mohaHi, In the Netplan configuration YML file, What does 'ens' stand for? Is it an abbreviation for "EtherNet Slot"?10:41
ravagemoha: 10:57
ravagesection "What precisely has changed in v197"10:57
ograit is the name the kernel assigned to your interface (the naming sheme is descibed in ravage's link)10:58
ograyou can check kernel names for any existing intrfaces with: cat /proc/net/dev10:58
mohaReading that link, Thanks; Another related question: In the Netplan config file, why network cards are numbered in this order: 160, 192, 224, 256, 161 (for 5 interfaces attached to the server)?11:01
ogracan you elaborate ? numbered how ? do you mean they are showing up as ens160 etc ? 11:05
mohaogra:  yup, ens160 for the 1st interface card, ens192 for the 2nd one, ..., ens 161 for the 5th interface, etc11:31
ogramoha, well, thats up to the kernel, not sure on what base it assigns these numbers, but they should at least be persistent 11:32
mohaI'm deploying OpenStack-ansible. Containers are created successfully, but failed to start: fatal: [infra2_manila_container-8f71a62f -> infra2(]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "error": "Failed to start container [ infra2_manila_container-8f71a62f ]", "lxc_container"...16:10
moha(Note: The range does not have internet! but the server Infra1 has internet on the other interface.)16:12
mohaThe error is repeating for other modules as in glance, ceph_mon, etc16:12
TeridonI'm kinda new to autoinstall.   I'd appreciate some advice re: workarounds for this bug :  https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/1999164   .  Should I just use late-commands to write the extra sshd_config lines? 19:53
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 1999164 in cloud-init "when multiple SSH host key certificates are defined, only one HostCertificate is referenced in sshd_config" [High, Confirmed]19:53
blackboxswworry I think we re-fielded this question in #cloud-init channel ^20:06
blackboxswsentiment of the above solution is either use autoinstall:user-data:runcmd:  directives or autoinstall.user-data.write_files: `defer = true` from https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/modules.html#write-files to supplement /etc/sshd_config.d/ files with multiple HostCertificate declarations.20:34

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