49
alkisgGuest71: boot via live cd, chroot and run apt update from there12:53
Niko1988Hello everyone. I have some trouble setting up a ubuntu machine... I have a self signed certificate file that i copied into /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/ks.crt . After that i ran update-ca-certificates and in the folder /etc/ssl/certs is my crt file linkt to the location in usr/local... i now have a 2nd certificate (~/test.crt) that was signed12:58
Niko1988by the trusted crt file i "installed". If i run the command "openssl verify -verbose ~/test.crt" i get the error unable to get local issuer certificate. But if I run the command "openssl verify -verbose -CAfile /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt ~/test.crt" everything works like a charm... Is this a bug?!? Lookes to me like openssl is not using the12:58
Niko1988default folder /etc/ssl/certs ... Can someone give me a hint? Thank you very much!12:58
leftyfbNiko1988: why not use letsencrypt to handle all of this for you?12:59
Niko1988leftyfb: my problem is that the machine is running in a network that has a firewall with ssl inspection... so every ssl url that I open will give me an error (because of the self singed certificate of the firewall)... So i need to install and trust the certificate of the companys firewall...13:02
alkisgNiko1988: system certificates are one thing, openssl another, firefox another, google-chrome another. Which one are you really interested in?13:03
alkisgE.g. if you try with wget as you are now , it should work, as it's using the system certificates13:04
Niko1988alkisg: one moment, I'm going to try this13:04
Niko1988alkisg: nope, not working... i tried wget https://github.com/... and it gave me the error: ERROR: canno verify github.com's vertificate, issued by 'CN...O=MY-COMPANY...' Self-signed certificate encountered.13:09
alkisgNiko1988: is your .crt/.pem in the correct format? Does `update-ca-certificates` complain?13:10
alkisgBut note that if the end result is a browser, then it's a completely different topic, it does elsewhere13:10
alkisgFirefox uses policy files and google-chrome uses .pki13:10
Niko1988alkisg: my crt file should be in the correct format... it starts with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- ... I'm using ubuntu server so i don't use a browser...13:13
alkisgAnd update-ca-certificates mentions no errors when you remove and re-add that file?13:13
Niko1988alkisg: the very first time i run update-ca-certificates it was telling me 1 added and no error... when i run it now, it's telling me 0 added... What i think is interesting is, that when i delete the /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/ks.crt file and run the update again, it's not telling me 1 removed, but the link to the file in /etc/ssl/certs/ is13:16
Niko1988gone and in /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt it is also removed.13:16
alkisgDelete the symlink instead of the file13:16
alkisgI don't think it complains about stale symlinks13:16
Niko1988alkisg: ok one moment I will try it13:17
Niko1988alkisg: sudo update-ca-certificates13:19
Niko1988Updating certificates in /etc/ssl/certs...13:19
Niko1988rehash: warning: skipping ca-certificates.crt,it does not contain exactly one certificate or CRL13:19
Niko19881 added, 0 removed; done.13:19
Niko1988Running hooks in /etc/ca-certificates/update.d...13:19
alkisgSee, it didn't like it...13:20
Niko1988alkisg: I did now:13:21
alkisgNo idea about why or about the correct solution though13:21
alkisgI had a similar issue today, I renamed the .crt to .pem, then I symlinked it manually, and weirdly that worked13:21
jsbachHi, i have a Qt packages based question. Which package brings the QApplication header? any ideas?13:21
Guest71alkisg: youve recommended to chroot after booting via live usb - the system has a multi boot grub - is there anything i should pay close attention to by mounting? how can i ensure that grub doesn't get damaged?13:22
Niko1988alkisg: I did now the following:13:22
Niko1988sudo rm /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt13:22
Niko1988sudo rm /etc/ssl/certs/ks.pem13:22
Niko1988sudo update-ca-certificates13:22
Niko1988alkisg: with the following result:13:22
Niko1988Updating certificates in /etc/ssl/certs...13:22
Niko19881 added, 0 removed; done.13:22
Niko1988Running hooks in /etc/ca-certificates/update.d...13:22
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:23
terminalpusherif I use `xset r rate [delay [rate]`, how do I reset that to the default values? my cursor is too fast13:23
