dunkenflauteHello! New to Mate and IRC. Taking a look around. For those celebrating like me, Happy Holidays! I hope your family is warm and safe. And your enemies are cold and hungry. 06:12
alkisgWhich religion is celebrating and wishing harm to enemies? It's not Christianity..06:52
dunkenflauteNever said it was. I  meant enemies like the guy at work who chews with his mouth open. Not a people group. And I meant celebrating in North America. Some parts of the world have their winter holidays at a different time. Some people don't celebrate at all. Do you want to talk about Christianity?07:00
arraybolt3dunkenflaute: Do you have an Ubuntu MATE support question?07:05
dunkenflauteI do not at the moment. I was honestly just saying hello. I didn't realize this was a support only channel. I was expecting conversations. If this is support only I will politely leave until I have a question. Aplogies for anyone I have offended. 07:08

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