arraybolt3jay321: Did this archive come with any instructions?00:00
arraybolt3If I were to take a wild guess, I would *think* you probably just flash the "sd.img" file to the SD card with Etcher, then plug it in and run it.00:01
arraybolt3But without instructions, I can't tell for sure.00:01
jay321arraybolt3: https://forum.digilent.com/topic/24473-nexys-a7-bootstrapping-linux-guide/00:07
jay321arraybolt3: yeah i plugged it in and the board lit up like a christmas tree and then bootstrapping services and such00:08
jay321its at the root password for maintenance, oh wait there is a prompt now00:09
jay321the sofabitch is alive00:10
jay321is xchat better than this webchat?00:23
jay321is this any good? http://limechat.net/mac/00:42
jay321how do you list all the network devices?00:43
jay321ip addr list?00:43
skydogehaving noob problem here I have enable UFW and open my port but its still closed when I disable UFW I can connect any idea?02:02
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romanparishyou still here?02:38
squarecircleIs there a reason, why my imported zpool does not show up?02:52
skydogeI tried firewalld get same result dont understand02:53
skydogework fine on centos but not ubuntu02:53
skydogecentos had to remove selinux policies but looks there no selinux on ubuntu02:54
esvskydoge, you could try disabling apparmor:  aa-teardown03:35
esvbut ...03:35
skydogebut what lol what does apparmor does03:36
skydogeI thought maybe i need to go via iptables directly03:36
esvfirst of all, I don't quite understand the problem, so apologies for offering solutions w/o fully understand it.03:37
esvif you are trying to connect to a non-standard port and traffic to the port is enabled on ufw or ufw is disabled, the application still needs to be up & running for the port be open.03:42
esvyou can list the open ports via the ss command: ss -tlnp for TCP connections & ss -ulnp for UDP.03:43
jay321its still up for gods sake03:43
jay321otherwise you'll be on mars w/out comms, that's gonna hurt03:47
hardyskydoge: did you tried csf (ConfigServer Security Firewall)? I'm running KVM VPS with Ubuntu + csf and works perfect, VPS purchased at https://www.hn.cl - You should try installing it.03:52
skydogeesv, hardy thanks guys going to check that out03:59
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skydogeesv, thanks for that command I think my partners changed the port without tell me04:33
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* alkisg provides some help to zhengzhimin 06:50
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Guest40hey, is there a way to enable the hwe edge stack for x? I already enabled the one for the kernel, but that doesn't add the x stuff09:25
alkisgGuest40, it doesn't exist anymore, as new xorg releases aren't frequent09:31
Guest40why is it then mentioned on the ubuntu website09:32
Guest40specifically here https://ubuntu.com/kernel/lifecycle09:33
Guest40so does that mean, I will also not get any newer amdgpu drivers?09:34
alkisgGuest40: where is it mentioned, in the current releases or are you talking about 18.04?09:35
Guest40well the site says, that there is an updated x stack09:35
Guest40the newest is 20.04, but I thought it's not updated as 22.04 is quite "new"09:36
alkisgUbuntu 20.04 LTS — Focal Fossa Desktop: sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-20.0409:38
alkisgThat's what it says for 20.04. It only mentions xorg for previous releases, such as 18.0409:38
alkisgAFAIK most drivers are part of the kernel, btw, not xorg09:39
Guest40so what is mesa then? or was that never updated in the lts releases?09:39
alkisgmesa isn't xorg09:40
MaikHWE for 22.04 might be added in February09:42
alkisgFor the kernel, not xorg09:42
Maikah, ok09:42
Guest4041alkisg yeah I know that, but I did think it got updated the same as xorg.09:44
Guest4041sorry got disconnected09:44
alkisgGuest4041: I think the only packages that were regularly updated with newer releases (not security things) were firefox, the kernel, and (xorg only for <= 18.04)09:51
Guest4041ahh damn, I guess I have to find a stable mesa ppa then09:51
alkisgI think that's the most stable ppa: https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers09:52
Guest40ahh damn, I guess I have to find a stable mesa ppa then09:52
Guest40ugh, something is going on with my internet09:52
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haysi have tried to install firefox and it apparently tried to install a snap, and the installation failed with a timeout waiting for snapd to restart.. now apt is in a confused state where it can't remove or install firefox12:46