alkisgGuest71: make sure you boot into the same mode as the installation; if it's uefi, boot in uefi mode, if it's bios/mbr, then bios mode13:23
Niko1988alkisg: funny... I did not changed anything on the crt file, and everything is like before, but now it's working...13:24
alkisgMagic :D13:25
Niko1988alkisg: whyever the system had a hickup there... but I solved it with the manual deleting of the symlink and the generated ca-certificates.crt file...13:25
Niko1988alkisg: Thank you very very much for your help and time :)13:26
alkisgThank you too, I'll try it as well if it happens again :)13:26
BluesKajHi all13:33
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etoreHey guys14:10
etoreI need help.14:10
murmelso ask ;)14:12
etoreOk so i installed surf14:12
etoreand i keep getting GLX errors.14:12
etoreits just a white screen14:12
etoreBadvalue error14:12
etoreits propietary nvidia 390 drivers for my gt63014:13
bluesceadasarnold, remember the snap issues, I think (but can't prove!), that it has to do with me running the 6.0 oem kernel and still existing squashfs bugs - in the end I guess any user of the 6.0 OEM kernel would be affected14:23
etoreRepeating question again, installed surf and its got a whtie screen with a GLX BadValue error, on a nvidia 390 driver with GT630 GF108 variant.14:24
etoreHeres the log14:24
etoreubuntu 22.04.114:24
tarel2I get something that talks about some kind of time running out on a snap? what is that all about? I'm on the pi 400 so maybe its for that but is it maybe not14:26
murmeltarel2: we definitely need more info14:27
tarel2I get stuff about updating too but I never see it again14:27
murmeltarel2: you mean, like you have x days before firefox gets updated (or something like that?)14:28
tarel2what asks me never shows up for long and the last time my Ubuntu froze.  so I had to restart14:28
bluesceadasarnold, seems only truly fixed in kernels 6.1+ ( https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/d2580643-f58e-c1b0-7671-c5bbb38c05d0@alu.unizg.hr/ )14:29
etoreSince when did linux kernel 6.1 come oujt?14:31
bluesceadaetore, it's still rc14:31
murmeletore: next sunday14:31
bluesceadaI didn't follow more of lkml but I would guess they backported a patch ...14:32
etoreWish I had 6.0 kernel, but I have a old nvidia card and i need latest opengl from propietary drivers...14:32
etorenouveau doesnt work14:32
bluesceadaI regret having updated to 6.0 because of the snap problems I had14:32
murmelbluesceada: I mean, can't you just revert back to the older kernel oO?14:33
bluesceadaBut otherwise I now seem to have battery drain on sleep ....14:33
bluesceadamurmel, I am now back to 5.15 ...14:33
bluesceadathe 5.19 in jammy-proposed doesn't see my wifi O.o14:33
bluesceadaI am back to the joys of running too recent hardware with Linux, I guess :D14:34
murmelbluesceada: there is no 5.19 for jammy ;)14:35
bluesceadamurmel, it doesn't find my  wifi14:35
etoreI'm running too old hardware with linux, when they discontinued IDE drives, I cried14:35
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murmeletore: pretty sure they didn't discontinue ide drives, just the driver was switched14:36
bluesceadayou mean the one in jammy-proposed, right? I would guess there is not enough difference in any other14:36
murmelbluesceada: there is no 5.19 in jammy-proposed, it's 5.15 ;)14:36
bluesceada*** 5.19.0-24.25~22.04.1 40014:37
bluesceada        400 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu jammy-proposed/main amd64 Packages14:37
bluesceada        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status14:37
etoremurmel can you help me with the problem im having with surf browser from suckless14:37
bluesceadaWhat is "surf" ?14:37
murmeletore: no sorry, no idea14:37
murmelbluesceada: oO which package?14:37
murmelbluesceada: ohhh, the -edge kernel14:38
murmelnice finally14:38
etoresurf is a lightweight webbrowser where u have to type in the address into your terminal and it pops up without any address bars stuff like that14:38
etorejust the webpage14:38
etorein ui and not terminal14:38
murmelbluesceada: I was waiting for 5.19 for my WWAN module :)14:38
Guest99hi, may somebody help me with crontab editing?15:22
murmelGuest99: if it would be more specific?15:22
Guest99i want to reboot my rpi several times a day, i decided to use "sudo crontab -e" and add extra line in there15:23
murmelGuest99: yes...15:24
Guest99"25 6,9 * * 1-6 sudo /sbin/shutdown -r" such line, I have saved changes, exit nano15:24
Guest99when i typed "sudo crontab -l" the changes are there15:24
