SlartibartAnyone managed to hibernate on 22.10? I get to the computer turning itself off, but when I start it again I never get the hibernated applications back..00:19
arraybolt3Slartibart: Hibernation on Ubuntu is *very* glitchy and unreliable. It's generally disabled by default.00:22
arraybolt3I've seen, like, one guy manage to get it working. I've tried to use it and it didn't work at all.00:23
Slartibartarraybolt3: Yeah, it would be nice not having to start everything again each morning for work though.00:23
SlartibartIs it more stable somewhere else?00:23
arraybolt3I've not tried it on other distros.00:24
arraybolt3I believe it's just Linux in general that's bad at hibernation, as other distros seem to have similar problems.00:25
arraybolt3Slartibart: Is there a reason ye-old sleep doesn't work? Suspend-to-RAM usually works just fine.00:26
Slartibartarraybolt3: Sleep works, I'm just trying to save electricity. And hibernation has worked before, on earlier versions of Ubuntu, so in that case things are going in the wrong direction :-[00:30
arraybolt3Yeah, hibernation seems... wonky, and even Arch Linux's docs mention that sometimes older kernels work better than newer ones for hibernation. On the bright side, many computers already use a low amount of electricity (I think my most powerful laptop uses about as much energy as a light bulb even when going at full force), and sleep uses way less, so if it's just electricity you're worried about,00:32
arraybolt3you're probably fine. (If it's battery life, though, then I'm not sure what to do from there.)00:32
arraybolt3*incandescent light bulb, I mean00:32
arraybolt3Slartibart: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Power_management/Suspend_and_hibernate (Yikes, you can accidentally lock yourself out trying to hibernate if you aren't careful!)00:39
arraybolt3See section 5.6, if you're using Ubuntu from an external drive, I'd probably not keep trying this. Otherwise, that page might have some tips to help out (though please back up your data before trying dangerous stuff).00:39
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masterguyhi to everyone03:35
Guest87Hey so for literally some random reason (I think I know why though) Ubuntu crud itself yesterday.04:11
Guest87I'm about to make backups via Backups and was wondering how to skip files and folders with "Invalid names"04:12
Guest87Just to make things go by faster. I have 80GB of files04:12
Bashing-omGuest87: See: ' man rsync ' .04:16
arraybolt3Guest87: The "Backups" tool isn't the tool you want to use if you're trying to clone your data so you can reinstall or fiddle with things. There's rsync like Bashing-om recommends, or you can use the approach I used which was mksquashfs.04:17
Guest87Alright. This'll work with a live USB right? I'll copy my crud on my SD card.04:18
arraybolt3Yeah, a live USB will work.04:18
arraybolt3However, I'd highly recommend you verify your backups once you're done making them. It's easy to do, and will make sure your data got copied correctly. Sometimes external flash memory can eat your data silently.04:19
Guest87Alright, thank you. Linux is very convenient to use in comparison with Windows.04:20
arraybolt3Guest87: Once you have the live USB booted, just insert your SD card, open a terminal inside it, and then do "sudo rsync -a /home/<username> ./bakClone". That will clone just about everything. There's a few file attributes and special things that aren't cloned doing this (ACLs, extended attributes, file access and creation times, and hardlinks), but you probably don't need those.04:26
arraybolt3(Note that you should run that from within the SD card for it to work.)04:26
arraybolt3Guest87: You can also add a "--progress" switch to the above if you want to see rsync's progress as it copies, that way you can see it doing something rather than it just sitting there looking frozen while it works.04:30
Guest87Now when you say run it from within the SD card you mean change my directoy to the SD card's?04:32
arraybolt3Guest87: Yes.04:38
Guest87Alright so cd /dev/sdx (where x is my SD card's location( then run the command. THank you so much.04:41
Bashing-omGuest87: "/dev/sdx" is a device - ya want to cd into the file system -- where /dev/sdXY is mounted into the file system. (if you are working from the external USB)04:45
Guest87Sorry, I'm new to linux04:48
Guest87I was actually in the middle of learning it when it killed itself.04:48
Bashing-omGuest87: One changes the directory in the file system not to a device (hardware).04:49
