lp2skylineHi! Sorry, I was.. not at my laptop02:19
lp2skylineaaronprisk[m], I'd like to help with community stuff I guess? I'm not exactly sure if there's a name for what I wanna do.02:24
Fallenlp2skyline: Let's help find out :) It seems to me like you might be interested in the more high level community strategy pieces, maybe being on the organizing side of the initiatives?12:59
FallenI did a presentation at the Ubuntu Summit that is looking to create a 1–2 year vision on what the community might need to revitalize. This might help you see what aspects you most identify with.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQj9pMBCbc0 12:59
KangaroooHello. I cant log in to- https://portal.admin.canonical.com/17:22
Kangaroooi got email, but when i log in i get Forbidden Sorry, you don't appear to have permission to view this page.17:22
Kangarooo Why then i get some email if im not registered there?17:22
arraybolt3Kangarooo: If you are trying to get access to an internal resource like that, this is probably not the right place to ask.17:25
FallenKangarooo: Hey, good to see you. I don't believe you can log in there, but you can reply to the email to respond. I believe I know which ticket this is about.17:25
arraybolt3nvm, looks like Fallen knows you. I saw this and immediately saw what I thought was a phishing attempt :P17:26
Kangarooo@Fallen yeah i replied, also found that DNS will be updated, did previous admin contacted?17:26
Kangaroooi replied 5 days ago i think and dns info should have one admin contacted also to canonical17:26
FallenKangarooo: IS did try, though I am not sure who the previous admin is if not you? 17:27
Kangaroooserver admin is another one17:27
Kangaroooso i need to log in somewhere to reply and see what more messeges have arrived? i never seen this platform. just got email and i replied on email but cant log in.17:29
FallenI am out on annual leave, but I am happy to put you in touch with the right folks. Can you respond to the email so far? I'll give aaronprisk some context, he can help you today and tomorrow.17:29
Kangaroooi replied 4days ago "Cant log in to track progress". Also contacted server admin and he should have sent correct dns 5 days ago to canonical. @Fallen  ill write again to check.17:31
KangaroooUmm 3 dyas ago17:33

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