Guest99but when i reboot and type that command again it turns out nothing changed at all15:24
Guest99Just for your information, I have already two jobs there, but even changing their timing doesn't work15:27
Guest99Any ideas what am I doing wrong?15:27
murmeloO ro filesystem/bad sd card?15:27
Guest99sd card is in fact not in excellent condition, but for the moment i cannot phisically change it. It has to last for another 5 days. Is there any way to make it reboot at specific time?15:29
Guest99other than doing it manually through ssh15:30
murmeldepends on what you mean by no in excellent condition? can you still write stuff onto sd?15:30
Guest99yes, it boots, it reads and writes other files15:30
Guest99i am using it for live cam streaming and sometimes service stops because it cannot read sth15:31
Guest99so i presume it's going to die one day15:32
murmelGuest99: that definitely doesn't sound good.15:32
Guest99I am going to replace it, but not now15:33
Guest99so is there any way to edit cron?15:33
bluesceadamurmel, funny, since my Wifi stops being detected entirely on 5.1915:34
murmelGuest99: I mean as long as the write doesn't stick, there isn't that much I/you can do15:36
murmelbluesceada: about which wifi card are we talking about?15:36
Guest99isn't it strange that it saves the tmp cron15:36
bluesceada02:00.0 Network controller: MEDIATEK Corp. MT7921 802.11ax PCI Express Wireless Network Adapter15:37
bluesceadaThinkpad E14 Gen415:37
Guest99shows it, but it doesn't show changes after reboot?15:37
bluesceadai am afk again for a while..15:37
jhutchinsGuest99: It sounds like your OS is running in memory.  Your changes get wiped out when the system cycles.15:38
jhutchinsGuest99: There should be an image that is being loaded into RAM, you need to make the changes to that image.15:38
murmelGuest99: I mean makes sense if the data can't be written to sd card15:39
murmelso the change "survives" in ram15:39
jhutchinsGuest99: Unfortunately there aren't many people here who are familiar with that process, you'd probably get better help from a Pi support channel.15:39
murmeljhutchins: does ubuntu have a ram only system image?15:39
Guest99I see, it is much clearer now.15:40
jhutchinsThis is a lot like making changes to a "live" or bootable ISO image.  You have to expand the image, make the changes, re-"compile" it, then reload the image to the card.15:41
jhutchinsmurmel: I know they're out there, I don't know what might be Cannonical supported.15:41
murmeloO wow that's news to me. only ever saw the img on their website, nothing else, and those definitely are not "live" disks15:42
Guest99It is easy to check thought if it can write other files15:43
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Guest99You were right. Txt files that i have created aren't there after reboot15:48
Guest99Thank you for your assistance. You are great :).15:49
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kkkssfHi! What does "needs triage" means on the security tracker?16:01
Jeremy31They haven't determined how important it is16:02
jhutchinskkkssf: Triage is the process where the volunteers check the report and try to find where the reason for the problem lies.  They can then share it with the team responsible for that part of the package.  They often are able to provide additional information, like what section of code the bug is from.16:07
jhutchinskkkssf: The better and clearer the bugreport is, the easier it is to triage and assign.16:08
jhutchinskkkssf: "This doesn't work" is hard.  "There is an error in this sub-process that reacts like this" is a lot easier.16:08
bingoJACKPOTTake your on-topic off-topic16:12
kkkssfIs it possible to determine why the status is stuck on "needs triage" for 10 days on this one? https://ubuntu.com/security/CVE-2022-4132516:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu- An integer overflow in the VNC module in VideoLAN VLC Media Player through allows attackers, by tricking a user into opening a crafted playlist or connecting to a rogue VNC server, to crash VLC or execute code under some conditions. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2022-41325>16:14
kkkssfis there some sort of queue list for cves so they get fixed in a special order?16:27
jhutchinskkkssf: Nothing that organized.16:29
jhutchinskkkssf: It's more a matter of who understands a problem enough to take it on.16:29
jhutchinskkkssf: CVEs tend to get address in the order submitted, and according to severity.  Cannonical does some work to address serious problems, and there's a lot of "up-stream" effort with the originating projects.16:30