cartdrigeWhat error message does apt writes out?12:49
hayswell i guess ill start with the current message12:52
hayserror: too early for operation, device not yet seeded or device model not acknowledged12:52
haysthat's when i try to reinstall firefox, per instructions when i try to remove12:53
cartdrigetried: sudo snap remove firefox ?12:57
cartdrigethen: sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox12:57
cartdrigemaybe someone who knows snaps better will help. cause i never got that error message.12:58
haysi purged snapd and reinstalled...  now i think im back to it hanging on install12:59
hays==> Installing the firefox snap12:59
hays2022-12-11T13:59:15+01:00 INFO Waiting for automatic snapd restart...12:59
ravageDid you try a simple restart?13:01
ravageMaybe it will help with getting snapd unstuck13:02
cartdrigein another terminal try: sudo systemctl restart snapd13:02
ravageOr a full reboot of the system. Try both :)13:04
haysrestarting snapd seems to have no effect13:04
haysalthough top shows it taking 17% cpu13:04
hays   6819 root      20   0 1464920  42944  18956 S  12.0   0.5   0:14.74 snapd13:05
hays   6131 root      20   0 1607180  22072  13028 S   9.1   0.3   0:35.42 snap13:05
haysravage: in the middle of an update?13:06
cartdrigelook with dmesg maybe if you see a weird message.13:07
cartdrigethere is maybe something blocking up snapd...but i don't know what it could be.13:09
BluesKajHi all13:18
respawnromanparish: welcome this is ubuntu help channel if you need help ask here13:19
respawnromanparish:for general chat go to #ubuntu-offtopic right click join13:20
bluesceadamurmel, no not edge kernel linux-image-5.19.0-24-generic13:21
bluesceadabut you need jammy-proposed sources of course13:21
StalevarI have tried Ubuntu ( 22.04.1 + updates ) for the first time. Well, it is kinda not very good. First of all, system settings GUI apps frozen in .1, however it seems updates fixed it (not sure). Then, when I have tried to connect to wi-fi network, guess what, the wi-fi config window blocked the entire desktop so I was unable to switch terminal to do cat my-wi-fi-password.txt13:21
StalevarThe second thing is a major design flaw13:22
StalevarWhy selecting wi-fi network freezes the entire desktop session until you click cancel or select a network?13:22
StalevarAlso who moved windows control buttons to the right? I have used Ubuntu 10.10 last time and they were on the left13:25
haysis there a way i can just reset apt and uninstall firefox13:37
fn31ln3is there an ubuntu hardening guide?13:40
fn31ln3I mean, is there an ubuntu hardening guide that the community recommends?13:40
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crax23hays, try to reboot, and do an apt autoclean or something like that.13:49
manwhowouldbekinHi all! I have a software called Seafile, which is getting an SSL Handshake error and provides something along the lines of this bug in the logs: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1016085 My system is Ubuntu 22.04. Any idea on how I can fix this? I installed the Seafile via these instructions: https://help.seafile.com/syncing_client/install_linux_client/13:57
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Debian bug 1016085 in libqt5network5 "libqt5network5: depends on libssl3 but loads (wrong) file provided by libssl-dev instead" [Serious, Open]13:57
bluesceadaStalevar, I think 22.04 is not a worthy "LTS" release yet, at least the "stable" part. In my personal opinion, go with 20.04 for a while if you want a stable system and come back to 22.04 until most bugs have been wiped out. Just one thing: except on Mac OS, the control buttons are usually on the right (even on windows that are inside most websites)13:59
bluesceadain 22.04 many new technologies were forced which are not fully stable yet, mainly snap packages and Wayland as X-server replacement13:59
bluesceadahays, what do you mean exactly? Since at least 22.04 firefox is not available in apt packages anymore and the existing apt packages will actually trigger an installation of the firefox snap package14:00
Stalevarbluesceada, Slackware 15.0 is better, more stable and as new as 22.04 since it's released recently14:02
StalevarAlso yeah, snap sucks. Also why not AppImage/14:02
bluesceadaStalevar, does it use Wayland and Snap packages? If not, it's not really using newer technology14:03
StalevarIt has wayland disabled by default, afair14:03
Stalevarand snap is not needed14:03