Guest87So what's XY then04:51
Bashing-omGuest87: designates a partition - say first device is identified by the kernel as "sda" then the 1st partition would be identified as sda1 --- where XY is replaced by a104:53
Bashing-omGuest87: Id ya have the time - terminal command ' sudo fdisk -lu ] to list partitions. Might make things a bit clearer.04:56
Bashing-omsudo fdisk -lu04:56
Guest87I think I udnerstand now. So if my SD card is located in /dev/sdc1, I don't cd into the device I cd into the FS. So cd /dev/sdc105:02
Bashing-omGuest87: no no -- "sdc1" is still "hardware" ya got to tell the system ( all things are files in linux) what that hardware is. Now the GUI does this automagically. Terminally we have to tell the kernel what we want to do.05:05
Bashing-omGuest87: Teaching: is the SD card presently inserted ?05:07
springcan you write to the screen like a file05:07
Guest87In live, idk.05:08
Bashing-omGuest87: OK - terminal command ' mount ' list a whole bunch of stuff that the kernel has attached, one of these will be the SD card. Will reflect a "mount point" that you then use to access the file system.05:10
springalls i see is vga_arbiter in /dev and video but thats the camera i think05:10
Guest87So the mount commands shows me a mounting point I can use to gain access to the FS05:16
Bashing-omGuest87: Yepper :D05:18
Bashing-omGuest87: ^ Access to the system from terminal :D05:19
Guest87Cool. TBh, It's still confusing for me. I understand it somewhat now thanks to you. Is there a site I can use to learn Linux? linuxjouney is down,05:19
Guest87he reason why it's confusing for me is bc I never really had to deal with it before. Windows did everthing for me. Now since I hate Windows and swapped over to Linux, I wanna learn everything there is to it.05:21
Bashing-omGuest87: It is a long slow process - say about 10 years :D - there is no one resource to cover everything. In due time you will get the more comfortable and know where to go, for what aspect.05:22
Guest87So it's OK if I don't know mostly what you just said.05:22
Guest87It'll get better with time05:24
Bashing-omGuest87: Yes ! it is OK - believe me - none of us were born knowing all this -- takes time to learn. The GUI is easier for many things, but, in linux the power is in the command line and that takes knowledge.05:24
Guest87So it was confusing as heck for you as well.05:25
Bashing-omGuest87: Well - not so much. When I started this computer journey there was no GUI - so I learned first hand the terminal. Even so a transistion to ubuntu did have a learning curve.05:27
Guest87Thank you for being patient with me.05:27
Guest87See, I actually DID know some commands in Widnows CMD but it didn't translate over well in Linux05:27
Bashing-omGuest87: Also - I am still learning - even after all these years - *NO ONE* knows it all !05:28
springi think if you program in c++ or assembly too you can understand stuff better05:28
Guest87I'm learning C++ actually. That and Python.05:28
spring like its all just machine code05:28
springah thats good05:28
Guest87I wanna learn as much as I can bc tbh I don't wanna keep doing these stupid menial jobs all my life.05:29
springlinux has system calls in assembly that do stuff like write file and read file and socket connection and stuff but i never programmed assembly05:30
springmaybe its all built up upon that kinda stuff05:30
springand instead of .dll in windows linux has .so05:31
springbut i mostly code javascript05:31
springand then the .ko are like drivers i think05:33
Bashing-omspring: Keep on mind that a driver is actually a module that the kernel can incorporate.05:35
springah yes like you can load them in05:36
springsomething like that05:36
Bashing-omspring: Yeah - or at build time have the build pull them in :D05:37
springah yeah :D05:38
Bashing-omGuest87: For your think'n process - a borked system is always always fixable - just depends on how much time and effort one wants to spend over just taking that nuclear solution and re-install !05:40
Guest87Due i know! You have no idea how many times I failed at my computer experiments, went onlineand fixe it with ease.05:41
Guest87Like I screwed up dualbooting, slipstreaming, etc but tei nternet saved me so many times05:42
Guest87The internet*. It's amazing actually.05:42
Bashing-omGuest87: Information age is so wonderful :P05:44
Guest87I'll take what you said about rsync. THank you. I'm goingto bed. I hope linux journey will be up again soon. I wanna learn linux soon.05:46
