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springhow do i find out what xbuntu version im on03:24
Unit193cat /etc/os-release03:24
diogenes_Vx15xubuntu: hi10:40
xubuntuim trying Xubuntu first time 10:41
diogenes_Vx15xubuntu: great10:41
xubuntui have no expierience with linux 10:42
diogenes_Vx15xubuntu: we can do our best to help you out.10:44
xubuntuthank you 10:51
xubuntuwhat is this chat? in this chat we communicate with every distro? 10:51
diogenes_Vx15xubuntu: this chat is to provide assistance for Xubuntu users only.10:52
installation_faiProgress bar shows zero progress for 20 minutes12:38
installation_faiIs it fair to assume that the installation failed?12:38
installation_faiLast message before clicking the link is: "Finished Cleanup of Temporary Directories"12:39
xubuntu72iCan you help me understand why my installation is stuck with no feedback for 30 mins?13:11
xubuntu72iIs there a way for me to open a terminal and diagnose?13:11
xubuntu72iAre there credentials I can use to login in another tty?13:11
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