Stalevarbut I guess you can install it if you wanted14:03
bluesceadathere are different arguments between snaps / flatpak / appimage14:03
bluesceadaI think Snap is the most secure one, trying to properly containerize the apps, however also the most difficult one to apply to pre-existing applications that are not designed for that14:04
bluesceadaStalevar, "Not needed" depends on you14:04
Stalevarhow about using good ole deb or even better txz?14:05
bluesceadaI think it can add an extra layer of security, so for a webbrowser like firefox it makes sense from a concept point of view14:05
StalevarWhy not to run it from chroot or firejail or whatever?14:06
bluesceadaStalevar, that is not enough14:06
bluesceadaThat "Whatever" is what snap is trying to do. But of course that is not easy to do, if the application was not designed for it.14:06
bluesceadaBut personally I had a lot of issues with Snap too, so I don't like that they are forced into an "LTS" release, they are not yet ready for that in my opinion14:07
haysbluesceada: what i mean is that the firefox install has failed in a way that its neither installed or uninstalled, and I want to uninstall it so I can use apt again14:11
haysapt remove tells me to reinstall.. and apt reinstall hangs14:11
webchat83how do i update snap store?14:12
haysis there a browser that is not a freaking snap?14:13
bluesceadahays, probably it makes sense to have them as snaps, as of what I just explained, it makes sense especially on web browsers to do it14:13
haysbluesceada: im not sure you are hearing me.14:14
haysThe snap installation has hung, and apt can neigther remove nor reinstall firefox14:14
haysso im left with borked package management until I remove firefox14:14
haysevery time I try to use apt, it attempts to reinstall fireefox and hangs14:15
Jeremy31hayes, in terminal try>  sudo snap remove firefox14:15
haysthanks i will try that14:16
bluesceadahays, are you running 22.04 ?14:16
bluesceadaok didn't get that, then you have to troubleshoot the snap and ignore apt, right14:16
bluesceadawhat kernel do you run?14:17
bluesceada(just asking since I recently encountered issues with 6.0 and snaps due to kernel bugs related to squashfs)14:17
hayskernel 5.1014:17
bluesceadadid snap remove and install solve it?14:18
haysso I don't know how, but somehow this issue resolved itself14:18
hayssuddenly I was able to remove it14:18
haysthen I removed the snap14:18
haysso i don't know14:18
bluesceadayeah ... that seems to what happens with snaps ..... xD14:18
haysthere aren't any logs. I don't know what happened14:18
haysreally they are an abomination14:19
bluesceadasnap seems to have some occassional hiccups with setting up the snap mounts etc.14:19
haysive had nothing but trouble with them.14:19
bluesceadathey are just still under development and not ready for prime time yet, in my opinion14:19
haysubuntu is reaching too far with a lot of things and releasing overly complex, half-baked solutions.  sigh14:19
bluesceadathey try to enforce security models similar to what you might know from Android apks ... there it works properly14:19
haysyeah i understand what they are aiming for14:20
bluesceadaBut I agree, with 22.04 they reached too far, I think the same14:20
bluesceadaso many issues related to Wayland and Snaps14:20
haysubuntu-core is a spaghetti mess too imho14:21
leftyfbhays: please stay on topic (support)14:21
hays(for embedded devices)14:21
leftyfbhays: feel free to continue your rants in #ubuntu-offtopic14:22
hayssorry about that--im having a bad day and ubuntu is just a part of it14:23
bluesceadahays, so everything solved now?14:24
haysbluesceada: heh. the ubuntu issue seems to be resolved. although I might go find another way to get a browser14:24
haysthank you14:24
BluesKajthe mozilla team has a non-snap ppa14:34
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bluesceadaAnyone with libinput experience here? Tapping is too sensitive, so I changed AttrPressureRange=18:10 in local-overrides.quirks... however now also two-finger scrolling is not sensitive enough16:05
bluesceadaCan this be divided somehow? And why would the two-finger scrolling ( = not "tapping" but "moving") be changed from these Attributes?16:06
jay321used to be xset on X1116:06
jay321you know, set speeds and such16:06
bluesceadaI know how it was in X1116:08
bluesceadaBut thanks16:08
jay321how is it?16:08
bluesceadaSomehow I also do this because of another issue16:08
bluesceadaI have some bounce which is not a bounce16:08
jay321bad news, try external mouse?16:09
