kvlhello. I would like to report that the mainline kernel builds (https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/) has been failed for a few weeks. Is here the correct place to report?02:55
sarnoldI *think* they haven't been functional since https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/192693802:57
-ubottu:#ubuntu-kernel- Launchpad bug 1926938 in linux (Ubuntu) "Recent mainline packages are built with Hirsuite 21.04, not Focal 20.04 LTS" [Undecided, In Progress]02:57
kvlnot exactly. at least I can get the pageage of 6.0.903:26
sarnoldand install it on eg focal? or are you trying on jammy?03:30
kvlI have 6.0.9 installed on jammy already. Just found that the builds after that are all failed. Sorry, I missed the word "server". The mainline kernel build server has been failed for a few wees. 03:35
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xnoxEickmeyer:  lowlatency config change is largely unchanged since inception.10:14
xnoxaudio specific debugging and troubleshooting is what is likely missing10:14
xnoxit is also likely that the same cracking issues are present in other kernels10:15
xnoxit has been explained to you multiple time before that there is no reduction in testing or attention that lowlatency kernel receives10:15
xnoxi feel attacked and offended that you repeadly suggest that10:16
xnoxmoreover, adt-matrix testing is now executed against lowlatency kernels, when previously it was not done at all.10:16
xnoxso the split has actually increased test coverage10:16
xnoxEickmeyer:  i highly doubt that there are any full time audio engineers working on kernel audio stack, globally, across all upstreams and downstreams. the largest things that come in in audio these days are new drivers for new intel platforms essentially.20:46
Eickmeyerxnox: Correct. The drivers are usually focused on standards-compliance and working OOTB. For instance, my USB audio interfaces are made by Behringer but are OOTB compatible because they're standards-compliant/driverless. The issues come in with hardware/software latency and pushing the limits, making the buffer as small as possible so that there's20:49
Eickmeyeras little latency as possible.20:49
sarnoldheh I think you've got more faith in the 'standards compliance' than I do :)20:50
Eickmeyersarnold: Have to, that's all that, from an audio perspective, we can rely on because HW manufacturers don't care about Linux.20:51
sarnoldunless there's an "official standards compliance interoperability test suite" that all the vendors have to use, it's all just hopes and dreams..20:52
EickmeyerThere is, but it's tested against macOS because Apple is who is setting the standard.20:52
sarnold(and even then, it'd only be as good as their evilest engineer on the job :)20:53
EickmeyerOne example of someone who knows more about the audio stack than myself is Robin Gareus (x42) who was at Ubuntu Summit with us, xnox . He actually does work on the audio stack full-time.20:55
sarnoldno kidding; I also assumed basically no one did20:55
EickmeyerHe works on Ardour and works at Harrison Consoles on a consultation basis from time-to-time. Man knows more about the audio stack than anyone I can possibly think of.20:56
cengiz_ioI don't know much about the intricate details of audio stack, but I think Ardour is a superb piece of software. I did some recordings with it early 2022 and it was flawless. My regards to Robin Gareous.21:57

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