LocutusOfBorgmitya57, fixed in lunar-proposed07:39
mitya57LocutusOfBorg: thanks a lot!07:49
LocutusOfBorgI'm trying to open a merge request on sourceforce.net, but its incredibly difficult07:50
mitya57I managed to do that a couple of times :)07:51
LocutusOfBorgI created the fork07:51
LocutusOfBorgpushed my "latomic" branch07:51
LocutusOfBorgand now?07:51
LocutusOfBorgmeh, afk now07:52
LocutusOfBorgwill look later07:52
mitya57https://wiki.flightgear.org/Making_a_SourceForge_Merge_Request check step 1607:53
arraybolt3Step 1: Move to Git(Hub/Lab)/LaunchPad.08:14
mitya57LocutusOfBorg: and another question to you. Do you think we have a chance to get hedgewars build-deps installable in the nearest time?10:57
mitya57See https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/4966/+build/2492240410:57
LocutusOfBorgmitya57, yes, I'm at level8 of rebuilds12:50
mitya57Good, thanks!12:51
LocutusOfBorgerror, level 1112:54
mitya57I wonder how many levels are there :)12:58
LocutusOfBorgmitya57, 26? or something like that15:22
arraybolt3Is anyone else getting odd BADSIG errors while trying to update their Lunar systems? For some reason I can update an LXD container in the cloud, but my main laptop and a Lunar schroot are both unable to update because apt chokes on InRelease. Strangely enough, I can manually download the InRelease file and check it with GPG, and it comes back clean.15:55
arraybolt3The version of apt is the same on all my systems, so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem.15:56
arraybolt3And the same mirror is in use on both systems.15:59
arraybolt3(The schroot is using just the standard archive.ubuntu.com, while my laptop and cloud container are using us.archive.ubuntu.com.)16:00
arraybolt3This is the pastebin of the exact error: https://dpaste.com/FFCF6LX7F16:12
arraybolt3(Also changing mirrors didn't have any effect.16:16
arraybolt3(Actually I just switched to an HTTPS mirror and that seems to be working. Maybe something's truncating the file on accident, or perhaps someone actually is trying to mess with me :P)16:22
arraybolt3Scratch everything I said above, turned out it was just apt-cacher-ng causing chaos like it seems to do every week or so. It had a corrupted InRelease file cached, removing it (and also restarting apt-cacher-ng) seems to have solved the problem.16:45
LocutusOfBorgmitya57, eureka! the merge button is visible if I visit my fork17:20
LocutusOfBorgso to open an upstream MR, I have to start from local fork LOL17:21
arraybolt3Is anyone around who can change what teams have upload privileges to certain packages? There's a package, qtxdg-tools, that was split off from libqtxdg (I believe) in upstream LXQt. Members of the lubuntu-dev team (of whom I am one as of a few days ago) should be able to upload to there, but it appears that package is not "owned" by ~lubuntu-dev currently, as I just tried to upload to there20:06
arraybolt3and it was rejected.20:06
arraybolt3(I don't know if a Core Dev can do this or not, but if so, tsimonq2: ^)20:07
tsimonq2Needs to be added to the packageset20:07
tsimonq2Which is teward territory :020:07
* tsimonq2 summons chaosadmin with a gallon of coffee20:08
rbasakPlease ask devel-permissions@ to fix it20:08
teward^^ that20:08
arraybolt3Well that cascaded fast. Will od.20:08
rbasakThe automated packageset generation code needs attention, but we haven't had anyone touch it in a while :-(20:08
arraybolt3I dunno if this is anything that even could have been autodetected - AFAIK, qtxdg-tools just popped up out of thin air, so it's not exactly something that an automated tool would have known needed to be ~lubuntu-dev territory.20:09
arraybolt3Anyway, writing email.20:09
Piratyeh, i get a few 401 from esm.ubuntu.com during release upgrade . https://ttm.sh/0vh.txt22:56
Piratyeh, i get a few 401 from esm.ubuntu.com during release upgrade . https://ttm.sh/0vh.txt23:05
Piratycoming from 20.0423:05
Piratynot sure why this machine tries to pull from there... ?23:06
Piratywell i got `/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-esm-apps.list.distUpgrade` here23:07
Piratyso i guess this is what the do-release-upgrade tool created23:07

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