bluesceadaI seem to accidentally hit my touchpad when using the left physical button. So either I disable tab to click entirely or at least I want to try reduce its sensitivity16:09
bluesceadaExternal mouse can be used in some situations, but not always16:09
bluesceadaI like the thinkpad trackpoint, but sometimes I also use the touchpad, I like to keep it flexible that way16:10
jay321im thinking getting some process logging going, you know, 'sudo strace -p <pid> | less'  or smthg?16:10
bluesceadaI think with X11 the mouse button debouncing is cross-device but not with libinput ... that would be another possible solution over increasing the tap-sensitivity16:10
bluesceadajay321, what are you talking about?16:11
jay321bluesceada: what is the process?16:11
bluesceadaprocess of doing what16:11
bluesceadaWhat are you trying to do?16:12
bluesceadaA pid is a process id16:12
jay321bluesceada: the ubuntu mouse track pad process id, can you know it? ok im really bad at ubunut but that's my guess!16:12
bluesceadaThe problem is finding the right parameters for libinput or I might even need to do a feature request to them.16:13
jay321what libinput16:15
jay321locate libinput no pkg16:16
tomreynjay321: https://wayland.freedesktop.org/libinput/doc/latest/ - and you really shold not try to help if you don't know what is being asked about. event hough it's kind of you.16:16
tomreyn*even though16:17
tomreynbluesceada: you probably reviewed this documentation already?16:17
bluesceadajay321, thanks anyway ;-)16:18
bluesceadatomreyn, yes I did, that is how I found out to change the sensitivity using the overrides16:19
bluesceadaBut maybe I overlooked something...16:19
tomreyni would not know, have not checked it myself. but i guess the best place to get help with detailed libinput configurations or patching is not this channel16:20
tomreynthe wayland-devel at lists.freedesktop.org list may be a good place.16:21
bluesceadatomreyn, yep I guess so too, just wanted to try16:21
Stalevarbluesceada, AppImage bad side is that it's only seem to be made for x86_64, not say for aarch6416:24
bluesceadaStalevar, I guess that would depend on the one packaging it, no?16:27
Stalevarthere is a central repo16:28
Stalevaranyway does snap or flatpak provide aarch64 packages?16:28
Stalevarthat's armv816:29
tomreynsnap does arm6416:30
jhutchinstomreyn: Those snaps aren't the same as the i86 ones though, are they?16:47
tomreynjhutchins: that would make little sense then, would it?17:02
semI'm getting the boot warning "blacklist: Problem blacklisting hash (-13)" which appears to be ignorable based on internet searches. Is the only way to hide it at boot time by setting loglevel = 3, or is there a more specific way?17:06
semi am on 22.10 ubuntu studio, but I don't think it is flavor-specific17:06
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jhutchinstomreyn: It depends on how you interpret the "universal" feature of snaps.17:17
jhutchinsIf you're going to have packages customized for the environment, that's .deb packages.17:18
tomreynjhutchins: go here https://snapcraft.io/supertuxkart and click on the version drop-down, notice there is "show architecture"?17:38
tomreynsoftware can be architecture dependant, i don't think snap can circumvent that17:39
bluesceadafor some reason the "Night Light" always gets reset after just a few seconds17:52
bluesceadaI have installed in parallel kde plasma and think that might mess with it because I use some kde apps ... .could that be the case?17:53
bluesceadafor example, they all run in parallel for some reason, not sure what they do: /usr/libexec/xdg-desktop-portal /. usr/libexec/xdg-desktop-portal-gnome .. /usr/libexec/xdg-desktop-portal-gtk .. /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libexec/xdg-desktop-portal-kde17:55
murmelalkisg: eh, wouldn't really recommend a -git ppa to some random person. I guess kisak would be the better choice (stable releases)18:06
bluesceadaAnyone knows what else could be messing with Night Light?18:10
bluesceadaI am setting the night light on the automatic mode and it tints it red (it is that time of the day...), and a few seconds later something else seems to adjust it back. I then disable/enable it and it is again there for just a few seconds18:12
bluesceadaseems all such issues started with 22.04 .... before I had 20.04 ... no significant other changes18:14
murmelbluesceada: are you sure, that the upgrade went well?18:14
bluesceadanothing seems to go well with 22.04 ....18:14