Bashing-omGuest87: Take your time  to determine your backup strategy - any question or concerns we are here --- help is what we do :D05:48
Guest87I will. I'll talk to you guys later. Thank you.05:52
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* russell-- is having trouble with firefox ... it was working recently, with the mozilla ppa but removed that and tried to go back to the snap, but starting it up from a terminal shell gives me some bizarre text: "cannot load program: " and then a blank line and then ": invalid argument"09:59
russell--chromium is doing the same thing10:00
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lotuspsychjerussell--: do you launch firefox via the snap GUI icon now?10:15
mohaIn the Netplan configuration YML file, What does 'ens' stand for? Is it an abbreviation for "EtherNet Slot"?10:36
mohaIn the Netplan config file, why network cards are numbered in this order: 160, 192, 224, 256, 161 (for 5 interface attached to the server)?10:37
murmelmoha: #ubuntu-server is probably the better channel to ask something like this10:40
wicopeHi. How can I have firefox with apt and have firefox with snap?10:42
wicopeare they really incompatible? why?10:42
wicopeUbuntu wants to remove apt? thanks10:42
murmelwicope: pretty sure you can have both, but a bit weird to use, as you would need to use the full path to use a certain firefox10:44
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russell--lotuspsychje: i tried starting it from the terminal12:22
Guest15any unix lovers here?13:08
BluesKajHi all14:04
jay321BluesKaj: hi14:06
BluesKajhey jay32114:06
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SteelRosehi BluesKaj14:44
BluesKajhey SteelRose14:45
cmonClient: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Ubuntu "focal" 20.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2234 CPU @ 3.60GHz (3,60GHz) • Memory: Physical: 30,5 GiB Total (14,2 GiB Free) Swap: 11,7 GiB Total (10,6 GiB Free) • Storage: 422,8 GB / 491,1 GB (68,4 GB Free) • VGA: ASPEED Technology, Inc. ASPEED Graphics Family @ Intel Corporation 8th/9th Gen Core Processor Host Bridge/DRAM Registers [Coffee Lake] • Uptime: 5d 5h 38m 11s15:15
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Arsimaelhi. Short question; My employer forces me to have mcafee on my machine. On shutdown I have to wait 1:30Minutes until systemd kills it. How can I shorten that period?15:51
ArsimaelTo, lets say... 1 second?15:51
ograyou find out why it stalls and fix the blocker ...15:52
ArsimaelIt's mcafee... thats why...15:52
ogra(there is realy no way to answr this question in a canonical way)15:52
alkisgArsimael: start by doing `systemctl stop mcaffe-service-name` without shutting down, and see if it stops immediately or if it needs time15:58
jhutchinsArsimaelInshan: (Assuming you're the same entity) You should be able to contact McAffee about the delayed shutdown.15:58
jhutchinsArsimaelInshan: You might be able to kill it manually, but that might leave open files and unwritten buffers.15:58
samy1028bI would also look at syslog and see if it's reporting anything during shutdown related to mcafee16:03
jhutchins(Also journalctl.)16:04
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thomas25hmm, rsync installed via msys2 doesn't work, gives code 12. but rsync on my mac works. destination is ubuntu. any idea?16:55
arraybolt3What is msys2?17:02
ogra... or code 1217:02
ograah, ssh protocol error ...17:03
ogra(which might not actually be an actual protocol issue, it also returns that if i.e. the dir does not exist and you use ssh)17:04
thomas25yeah i get the feeling is that the ssh client MS shipped is not good friends with rsync17:04
arraybolt3thomas25: Sadly, if msys2's version of rsync isn't working, there's not much we can do, since we don't run msys2, and we probably can't help with it since most of us don't run msys2. If you're trying to use rsync from Windows, you might be able to use WSL, or perhaps run an Ubuntu VM and use rsync from there.17:04
thomas25yeah there are multiple reasons17:04
thomas25but the same command works in mac17:05
EriC^^thomas25: maybe if you post the full error, maybe run rsync with more verbose as well it might show any hints17:06
thomas25i've did, let me paste it17:06
ograuser=<null> ? how is it supposed to find the homedir then ?17:10
thomas25it's also empty in working rsync btw17:10
thomas25it would have been a good catch though :)17:11
thomas25holy shit there's an rsync channel... sorry to bother you guys...17:12