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bodomHi there! I have an annoying issue: when i switch to a virtual terminal by ctrl+alt+f5, it doesn't stay there and the screen goes blank instead18:33
SwedeMike /win 418:45
Vuurdraakhello, it seems in an recent update of 22.04 LTS Wayland was installed ? and my desktop links to an xrandr script have stop working, screens instead of DP-0 are now called XWAYLAND0, when just saying: xrandr --output WAYLAND1 --off, i get errors, a website tells me to usae wlr-randr instead, and when I use that i get "compositor doesn't support wlr-output-management-unstable-v1", is there a way to turn screens on and off from the CLI ? or it's no19:26
Vuurdraaklonger possible ?19:26
Vuurdraak*XWAYLAND1 --off19:28
jhutchinsbodom: What about the other VTs?19:29
Vuurdraakarandr seems to also do nothing19:31
bodomjhutchins: same issue19:32
Vuurdraakoke acording to a reddit post it's only posible with 3th party stuff you need to build, https://www.reddit.com/r/gnome/comments/zaunxf/turn_off_the_primary_screen_with_wayland/19:37
Vuurdraaksad that turning on/off a screen doesnt work anymore out of the box , enough for today booting back to 20.4 :')19:39
jhutchinsWhat part of "Wayland is in development and many features are not yet working?" didn't make the rounds here?20:17
mybalzitchI gotta turn off wayland on my desktop. it's frustrating20:31
jhutchinsThe "print message" in RoundCube formats the messages very nicely, and I could just "print" them to PDF.21:30
forgotmynickhow do you allow an app with apparmor21:54
skydogeHi, why does the sshd_config file is different if I open it with root versus a normal user?22:01
skydogeim on 18.0422:03
tomreynskydoge: "open", how?22:46
tomreyneither way, i can't think of any situation where that would happen22:47
tomreynforgotmynick: aa-complain or aa-disable.22:50
backthenI use the same usb install disk to install a dozen Ubuntu by now. On this one disk, I get the 'can't log in even with correct password' problem. Why would this be23:02
leftyfbwrong password? caps lock? malfunctioning keyboard23:04
oerheksbad disk?23:04
backthenleftyfb: another disk installed the same way onto the same machine doesn't have the problem23:06
leftyfbbackthen: ok, then bad password. reinstall or boot to "recovery" and reset the password23:07
backthenoerheks: hmm, it may have bad sectors. But I can get to the log in screen. So at least the OS runs. Just that after typing in correct pw, it just returns me to the log in screen.23:08
backthenno nothing special. I was able to login initially the first boot after install. Then the OS did some updates and restarted. Thereafter I got the can't login problem23:12
leftyfbcould verywell be secureboot. Disable it if you can23:12
jay321how can i get this initrd onto my sdhc card?23:21
jay321iirc there was a way to do it from windows 1123:21
arraybolt3jay321: What are you trying to do, and why?23:21
arraybolt3(Putting just an initramfs on an SD card seems like a very odd thing to do.)23:21
jay321my nexys a7 risc4 needs and sd disc23:22
arraybolt3Oh, so you're trying to flash an SD card with an Ubuntu image so you can boot your other system?23:22
jay321its debian, but yeah23:22
arraybolt3If so, the tool I usually use for stuff like that is balenaEtcher.23:23
jay321on windows? is it an msi?23:23
arraybolt3It is a Windows tool.23:23
jay321ok thanks23:23
arraybolt3There's a .exe installer and a portable .exe version.23:23
arraybolt3(As a side note, this channel usually doesn't support Debian or Windows, but since this is a general enough question that could apply to Ubuntu also, I figured it was OK this time.)23:24
jay321yes, ive been running ubuntu 18 and vivado fpga crap, for this continuing thread23:25
jay321its 18.04, and under wsl23:26
arraybolt3(Also Etcher supports more than just Windows, so if you end up liking it and want to use it elsewhere it will work on Linux too, though I'm not sure if it will support your particular board.)23:26
jay321i was spinning my wheels for hours trying to mount it in ubuntu23:31
jay321i wanted to see the file system mount points from df, but it wasnt23:32
jay321fuse mounted the thing, though23:32
jay321ive been using wsl2 all this time and ubuntu23:33
jay321its fighting me man23:37
arraybolt3What are you trying to mount?23:40
jay321arraybolt3: do you prefer pastebin.com or other?23:41
skydogetomreyn, used nano idk what happened reinstalled and works fine23:50
skydogethanks anyway23:50

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