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jorisTrying to setup a multiuser machine with mate. I had to remove firefox snap, because it does not work with nfs home directories. Now if a new user logs in firefox is not shown in the menu. I can fix this with editing the menu. Is there a way to fix this for all future users?15:28
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sixwheeledbeastjoris: how did you install and remove ff21:00
jorissixwheeledbeast, I followed some tutorial. I am using mozilla ppa now21:08
sixwheeledbeastAFAIK If you have removed the snap pinned it given priority to the mozilla ppa and installed from there. it should have replaced it correctly for every user. 21:25
sixwheeledbeastthe menu item should be pointing to the correct place and available.21:26
sixwheeledbeastHave you tried making another user to see if its the same21:27
jorisyeah I made another user to test21:29
jorisIt is also in the menu, but hidden, for some reason I need to select it21:30
alkisgjoris: https://ltsp.org/guides/snap/21:33
jorisAfter that it is visible, but a new user is never going to figure that out21:33
alkisgI specifically wrote that for snap and mate :)21:33
joristhanks alkisg 21:33
jorisgoing to check that out21:33
alkisgNot that if you have already uninstalled snap, some "ifs" may not execute, and you'd need to either reinstall snap and re-run the whole thing, or run them selectively21:34
alkisgThe last         if [ ! -e /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/firefox_firefox.desktop ]; then is the one that takes care of the panel icon problem21:34
joristhe last part is what I am looking for 21:35
joristhat is going to be very helpful21:35
alkisgYou'll also need the dpkg-divert line21:35
jorisah yeah thanks21:36
alkisgThat one solves the problem with the hidden firefox menu21:36
alkisgIt's a pity that snap has to be so invasive, to require patches in all desktop environments, instead of just using the PATH or something21:37
jorisyeah... maybe mate with debian is the sane option in the future21:43
jorisGoing to log off, thanks again!21:44

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