EriC^^thomas25: https://github.com/PowerShell/Win32-OpenSSH/issues/186917:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 1869 in PowerShell/Win32-OpenSSH "rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [Receiver]" [Open]17:14
EriC^^maybe it helps17:14
thomas25EriC^^ thanks. i went through that path, will try again, for me, cwrsync's ssh does not want to connect to the destination host at all17:23
thomas25man, windows is always such a friction lol17:27
thomas25scp works though, i wonder how rsync works17:28
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thomas25when i installed cygwin's rsync it also failed, then i installed cygwin's ssh, then i managed to get cygwin's ssh to work, then cygwin's rsync worked... so it was a rsync <-> ssg mismatch somehow indeed17:48
thomas25too bad cygwin is too detached from the system i can't use it in my automation scripts i think17:49
zorgx68hey =)  can somebody help me ? i have a problem with wsl ubuntu .. i cant get mkdir -p $ROTFS/{bin,proc,etc} in my bash script to work.. it only make one folder {bin,proc,etc}18:07
zorgx68does i need to install something to get it to work  ?18:08
leftyfbzorgx68: echo $SHELL18:14
zorgx68ROTFS=$PWD/unshare-container         # /konteiner-1/unshare-container/18:14
zorgx68if [ ! -d $ROTFS ];then18:14
leftyfb!paste | zorgx6818:15
ubottuzorgx68: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:15
zorgx68so i needd echo $SHELL ?18:15
leftyfbzorgx68: please paste the output of "echo $SHELL" here18:15
zorgx68ok .. /bin/bash18:16
leftyfbzorgx68: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/2P6fCtf772/  this works for me18:17
zorgx68this is the script18:18
leftyfbremove # /konteiner-1/unshare-container/bin/18:18
leftyfbalso, if this is busybox as part of your initramfs, it's running as /bin/sh, not /bin/bash18:19
leftyfbwhich doesn't support /{bin,proc,etc}18:20
zorgx68hmm.. so that is the reson why it make a {bin,proc,etc} folder ?18:20
zorgx68so yhe easy fix is mkdir bin mkdir proc mkdir etc ? :P18:23
leftyfbThat will work18:23
leftyfbNot as 1 line though18:23
zorgx68is it any way too get that script to work if i install something or is the script just wrong ?18:24
leftyfbnot unless you add bash to your initrd. Which is non-trivial the last I checked. It'll also increase the size of your initrd and the time it takes to load18:26
zorgx68hmm its running if im make 1 folder per line .. so thats a good thing .. to bad the teather already have the other code lol.. but.. its almost 100% same as his :s18:43
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jpmhI'm now using ubuntu 22.04 on my laptop.  When I am at the shell and I do a PASTE, <ctrl-shift-v> I get a popup asking me to confirm.  It is annoying.  How do I get rid of it?20:18
oerheksjpmh, never noticed that, what shell exactly?20:19
jpmhactually, I have solved it.  It is from terminal - I went to Terminal/Preferences and there is a checkbox there for "warn of unsafe paste".  Unchecked that and I'm happy20:20
jpmhoerheks: not really a shell issue - a Terminal issue20:21
oerheksah oke, but you find that setting. never needed to do that, AFAIK20:22
jpmhoerheks: sometimes things try to hard to protect me from myself20:23
cartdrigeI think qterminal does that too.20:23
arraybolt3Can confirm - this is the default behavior of Lubuntu.20:24
arraybolt3(Prompting when you try to paste, that is.)20:24
cartdrigeyes, there's a 'confirm multiline paste' checkbox in the prefs.20:25
leftyfbI don't see any such setting in gnome-terminal20:27
oerheksleftyfb,  seems lubuntu only20:28
mybalzitchI really wish gnome didn't make something I put always-on-top as the next choice when I alt-tab20:36
oerheksalt tab gives focus, so be it.20:37
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mybalzitchright but if I want this media player on top of other windows, I have to always tab twice to switch to another app20:40
mybalzitchand 20+ years of using a gui, it's been one tab to get to the app I was using last20:41
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holger1973hi, i'm a noob with a question: Is there a possibility to set a global display zoom like in windows, this 125% thing?21:33
sarnoldholger1973: nothing quite as easy as windows, I don't think; there's two answers on https://unix.stackexchange.com/q/596887/7064 that are both very useful..21:37
sarnoldholger1973: the arch wiki is great for things like this, too, but the details might not always match up exactly with debian and ubuntu (especially package names, etc) https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/HiDPI21:37
