andrew_Anyone actually here?03:14
mmikowskiI am andrew_03:16
mmikowskijust a little light lurking ...03:16
andrew_Very well.  Just exploring the Kubuntu app list here.  Didn't know anyone would still use IRC in 2022.03:17
mmikowskiYeah, there's quite a bit of traffic on some channels. kubuntu gets busy earlier in the day at times.03:19
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IrcsomeBot<Omar> Hi how can i upload a pic here?09:24
mparilloIf you want IRC users to see a picture, you need to link to it. So, if I want to easily control the image, I keep it on my GitHub / GitLab, but if I am less concerned, I simply use https://imgur.com/10:47
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gregor3000hi, i need some help. laltely upgrade messages have been popping up to upgrade from 20.04 LTS ot 22.04. i meant to do it next year in April...may i forgot to disabel it18:39
gregor3000i forgot to disdabel it and my kid clicked on it. i am not sure if upgrade ever finished or not. hwo do i check if all is well?18:40
gregor3000i only see that plenty libraries are no longer required and can be removed when i use the update function18:40
gregor3000how do i know upgrade was completed succesfully or if it wasn't how to resume it. i did the fix install, but nothing wants to be fixed18:41
gregor3000i can do the updates18:41
gregor3000i can't see any error messages18:41
mmikowskigregor3000: have you rebooted?19:20
gregor3000he rebooted probably a couple of times already.19:21
mmikowskiok, so can you give me the output of cat /etc/lsb-release?19:22
gregor3000the only (and quite big) issue i can notice right now is that before i had realtek kernel module loaded (i patched the kenrnel to get the wi-fi working) now this doesn't seem to always load. and so the network via cable or via wi-fi is sometimes interrupted19:22
gregor3000and then starts working again. uintil it is interrupted again19:22
gregor3000kind of annoying if oyu play network games19:22
gregor3000though wi-fi connection deos seem a bit better for some reason19:23
mmikowskiIf you upgrade completed, then you will likely need to readjust any kernel changes like that.19:23
mmikowskiCan you confirm /etc/lsb-release?19:23
mmikowskiDoes it show 22.04?19:24
gregor3000the module was not part of 5.4 but is supposed to be part of 5.11 and onwards19:24
mmikowskigregor3000: Yes, you might not have to worry about patching your kernel if you are lucky :)19:24
gregor3000lsb_release -a shows jammy19:25
gregor3000kernel is 5.1519:26
mmikowskiHow about sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade? Does that work?19:26
mmikowskifwiw, all signs look good.19:27
gregor3000apt update loads jammy sources and works. i haven' tried full upgrade but i did try apt upgrade and aside from it throwing out a lot of libraries that can now be removed (by autoremove) it works. i updated xorg server19:27
gregor3000aside from complaining about java PPA there is no errors. just says nothing to update or upgrade19:30
gregor3000i mean 0 packages. and ofcourse a bunch of files can be removed by autoremove19:30
gregor3000which i am a bit afraid to do19:30
mmikowskiSo it appears the upgrade went well. You will likely need to upgrade /etc/apt/sources.list.d (In Discover: Select 'Settings' at BL and then click on 'Software Sources' at MR (mid-right).19:31
gregor3000curiously, last upgrade i did on my own pC from 18.04 it required at least 2 confirmaiton. though it could be he had a more vanilla version than i had19:31
mmikowskiI definitely suggest you try full-upgrade. At least see what changes are recommended. Here it will consider 'breaking' changes, which is the default behavior of Discover.19:31
gregor3000software sources are already all set to jammy. the oracle java PPA i can deal with later it is not really an issue19:31
gregor3000full upgrade command doesn't recomend any changes19:32
mmikowskiAh, good.19:32
mmikowskiCan you confirm the plasma version you are running?19:32
mmikowskiSystem Settings > About This System ?19:32
mmikowskiKDE Plasma Version?19:33
mmikowskiI have a recommendation based on your response :)19:33
gregor3000yeah it just says everythign up to date, 0 removed, 0 to install, 0 no upgraded19:33
gregor3000wait... it's in setting right?19:33
mmikowskiGreat! and right, plasma version is in system settings as above.19:34
gregor3000so we are ok appart from the realtek driver which might or might not need to be patched onto kernel?19:35
mmikowskiGreat looks like you have backports enabled.19:35
gregor3000that's a relief. i disabled upgrade on my PC and my oldest sons, but the younger one, he turned it off and went to bed. i though i will do it next day, then i forgot. and he always does system updates first and didnt' realise it is a system upgrade.19:37
gregor3000looks like he had done it somehow in the background19:37
gregor3000with nvme disk and good wi-fi it might be possibel this is done relatively fast. so he didnt' notice it seems19:38
mmikowskigregor3000: Sorry, got called away.20:20
mmikowskiSo yeah, you're system looks like the distro upgrade worked and everything is pretty much in order.  Best of luck!20:21
ceskaHi.. What heppened with KSysGuard? It;s gone on 22.04? Wtf? what's come sin replacement?20:24
gregor3000thanks. i am just chekcing. i removed old kernels (appart from last and the files). we will see how it goes tomorrow. maybe patch will still be needed or not. right now wi-fi is fine but wired is wonky as it keeps loosing connection and then get's it back. so i did update all his Steam updates. let see how it will go when he tries to play something. if not then i guess a save backup to steam clojd and reinstall. it just all caught me20:24
gregor3000off guard completelly20:24
gregor3000@ceska "system monitor"20:29
gregor3000ceska: system monitor20:30
gregor3000is what it's called now it seems. just found it out my self as well.20:30
ceska!gregor3000 what I'm trying to say that it's gone after I upgraded from 20.04 to 22.04 on my PC. It's not there any more. And there is anything under the name System Monitor that I could fine..20:35
ubottuceska: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:35
ceska gregor3000 what I'm trying to say that it's gone after I upgraded from 20.04 to 22.04 on my PC. It's not there any more. And there is anything under the name System Monitor that I could fine..20:35
ceskaseems google knows about this aleady https://www.reddit.com/r/Kubuntu/comments/ukcj02/what_happened_to_ksysguard_for_kubuntu_2204/ I just now have find out about20:36
mmikowskiceska system monitor is a nice update of ksysguard actually.21:33
ceskaSOmething dont work ..21:53
ceskaI mean system monitor21:54
mmikowskiceska what doesn't work? It's a bit different than ksysguard, but I was able to get everything I needed out of it.22:16
ceskaI cant find it how to runn it.. It's maybe just me.22:51

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