athosI used to create schroots with the proposed pocket enabled just through manipulating the skip-proposed mk-sbuild option. It seems that the proposed pocket is getting a lower priority (100) than the release pocket (500) on those schroots (same for when I use extra-repository) and the packages from proposed are not getting pulled without further changes to the schroot12:47
schopinathos: yes, this is because of the NotAutomatic option that has been toggled for the lunar cycle. I also had to go and manually set the preference in the created schroot :/13:45
schopinSee https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2022-November/042338.html for context13:46
athosaha! thanks, schopin ;) 14:02
ahasenackathos: I do this in my scripts:14:15
ahasenack    ssh $host "sudo sh -c 'echo \"Package: *\nPin: release a=*-proposed\nPin-Priority: 500\n\" > /etc/apt/preferences.d/proposed'"14:15
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android6011I am implementing CIS benchmarks on server 22.04 and disabled ipv6. I believe that has caused the system to hang at "a start job is running for wait for network..." until the 2 minute timeout and systemd-networkd-wait-online to show failed. I have a static ip on one nic, but there are other nics with no netplan configuration. I have also tried19:21
android6011netplans with all other interfaces explicitly set to dhcp4/6 false.  I also set dhcp6: false and accept-ra:false in netplan for the active NIC and just can't for the life of me get the boot delay / service failure to stop.19:21
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lord_daemonwhy are passbolt notifications arriving at the wrong time even with the time zone configured?20:26
tomreynlord_daemon: please don't cross-post, thanks.20:29
lord_daemon3 channels, nobody added anything useful20:36
sarnoldtypically people don't bother replying to cross-posted questions, figuring that there's probably answers or conversations elsewhere20:37
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