eleganteubuntu. Wifi disconnects from time to time. It doesn't disconnect on Windows. I already disabled powersaving in Ubuntu, but it didn't solve it. Any idea?21:52
EriC^^elegante: maybe see if any hints in 'dmesg -w' when it disconnects22:02
eleganteThank you Eric^^22:04
EriC^^elegante: which card is it? try 'lshw -c network | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the link here22:05
noalternativeI am using Ubuntu Budgie 22.01, however I coundn't find any help in that room and I think they would have referred me here anyways.22:14
EriC^^help with what noalternative ?22:14
noalternativeI am having 2 problems. 1)I can no longer install repo keys and I get an error that says it is deprecated.22:14
noalternative2) I can't my bluetooth headsets working with google voice or linphone.22:15
noalternative22.04 sorry22:16
EriC^^can you pastebin the repo command and error you're getting somewhere?22:16
Jeremy31noalternative: The warning that apt-key is deprecated?22:18
oerhekswget -qO- https://blabla.asc | sudo tee /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/blabla.asc  https://opensource.com/article/22/9/deprecated-linux-apt-ke22:20
oerheksand check first if those repos have candidates for 22.0422:20
noalternativejust a few minutes I need to reproduce the error and pastebin it.22:20
oerheksoh, there are pages for that .. https://linuxhint.com/install-plex-ubuntu-22-04/22:28
oerheksgood luck wth that paid software22:28
FNAShinobiIs there a command to have gnome redetect the monitors?22:34
noalternativeoerheks thanks for the link.  That worked.22:35
noalternativeCan I get some help with the problem using bluetooth headsets in linphone.22:35
noalternativeI can't get the built in mic working.22:36
noalternativeoerhecks is ther an opensource alternative to Plex?22:38
jhutchinsnoalternative: Have you tried exactly that question on google?22:48
jhutchinsOr that...22:50
AlexCjellyfin btw22:56
noalternativejellyfin looks interesting.23:11
noalternativeI did google the problem I was having with my bluetooth and there was no info applicable to 22.0423:11
noalternativeother than my device has no handsfree profile for the microphone.23:12
noalternativeThere has been some change it 22.04 and the older solutions won't work on it.23:13
oerheks!info bluez23:14
ubottubluez (5.65-0ubuntu1, kinetic): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Built by bluez. Size 1,096 kB / 3,807 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)23:14
oerheksgood tool to control BT and settings, discover, pair, trust23:15
nshwhat's the current preferred way to permanently set a local resolver and not sure the one provided by e.g. wifi DCHP?23:23
nshnot *use23:23
leftyfbnsh: set it on your router in it's DHCP settings23:23
nshi would rather do this in the system configuration23:24
leftyfbnsh: you asked for the "preferred way"23:24
leftyfbnsh: look in your network settings under ipv6. Set your DNS there and uncheck "automatic"23:25
nshand now the implicit clause in my question has been made explicit, thank you23:25
leftyfbsorry, ipv423:25
nshthat would be per wifi connection. what would one do if one wanted to use a resolved running locally (eg pihole or some other ad-blocking or non-censorship solution) for all connections?23:27
leftyfbyou don't23:28
nshnot ideal, is it?23:28
oerheksideal is setting such in your router.23:30
leftyfboerheks: use a VPN to a connection running a pihole23:31
ben_bashHi all! I was on 22.04 and dud an update about a week ago. Now the firefox snap no longer works.  I upgraded to 22.10 but the firefox snap is still unusable.23:47
ben_bashIts odd because it will mostly load the first page I go to, but will not do anything after that.  Chromium works just fine.23:49
ben_bashDoes anyone know if there are known issue with the firefox snap? I'd like to stay on the snap if its the future.  I could uninstall the app / go to the .deb, but I had it mostly configured the way I like.23:52
ben_bashI'm new to ubunt but not linux, so I don't know the best ways to get support / track issues.23:54
FossilHow the heck would apt update result in this error after hitting the repos: Fatal Python error: init_import_site: Failed to import the site module23:56
FossilI get the same error suddenly when I run a command that does not exist23:56
Fossil# thisisfakecmd23:56
FossilFatal Python error: init_import_site: Failed to import the site module23:56
jhutchinsben_bash: I would suggest removing the snap and any traces it left, then re-installing it.23:57

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