MooncairnDoes anyone have or know of a decent light 256-color theme for dircolors? I'm finding little more than dark theme after dark theme.02:04
cmaloneyNot familiar with any, sorry02:19
MooncairnMy old .dircolors was a dark mode theme that I adapted for a light-ish console, but it lacked a cohesive plan on which files get colored what and at some point I must have given up tweaking it and adapted by konsole settings to make everything legible.02:57
MooncairnUnfortunately, I can't recreate that konsole theme in gnome-terminal because they each define colors in different ways.02:58
Mooncairnls and exa are suddenly acting strangely wrt dircolors. They seem to be ignoring parts of my .dircolors and using colors for some files that were previously defined but are now changed.20:51
cmaloneyand this is why I tend to use the defaults.20:51
cmaloneybecause I'm not a fan of finding the sharp edges where things stop working.20:52
cmaloneyalso: what's exa?20:52
MooncairnA replacement for ls written in Rust.20:53
cmaloneyOne thing that seems to trip me up is exapanding spaces vs tabs20:54
cmaloneyThat might be something that is causing grief20:54
MooncairnOkay. Found the problem.20:56
cmaloneyWhat was it?20:56
MooncairnI was redefining .md files after I'd set a different color for README.md.20:57
* Mooncairn smacks forehead.20:57
cmaloneyAh, so it's a PEBKAC20:57
cmaloneyLove those20:57

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