arraybolt3Interesting tidbit from the Debian Policy Manual, https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/best-pkging-practices.html:01:32
arraybolt3" note   -   Rather than being a question per se, this datatype indicates a note that can be displayed to the user. It should be used only for important notes that the user really should see, since debconf will go to great pains to make sure the user sees it; halting the install for them to press a key, and even mailing the note to them in some cases."01:32
arraybolt3I found the bit about "mailing the note to them" particularly interesting - didn't know debconf could do that!01:33
* arraybolt3 would be interested in seeing what exact conditions would be necessary to get debconf to actually email something to someone during an automated install01:33
sarnoldI've seen a handful of bug reports with some fairly obvious "you have to do things" dialog boxes that were just canceled rather than read and understood.. I wonder if those messages came via that mechanism01:33
sarnoldprobably the DEBCONF_NONINTERACTIVE or however that's spelled01:34
arraybolt3Actually that was from the Debian Developer's Reference, not the Debian Policy Manual.01:35
guivercarraybolt3, I didn't respond in -devel earlier as I can't offer anything of value there... but I'll trust in the Ubuntu Technical Board's decision to act as is best.. (current board is in process of final voting now [would need to check watch; possibly voting has actually closed])05:30
arraybolt3+1, sorry if I went overkill there. I misunderstood and overreacted.05:34
lotuspsychjegood morning06:03

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