arraybolt3[m]Anyone on Lunar getting this error when trying to update?... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/50eb335f60e1b431e8d1a6c835e6e0d9ff1ef5f3>)16:11
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Make sure to check your time/date is accurate, especially if it is a VM and using machine time.16:18
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Could be a mirror sync lag too.16:18
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> My time is exactly right. This is my physical laptop (yes, I'm running Lunar in production :P).16:19
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> It could be a mirror thing.16:19
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> On the off chance something is messing with me, I just switched to an HTTPS mirror.16:19
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> ...which seems to be working? That's good, and a bit disturbing.16:19
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Well, sometimes if you give it a lttle bit the mirrors sort it out.16:20
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> An LXD container in the cloud is able to update just fine, and it's us.archive.ubuntu.com so I doubt it's a mirror sync issue since that should be *the* mirror all the other ones sync to, right? At least in the US?16:20
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> The problem at least seems to be local to my spot on the Internet.16:21
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> That is interesting.16:21
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Yeah, most things in the US sync to the US mirror but not necessarily everything. Most VPS providers have their own mirrors.16:22
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Hmph. I guess I'll try and keep an eye on it to see if it does just fix itself eventually, but for now the problem is solved.16:24
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Hmm. I guess I'll try and keep an eye on it to see if it does just fix itself eventually, but for now the problem is solved.16:24
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> (I was even able to manually download the InRelease file and check it with GPG, and it came back clean, so Idk what happened.)16:25
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> That is even more strange.16:25
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> I have updated today, no errors (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <arraybolt3[m]> Anyone on Lunar getting this error when trying to update?... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/50eb335f60e1b431e8d1a6c835e6e0d9ff1ef5f3>))16:26
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Well, I did kinda sign up for this when I chose to run Lunar on my physical hardware. :) Anyway, if it turns out it's just me, I'll chalk it up to either my ISP, a random glitch, or a failed MITM attack, and move on.16:27
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Roberalz: On Lunar, right?16:27
lubot[matrix] <roberalz> Yes, in lunar16:28
arraybolt3[m]It gets weirder. My Jammy system is able to update without problems, no mirror change needed.16:29
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> So, for just me, on just Lunar, and just when using http mirrors, updating is broken. Go figure.16:29
* lubot [matrix] <arraybolt3> proceeds to overhaul my sources.list file in the schroot16:29
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Oh... you know what, I do have a proxy. apt-cacher-ng.16:33
* lubot [matrix] <arraybolt3> 🤦16:34
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Only just remembered that because my schroot just gave me a slew of apt-cacher warnings trying to update after the mirror change.16:34
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> (Actually it wasn't apt-cacher-ng errors after all, but a different error that looked like it, but whatever. I bet it's apt-cacher, I'm going to mostly undo everything I just did and find out.)16:35
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> MITM found 😉16:36
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> It's still happening, but I bet I know what the problem is. Probably something glitched and got a truncated file, and now apt-cacher is giving me the same broken file over and over. Bah, how do you clear out the cache on this thing?16:38
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Fixed it, found the messed-up file, moved it, now it's working. \o/16:39
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> nice!16:40
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> \o/ (re @lubuntu_bot: (matrix) <arraybolt3> Fixed it, found the messed-up file, moved it, now it's working. \o/)16:40
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Perhaps a new item to add to the list - rewrite apt-cacher-ng?16:41
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Anyway I took the time to change to a different mirror anyway - now rather than draining Canonical's main 100Mbps mirror or whatever their US mirror is, I'm using Princeton's 20Gbps mirror, so that should help reduce load on them and maybe speed things up for me.16:42
arraybolt3[m]Simon Quigley: Whenever you're available, if you could review libsysstat-packaging for me, that would be awesome. It's a new upstream release update, and I don't feel comfortable uploading that myself without a second pair of eyes making sure I've not botched something.17:40
arraybolt3[m]Dan Simmons: ^ if you're around and feel like checking my work17:41
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> I'll have a debdiff uploaded in just a sec.17:42
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Actually, hold on, looks like a Debian sync happened without me!17:43
* lubot [matrix] <arraybolt3> syncs with archive and fixes17:43
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Syncs are automatically on right now.17:43
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Uh... shoot, ok hold on, I'll have to redo this entirely.17:43
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Debian LXQt just pushed libsysstat 0.4.6-3, and it hasn't migrated and synced yet, so I guess I'll just let that one rest for now and move on to something else.17:45
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> (And by "just pushed", I mean an hour ago.)17:46
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> I guess I could work on the Debian package now and try to get 0.4.6-4 out, then it can just sync in.17:47
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> That makes the best sense.17:47
arraybolt3Spellcheck in LibreOffice Writer is broken in Lubuntu Lunar.18:15
arraybolt3Hunspell appears to be installed, but automatic spell checking does nothing, manual spell checking does not reveal any spelling errors (even drastic ones).18:17
arraybolt3Clicking "Tools", hovering over "Language", then hovering over "For all text", reveals that the "English (USA)" checkbox is not checked, but attempting to check it fails silently.18:17
arraybolt3And to top it all off, apparently I've accidentally installed an Afrikaans dictionary and now can't deselect it... (not sure if it's working either, though!)18:19
arraybolt3Maybe it's just a glitch, since it can't seem to find that dictionary either.18:19