bluesceadaHowever, on my notebook it works with 22.04, there it is a fresh install. There are other problems ...18:15
bluesceadabut the night light is only a problem on my desktop system that was upgraded from 20.04, I also don't have any serious problems on my desktop, just the night light is annoying18:15
murmelbluesceada: at least with your desktop, it really sounds like something went wrong with your upgrade18:17
bluesceadamurmel, why?18:17
bluesceadaJust because of the night light? I guess that multiple daemons are running that are messing with the color profile or something like that18:17
murmeleh, seems like I was under the impression that you had multiple issues with your desktop, sorry if I misremember18:18
bluesceadaIt can be expected from running applications from various environments that might bring some background services (Gnome / KDE)18:18
murmeldefinitely. and it's not really recommended to have multiple DEs18:19
bluesceadamurmel, ok I never said so clearly, that was on my notebook and seems to be related to kernel 6.018:19
murmelas they can mess with each other18:19
bluesceadamurmel, but I just want them installed, that was never an issue in the past18:19
murmelsure, but DEs change over time, and as most people don't test stuff while having 2 or more DEs installed...18:20
bluesceadaI just run tools from different DEs18:20
bluesceadaand they pull in half of the DE ..18:20
bluesceadaOn the desktop I also had the full KDE installed, at least the plasma-desktop package is gone, but not sure what other stuff is still there18:21
bluesceadaIt is just a guess that this is messing with night light18:21
murmelbluesceada: I guess so, as my night light works perfectly fine18:22
bluesceadacan you check if you have xdg-desktop-portal-kde installed please?18:24
murmelnot installed18:25
bluesceadaI remember I also had to uninstall it on the notebook18:25
bluesceadait might be needed for Qt snaps ...18:26
murmelbluesceada: I do have Qt snaps installed18:26
murmelso I assume you don't18:26
bluesceadano i might have ... I am confused now where this package comes from18:26
murmelbluesceada: do you have aptitude installed?18:27
bluesceadaon the desktop yes, but it was also on the notebook18:27
murmelbluesceada: does aptitude why <package> give you any hint?18:28
bluesceadanow it is too late, I could just remove it18:28
murmelor that18:29
bluesceadasorry I found it in history.log of apt ...18:29
bluesceadaplasma-discover-backend-snap was still there18:30
bluesceadaok I guess nowadays all becomes much more single-user systems anyway, the days are over where everybody could (and would) use their favorite DE on a shared computer18:33
murmelI mean most systems are single DE since, eh, can't remember. Even during my uni days. they can still be multi user though. but yes, desktops getting more used by a single person than multiple18:35
cartdrigePeople who are living togethers like couple and famillies have their own session on the family computers or tablets, but it's more likely windows or mac most of the time. Or Android.18:41
cartdrigeThough they most likely have their personnal ones nowdays, since the devices are quite cheap etc. laptops etc right.18:41
murmelreally depends on the country18:41
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jhutchinsmurmel: How so?19:23
bluesceadacartdrige, yeah I actually had a past girlfriend use a different DE than me and sometimes used my PC ... but that ended with her using a notebook she attached to my screen and mouse/kb instead19:23
murmeljhutchins: how so what?19:25
bluesceadabut relatively recently I also had someone use my PC for gaming due to its performance, that was Windows however....19:26
bluesceadaIn a professional context we however also get into the situation of multi-user, but there most people don't care much, and the default is xfce there... quite some years down the road until we would get into the issues I see here.19:28
murmelxfce as default desktop. interesting choice :)19:28
arraybolt3murmel: Hey, I like XFCE! :P19:30
bluesceadayeah but people are free to choose others, and there are remote-login server, and there is some software that needs X / a gui, so some years down the road we might get into issues19:30
arraybolt3At any rate, it *is* possible to install multiple DEs on the same system - it can sometimes go wrong, but I know people who do it with good success. When you have multiple DEs installed, you can log into whichever one you want.19:30
murmelarraybolt3: I'm not saying xfce is a bad choice19:30
