Unit193bluesabre: OK, I won't bother you then.  Did you see the ping re: xfce4-session and lightdm?01:56
-SwissBot:#xubuntu-devel- ATTN: Xubuntu Core 23.04 - amd64 - amd64 built.07:37
* arraybolt3 notices the Xubuntu Core ISO show up15:54
arraybolt3Zsync in progress.15:56
arraybolt3Flashing the Core ISO, will test it on my EFI Chromebook shortly.20:08
arraybolt3Unsure if this was a problem before, but on my Dell Chromebook... 3120, I believe? I'm noticing that my screen is rapidly flashing (not super-noticably, but definitely flashing a bit with Xubuntu Core 23.04.21:57
arraybolt3Hmm, now it stopped. Maybe it was just the screen recovering while powering back on (I think I half-bricked the firmware on this particular machine, it boots when it feels like it and doesn't when it doesn't unless you fiddle with it a good amount).21:58
arraybolt3Anyway, false alarm. ISO boots, used it to entirely zero the storage on the system which succeeded, now doing an installation test.21:58
arraybolt3I'm doing one final test to make sure that the internal storage really is entirely zeroed, then we'll try to install. (I don't usually fully zero storage like this but this time around I wanted to try it.)22:00
Unit193Good that it works, it's too early for something to break it. :P23:19
Unit193Note too that this is the first ISO with pipewire.23:20

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