lp2skylineguiverc I'm definitely interested.07:29
guivercCurrently we're in collection phase; Bashing-om does that (I did it years ago)... where articles are collected & added to our gdoc (google doc)07:30
guiverca link can be found in the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter I provided earlier07:30
guivercOn saturday (I'm using my local time sorry) I open the gdoc & start writing summaries of the collected articles; the following day is reviews..; it gets copied to the wiki (pre-publish) my local Monday & we publish my-local Tuesday morning.07:32
guivercIf you look at gdoc, I see one collected article in Blogosphere (This GTK Fork of Ubuntu's Desktop...), where a summary will be written (of the article from OMGUbuntu) between the title (=== This GTK) and the link..  Here I'm describing the summary writer role; ie. a good chance (maybe) of learning about the Ubuntu community07:34
guivercI suspect where you'll learn the most (about Ubuntu & community) is not blogo/press though (articles written about Ubuntu Desktop/Server); but Planet articles, The Hub .. which will be articles written by people in the community about a topic...07:35
guivercI used the blogo article only because currently that's all I see in the current skeleton-like gdoc.07:35
guivercThere are no contracts, you can just 'give it a go' & see if it's for you.. If you have questions I'm pretty much always available AEST times, but bashing-om is likewise available most of US CST time I guess07:38
* guiverc heading out for dinner...07:51
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Planet:: Ubuntu Blog: What is MLOps? @ https://ubuntu.com//blog/what-is-mlops09:59
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