utkarsh2102I don't see anything on the agenda, do we still want to have a meeting?16:01
bdmurrayI think we should talk about the meeting in two weeks time at least16:01
utkarsh2102#startmeeting Developer Membership Board16:02
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utkarsh2102#topic Next Meeting16:02
utkarsh2102since there are no candidates or anything in the agenda yet, should we call it off?16:03
sil2100I guess we have no one assigned for the meeting in 2 weeks as well, right?16:03
utkarsh2102the next meeting is supposed to happen on 26th Dec16:03
rbasakI think we should cancel that meeting16:03
sil2100For me at least it's quite possible I'll forget and might miss it, so I'd be +1 on skipping. But we should send out an e-mail to ubuntu-devel@ so that people don't sign up for that meeting16:04
utkarsh2102should we formally vote? or is there mutual consent on this already?16:04
rbasakUp to the chair :)16:04
utkarsh2102 #vote skip next meeting (scheduled as of 26th Dec 2022)16:05
meetingologyPlease vote on: skip next meeting (scheduled as of 26th Dec 2022)16:05
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, -1 or +0 in channel (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1|-1|+0 #channelname')16:05
meetingology+1 received from utkarsh210216:05
kanashiro[m]+1 again :)16:05
meetingology+1 again :) received from kanashiro[m]16:05
meetingology+1 received from rbasak16:06
meetingology+1 received from sil210016:06
sil2100I can take the action item to sending out an e-mail about it, if anything16:07
rbasakI think the main thing is to edit the wiki with the list of meeting dates please16:07
rbasakAlso, if you don't mind filling out the dates for 2023?16:07
rbasakJust following the pattern. Please don't change the meeting "phase" :)16:08
utkarsh2102waiting for bdmurray's vote :)16:08
meetingology+1 received from bdmurray16:08
utkarsh2102teward and seb128 seem to be away, so..16:08
meetingologyVoting ended on: skip next meeting (scheduled as of 26th Dec 2022)16:08
meetingologyVotes for: 5, Votes against: 0, Abstentions: 016:08
meetingologyMotion carried16:08
utkarsh2102#action sil2100 to send an announcement for the same16:08
meetingologyACTION: sil2100 to send an announcement for the same16:08
sil2100I'll update the Agenda as well16:09
utkarsh2102#action sil2100 to update the agenda as well16:09
meetingologyACTION: sil2100 to update the agenda as well16:09
utkarsh2102sil2100: would you also add the 2023 dates?16:09
sil2100Yeah, I can do that while modifying the Agenda16:10
utkarsh2102lovely, thank you!16:10
utkarsh2102#action sil2100 to add 2023 meeting dates in the agenda whilst at it16:10
meetingologyACTION: sil2100 to add 2023 meeting dates in the agenda whilst at it16:10
utkarsh2102okeydoke, this seems to be done16:10
sil2100Will get to it in a bit after my SRU shift16:10
utkarsh2102no rush!16:10
utkarsh2102#topic AOB16:11
rbasakLast meeting we had extensive discussion on making progress in meetings16:11
rbasakI summarised what I think we decided we wanted in my email "Keeping IRC meetings moving"16:11
rbasakBut there has been no feedback.16:11
rbasakPlease provide feedback.16:11
utkarsh2102I am on PTO (for whole of December), I can take a look this week, but please expect it to be in 2023 from my end. Apologies.16:12
rbasakOK, so let's defer, but I'd appreciate if everyone could take a look please. If nobody has the time, then that's fine, but I'd appreciate not wasting further time discussing it in that case.16:13
bdmurrayStalling on keeping things moving would be ironic no?16:14
utkarsh2102anything else, then?16:14
* utkarsh2102 starts a 3-minute mental countdown16:14
rbasakFWIW, I intended 3 minutes to be the limit when explicitly waiting on something.16:15
rbasakI don't think you should feel you have to wait three minutes unless you're waiting on someone for something specific.16:15
utkarsh2102it's alright, 3 minutes is for people to think if they have something they'd like to bring up, I guess16:16
utkarsh210230 more seconds16:17
utkarsh2102okeydoke, I'm going to wrap up in16:18
meetingologyMeeting ended at 16:18:09 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2022/ubuntu-meeting.2022-12-12-16.02.moin.txt16:18
* Eickmeyer wishes the DMB a happy holidays and happy new year o/16:18
utkarsh2102thanks, everyone! have a nice and warm christmas and the time off! \o16:18
tewardutkarsh2102: was on the phone for dayjob with law enforcement partners.  been an interesting monday.  sorry for being awol16:21
utkarsh2102teward: no problem at all! \o/16:22
utkarsh2102happy monday, if it's not too late :P16:22
tewardhehe its still monday16:23
tewardjust been interesting16:23

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