arraybolt3Is there some way for me to cancel a bug report I started making with ubuntu-bug? I found a bug in Lubuntu's config that turned out to be a known problem, and thought it was a LibreOffice bug, so I ran "ubuntu-bug libreoffice" and *then* found out that the bug was elsewhere and known. And to top it all off, LP seems to be stuck trying to process the bug report info.18:57
arraybolt3(If it can't be canceled by me, can I just let it finish "processing" and then close the tab?)18:57
rbasakarraybolt3: I think if you don't follow up after it's "processing" then it'll expire without a bug report being filed, which I think is what you want?19:34
arraybolt3rbasak: ^19:38
IOhanneshow do i refresh my gpg-key on launchpad? it has expired 2 weeks ago, so i've pushed a version with a new expiry date to keyserver.debian.org, but launchpad doesn#t (yet) know about it and rejects my uploads20:47
cjwatsonIOhannes: try explicitly pushing to keyserver.ubuntu.com20:51
IOhannesthx. will try that.20:52
cjwatsonhttps://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?fingerprint=on&op=index&search=0x7405E745574809734800156DB65019C47F7A36F8 still shows an expiration date of 2022-12-05, so at a minimum you need to get it updated there before LP will be happy20:52
IOhannesok, that link now should have the new expiration date, but launchpad still rejects on the basis of an expired key. i guess i'll have to wait until tomorrow (or at least 30 minutes)20:59
IOhanness/should have/shows/21:02
cjwatsonIOhannes: I'm getting inconsistent results on shift-reload of that page, so there may be some eventual consistency going on within the keyserver cluster21:02
cjwatsonIt's not even consistent for the same keyserver.ubuntu.com frontend IP address as yet21:10
cjwatsonI don't completely know what to expect from the hockeypuck architecture though21:10
cjwatsonLP essentially just queries keyserver.ubuntu.com, so you'll only get consistent results from LP once the keyserver is consistent.  If that doesn't seem to happen in some reasonable time, you'd need to ask Canonical's sysadmins; or I guess maybe you could try to force it by repeatedly sending your updated key, though I don't know whether that'd be effective21:12
IOhanneswell yeah. i pushed my key 20mins ago, so i think it's reasonable to wait a bit longer :-)21:15
IOhannesin any case: thanks for your help21:16
arraybolt3Hey LP is still stuck with that "trying to report a bug" thing I wanted to cancel. Is the bug reporting system stuck?23:18
cjwatsonarraybolt3: That particular job is running OK in general, but various things seem to be having trouble uploading files internally to the librarian at the moment and I'm not currently sure why23:19
cjwatsonSome are working, some are timing out after 10 minutes for no very clear reason23:21
cjwatsonSo it's probably not so much "stuck" as "has failed and isn't telling you that"23:21
cjwatsonYou can close the tab and ignore it - it's unlikely to actually make progress23:22
arraybolt3(It's been refreshing every 10 seconds for the last, oh, several hours, so probably turning it off will help reduce load :P_23:24

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