arraybolt3And if you have multiple users, one assumes that they could log into whichever DE they wanted to on their own user account.19:31
bluesceadaarraybolt3, I did it for years, but nowadays there seem to be things that can conflict each other19:32
murmeloh definitely. But I quite liked the one "system" of an uni I saw, where you had a basic OS for choosing which OS/DE you want. and then remoted into that. (options were win7/win10/linux+gnome/linux+kde)19:32
arraybolt3murmel: Oh that sounds cool. Probably had each of them running in a VM?19:38
murmelarraybolt3: yes19:42
ElliriaHey there, is this a good place to ask about an issue with Ask Ubuntu or is therre a dedicated channel for that?20:56
jay321what is the question?20:57
crorafHi guys. I cannot control screen brightness after recent update of some nvidia packages.20:57
crorafNor from the keyboard, nor does the bar on the top right corner appear20:57
ElliriaI can't log in. Here are the steps I followed to try and I've tried them several times with the same result: https://bpa.st/XDSQ20:57
ElliriaI should have added, in step 5, that I do manage to successfully log in to Launchpad. I'm currently logged in on that.20:58
ElliriaBut Ask Ubuntu won't recognize me as being logged in.20:58
jay321Elliria: the ubuntu question is posted, it is yours or?21:00
ElliriaNo, I don't know either of those people, but I found the answer helpful, so I wanted to up-vote it.21:01
ElliriaI fixed my steps and did a new paste: https://bpa.st/3DKQ21:01
jay321croraf: do you think you can roll back the update to verify it isn't something else?21:01
crorafIt is the update. It worked 10m ago, before the update jay32121:02
jay321croraf: ok i dont know, sorry21:02
jay321i had only suggested looking at some logs21:03
crorafThanx. I found this, but a bit afraid to try https://www.debugpoint.com/2-ways-fix-laptop-brightness-problem-ubuntu-linux/  The file mentioned in X11 does not exist21:03
jay321yeah if you modify the linux command line, usually it ignores stuff it does not recognize21:05
jay321...but if it kernel panics then you have to roll back the change on grub21:05
croraf89Can anyone suggest what to do with https://pastebin.com/wPZU7bsk21:20
bluesceadacroraf89, hm seems odd, maybe try creating /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/piper/21:43
croraf89bluesceada and if I somehow uninstall and reinstall this piper?21:44
bluesceadacroraf89, it might be that the piper directory is not created correctly, probably it will also not be removed correctly .. but there could also be other issues, like the permissions in that subdir, not sure what things you have done before in your system22:02
bluesceadabut for me it installs fine22:03
forgotmynickwhat are the consequences of removing unattended-upgrades other than not having automatic updates (security etc)22:37
jay321forgotmynick: if you have a vm at least you can run the before and after22:42
croraf58OK. What is this https://pastebin.com/J2k2jLvS ?? Why it doesnt want to upgrade?22:49
oerhekswhy not pasting the command used..22:53
oerheksrun full-upgrade to instaal those held back packages?22:54
oerheksthat needs a reboot22:54
Bashing-omcroraf58: ^ the info: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/phased-updates.html .22:54
oerheksi don;t think those are phased..22:55
croraf58I used sudo apt-get install <list of packages kept back>22:56
croraf58It went sucessfull22:56
croraf58I go restart to see if it fixed my backlight issue22:56
croraf58(dont reply until I reconnect :D  )22:56
Piratyeh, i get a few 401 from esm.ubuntu.com during release upgrade . https://ttm.sh/0vh.txt22:57
crorafMy screen backlight is still unmanageable. Not sure what to do. I tried:23:06
croraf1. Add in grub acpi_backlight=vendor    or   acpi_backlight=native23:06
croraf2. sudo apt install brightness-controller23:06
crorafI do have that nommconf in grub line23:08
paul__hello I used sshfs mounted it onto a guest account and now I cannot remove it from the guest account23:12
paul__is there a way to remove it?23:13
paul__be right back23:15
paul_hi back23:16
paul_same question about how to unmount a file system on a guest account23:16
crorafjay321 I found out what was the issue. After these security nvidia updates, nvidia propriatery drivers didnt boot, but instea nouveau got used23:27
crorafI now switched back to Nvidia propriatery drivers, and now I do have backlight adjustment23:27
crorafIt doesnt work properly though :D23:28
crorafBut I think I can reduce to minimal.23:28

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