d1rewolfRicardoAbreu[m]: hmm...upon reboot, the two vms I had powered on prior to rebooting didn't start. what's the best way to track down why?18:54
RicardoAbreu[m]Hmm, strange19:01
RicardoAbreu[m]d1rewolf: you can look in the logs, both before and after the reboot: https://multipass.run/docs/accessing-logs#heading--macos19:01
d1rewolfRicardoAbreu[m]: I'll give 'em a look. thank you!19:02
RicardoAbreu[m]d1rewolf: you're welcome!19:03
RicardoAbreu[m]let us know what you find19:03
* d1rewolf nods :)19:10

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