OvenWerksEickmeyer: CCLI and presumably other chart sources provide "Chordpro" charts which are a markup language for charts. Ubuntu already has a CL program called chordii for converting these files to PS While possibly also changing key.01:10
OvenWerksEickmeyer:  however there is also an actual chordpro program that includes a GUI based version that prints PDFs (or displays them. I think, judging by https://github.com/ChordPro/chordpro/blob/master/LICENSE that Fedora has it. It appears to be GPL 1+ or Artistic License as in the file included.01:13
OvenWerksI don't know if we can pull that in or not01:15
OvenWerkschordii seems to work alright even though it only makes post script files because our pdf reader deals with them just fine.01:25
OvenWerkschordpro requires libpdf-api2-perl libtext-layout-perl libapp-packager-perl libfile-loadlines-perl libstring-interpolate-named-perl libimage-info-perl but even though their website feels debian/ubuntu should have these packages ubuntu does not seem to anyway. So maybe it is more work that it is worth.01:46
OvenWerks doing the cpan install pulls eveything in anyway01:46
* OvenWerks is not really happy with any of these yet.02:47
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Looks interesting, I'll look into it.15:34
OvenWerksEickmeyer: I have continued looking.... There is a thing called music stand that CCLI suggests but from reading the comments, it wants to do a download every time you put together a set. There is no use predownloaded from a file library stuff. (CCLI of course charges by the DL) There are lots of other difficulties too. I think I will have to wait till I have a tablet to use. The main thing 17:21
OvenWerksis that I always know what the songs are but almost never the key and I am not to the Nashvile chart yet... though I probably could work with that on bass, guitar maybe not. I might try printing out a NV set using chordii.17:21
EickmeyerYeah, I'm very familiar with CCLI. They charge for every download unless you're a church with a subscription.17:22
OvenWerksI think even then.17:22
OvenWerksmaybe it depends on the sub17:22
EickmeyerIt depends on the subscription. The churches I worked for were allowed unlimited downloads.17:22
OvenWerksThe place I was going a few years ago mentioned they paid for use17:23
OvenWerksbut the where we are now has a nicer one17:23
OvenWerksI haven't asked what it is or charges17:23
arraybolt3What are you trying to do? Get sheet music for church music?17:24
OvenWerksHave something that I can change the key in real time17:25
OvenWerksI think  now is the time to learn nashville charting17:25
OvenWerksback in a bit\17:25
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Honestly, ChordPro's licensing doesn't make me comfortable. GPL1+ is all well and good, but the problem is that, afaik, and per Debian's stance, the GPL can't be dual-licensed because it's a viral license and overrides anything it touches. Therefore, the license can't be GPL-1+ *AND* Artistic, therefore the LICENSE file, from a Debian17:33
Eickmeyerstandpoint, is invalid.17:33
EickmeyerHence, probably why it's never been packaged for Debian or Ubuntu.17:34
Eickmeyer(Also why anything VST3 can't be packaged for Debian)17:35
arraybolt3Not a disagreement, but why does the GPL override anything it touches? I mean the copyright owner can license things however they want, why can't they dual-license things?17:43
Eickmeyer[m]arraybolt3: IANAL, but it has to do with the way it's worded and its viral-licensing nature. The Debian legal team has repeatedly taken the stance that a project, while it can contain components from multiple licenses, the project as a whole cannot be dual-licensed as GPL (or any viral license) and something else.17:45
arraybolt3Hmm. I'm guessing they make an exception for Qt then?17:46
Eickmeyer[m]I honestly don't know. I believe there are specific circumstances for Qt. For instance, if it's a commercial entity for a specific project, then Qt has a proprietary license. If it's for non-commercial or open-source, Qt is GPL. That's how they get around it.17:47
Eickmeyer[m]In the case of VST3 and ChordPro it's "Take your pick" which doesn't jive.17:48
arraybolt3[m]Ah, because it's not a "pick any one you want", it's a "This is *the* license, if you want to go outside its requirement we have room for that with a different license". OK, I get it.17:48
arraybolt3[m]Because then someone could use it under the terms of the non-GPL license and then get sued for a GPL violation.17:48
OvenWerksIs it _and_ or _or_? I got the idea it was OR not and17:53
EickmeyerEven if it's OR, you can't pick-and-choose with the GPL.17:53
OvenWerksSo for dual licencing you have to keep two repos17:54
arraybolt3They could just release two separate "versions" of the software, like ChordPro GPL edition and ChordPro Artistic Edition. Same code, different copyright headers everywhere, different downloads.17:54
EickmeyerCorrect. 17:55
arraybolt3If it was able to get their software into Debian they might do that.17:55
OvenWerks(evn though GPL contains _or_17:55
EickmeyerOvenWerks: But that's "or any later version" of the GPL, not another license.17:55
EickmeyerAnd that's only if the software is forked. But even if it's forked, it must still be GPL.17:56
OvenWerksSame difference. GPL 1 is not GPL2 or GPL317:56
arraybolt3If someone downloaded dual-licensed, GPL-ified code, how would you know which license they chose? What if they followed Artistic and got sued for GPL violation, or the other way around? Unless they specifically chose a license at download time or compile time.17:56
arraybolt3Then they'd be bound to exactly that license (and hopefully the software would leave a record of what license was chosen).17:57
* arraybolt3 wonders if maybe the problem could be circumvented with a clever Debian package that presented a license choice option to the user at install time17:58
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: There's no way to know, unfortunately, hence Debian makes a pretty hard stance as to not even touch it.17:58
arraybolt3Eickmeyer: Exactly my point, thus why I see why Debian would reject it.17:58
arraybolt3[m]OK, back to figuring out why "killall" isn't present by default in the packaging for the lubuntu upgrader.18:02
Eickmeyer[m]arraybolt3: Isn't "killall" part of the core and hence not part of any packaging?18:07
OvenWerksAnyway, it is not a stellar application anyway.18:07
arraybolt3[m]Eickmeyer: It's part of psmisc. Having lubuntu-update-notifier not depend on psmisc is making autopkgtest grumpy.18:08
arraybolt3[m]Anyway I added the dep and it seems to have calmed it down there.18:08
arraybolt3[m]So now I get to fight with all my syntax and logic errors now! :D18:08
Eickmeyer[m]Ah, I see.18:08
* OvenWerks might make his own gui wrapper for chordii.18:11

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