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> You need `hunspell-en-us` We remove it in the installation and don't re-install it. https://phab.lubuntu.me/T15218:28
arraybolt3kc2bez: Oh. OK.18:49
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> So basically you can't reinstall something you just removed?18:50
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> We could but the code in Cala specifically excludes `-en-us`18:51
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> It doesn't appear to anymore.18:51
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> oh18:51
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> The file referenced in that task doesn't have "en-us" anywhere in it, according to a Ctrl+F find in Chrome.18:51
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Oh wait, now I found it. Nevermind, and crummy.18:52
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> I guess we need a shellprocess maybe?18:53
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Yeah, maybe.18:53
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Hmm. Well we've lived with it for ~2 years and I'm the first one to complain, so I guess it's probably low-priority :P I'll keep working on other stuff.18:54
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Sounds good. Installing other packages might bring it in, not sure.18:55
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Dan Simmons , tsimonq2: https://termbin.com/mfkei This is a debdiff for some moderately large changes to qtxdg-tools, would like peer review before uploading. (This time I believe I'm in sync with the archive, unlike last time where I found out I was out of sync only after asking for help :P)19:34
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Is this already in git?19:42
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Yes.19:42
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Ah19:42
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> I believe Simon had me pushing directly into Git, and would then review them.19:43
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Ok, just checking for my sanity.19:43
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> I notice a typo here: https://git.lubuntu.me/Lubuntu/qtxdg-tools-packaging/src/commit/26f4feddde15bbcfd001016fab34402d4d97ce6e/debian/control#L1219:46
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> It isn't necessarily part of your changes but it should get fixed.19:47
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> I thought I fixed that! lol. Will fix that.19:47
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Maybe I fixed it in a different package.19:47
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Other than that your changes appear sane.19:48
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Assuming it builds and lintian is happy19:49
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> True.19:49
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> OK, doing one last test build, then uploading.19:53
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Looks good!19:53
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Yeah, that looks better.19:54
* lubot [matrix] <arraybolt3> now wants to make a source code control system called `gi` just to be annoying19:55
* lubot [matrix] <kc2bez> screams in horror into a void.19:55
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Umm... ok so I need some help. Turns out qtxdg-tools is not owned by lubuntu-dev, so I can't actually upload to it.20:03
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> I'll ask someone to add it to there since it *is* a Lubuntu package, but in the mean time I may need a sponsor.20:04
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> An email devel-permissions @ u.c with the request to add it to the Lubuntu packageset is the right course of action here. Feel free to copy me in case it needs follow-up.20:11
tsimonq2Correct, also, let's make sure it's on the seed so there's justification :)20:14
arraybolt3I have a bug report on that, /me digs it up20:14
-ubot93:#lubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1998712 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "qtxdg-tools is missing from the Lubuntu seed in Lunar" [Undecided, New]20:14
* tsimonq2 pings teward chaosadmin since he has direct $powers20:14
tsimonq2Also, where is our task solution :P20:15
tsimonq2shots fired20:15
* lubot [matrix] <arraybolt3> nags tsimonq2 to switch homeservers now that we have one20:15
tsimonq2http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~stefanor/ubuntu-activity/ :P20:16
tsimonq2maybe tomorrow 20:16
* lubot [matrix] <arraybolt3> just learned how busy Rik Mills is from that page20:17
tsimonq2that and the automation for KDE packages 20:18
* tsimonq2 hides20:18
tsimonq2also https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+topcontributors20:19
tsimonq2Ack on peer review, Dan let me know if you get to it before tomorrow night ish20:21
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Scroll back further ;) we did that already. It needs a sponsor or permissions updated.20:22
tsimonq2OH right lol20:23
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> :D20:23
* tsimonq2 wonders when Dan will become a MOTU ;)20:24
arraybolt3[m]Email draft:... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/e591884cf40249561a7e8585e9170db67e149cd4>)20:24
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> When i discover more hours in the day ;)20:24
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> That email looks sane @arraybolt320:25
tsimonq2+1 20:26
tsimonq2Just make sure you sign it with your keys :)20:26
tsimonq2* Just make sure you sign it with your GPG key :)20:26
arraybolt3[m]hmm... how do you sign email text directly...20:26
* arraybolt3[m] digs up documentation20:26
arraybolt3[m](I know how to sign a file and attach it, but I don't know how to sign the email itself :P)20:27
tsimonq2There's a Thunderbird plugin ;)20:27
arraybolt3[m]Supposedly Thunderbird supports it natively now.20:27
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> The "new" Thunderbird should have it.20:27
tsimonq2It did take some manual effort for me to get my existing key imported, hm20:28
tsimonq2I remember asking juliank about the Thunderbird snap not supporting GPG natively within the last week20:28
tsimonq2Just make sure you're using the deb package ;)20:29
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> I believe I am.20:29
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> 😬 Are they planning to switch that one too?20:30
tsimonq2I won't let them on Lubuntu before that's fixed :P20:30
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> +120:30
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> That feels pretty important.20:31
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> Especially now that it is native to the application.20:31
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> ARGH, using an ubuntu.com email is coming back to bite me! lol. My GPG key is for my gmail account.20:35
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> So... alright, guess time to look that one up now.20:35
lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> You can add multiple accounts to a single key.20:35
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Alright, works!20:39

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