meenaholmanb, minimal, pretty sure Hetzner's latest iteration on failover IPs are also /32. I wonder how their load balancers work00:57
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blackboxswmeh daily builds for Ubuntu Lunarare failing w/ merge conflicts. I'll probably drop a new PR up that we'd like to get sync'd today https://code.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/+recipe/cloud-init-daily-devel17:16
falcojrweird...merge main into ubuntu/devel works fine but merge from ubuntu/devel into main fails17:21
falcojrblackboxsw: are our build recipes backwards? It's merging ubuntu/devel into main to build our dailies, but that's not how we build our releases17:24
falcojrand I'm also not sure why it would matter...but apparently it does17:25
blackboxswfalcojr: I get that same conflict on doc-requirements.txt merging main into ubuntu/devel - or - merging ubuntu/devel into main17:28
falcojrblackboxsw: Ah ok, I tried it again and same. I must have had one of my branches in a different state.17:29
falcojrglad my git mental model doesn't need to go out the window17:29
blackboxswfalcojr: yeah and I don't see any difference. even merging in separate order17:29
blackboxswI had wanted to go through your new_upstream_snapshot PR  https://github.com/canonical/uss-tableflip/pull/103 to attempt to resolve this merge conflict too (and get bearings on the changeset there).17:31
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 103 in canonical/uss-tableflip "new_upstream_snapshot.py" [Open]17:31
blackboxswGiven that we are trying to simplify the d/changelog creation during snapshots I thought it'd be worth a spin here (and maybe a release to Lunar anyway this week)17:32
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Jasondoes anyone know if there is an equiv for "d-i partman-auto/init_automatically_partition select biggest_free" in clloud-init to partition drives ?19:27

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