sarnoldvpa1977: I especially like the "recovering a broken system" tests in https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1998065  :)00:39
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1998065 in ca-certificates-java (Ubuntu Jammy) "JRE 19/Jammy: package ca-certificates-java 20190909 failed to install/upgrade: installed ca-certificates-java package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 127" [Undecided, Fix Committed]00:39
vpa1977sarnold: =)00:41
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seb128ahasenack, hey, I uploaded the kinetic SRU for update-notifier now, I think it should be in shape to be reviewed again now15:39
ahasenackok, I'll look at it this afternoon15:58
ahasenackseb128: the lunar update-notifier upload is FTBFSing in all arches: "Makefile:273: *** missing separator.  Stop."18:56
seb128ahasenack, yes, I noticed, launchpad sends emails to the uploader19:45
seb128ahasenack, I don't get the issue on my machone, nor in a lxc container nor a pbuilder, I'm unsure how to debut it19:45
seb128also the variable mentioned doesn't exist in a build tree for me, so it's puzzling19:46
ahasenackdid you enable proposed? For real (remember that new setting that downgrades proposed)19:46
seb128oh, maybe I didn't for real :/19:46
enr0nCan a MOTU or core dev please retry this test? https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/request.cgi?release=lunar&arch=amd64&package=prometheus-ipmi-exporter&trigger=systemd%2F252.1-1ubuntu119:47
seb128enr0n, retried19:48
enr0nseb128: thank you!19:48
seb128ahasenack, thanks for that note, indeed proposed was not correctly enabled, that's annoying19:55
seb128ahasenack, also it seems to be due to pkg-config -> pkgconf19:55
seb128ahasenack, please don't block the SRU on it19:55
ahasenackI uploaded to a ppa, I'm getting failures elsewhere, but I'll let it finish building19:56
seb128ahasenack, I can reproduce locally after install pkgconf instead of pkg-config...19:58
ahasenackseb128: bionic failed in all arches, and kinetic just on ppc64el. This ppa does NOT have proposed enabled: https://launchpad.net/~ahasenack/+archive/ubuntu/update-notifier-translations/+packages20:10
seb128ahasenack, could you retry that kinetic ppc64el build in case that was flakyness?20:12
seb128ahasenack, I will check on bionic, annoying :/20:13
ahasenackI got that locally, and then decided to throw them all at a ppa20:13
ahasenackI wanted to see if I could check some translations locally20:13
ahasenackand selected bionic as being the oldest (not as old as xenial), do see if it would have esm updates20:14
seb128ahasenack, https://github.com/pkgconf/pkgconf/issues/260 is the update-notifier/lunar issue20:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Issue 260 in pkgconf/pkgconf "Regression: m4 VERSION variable breaks builds" [Open]20:15
seb128not a great sign for that 'let's pick pkgconf as a replacement to pkg-config 'that  it is a regression reported in august and ignored since20:15
ahasenackI wasn't aware of this pkg-config <-> pkgconf change, what's the tl;dr?20:16
seb128pkg-config is unmaintained and afaik pkgconf is supposed to be a better maintained drop-in replacement20:16
seb128that doesn't convince me about the better maintained part...20:17
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1998095 in pkgconf (Ubuntu) "[MIR] pkgconf, replacement for pkg-config" [Medium, Confirmed]20:17
seb128ahasenack, update-notifier/bionic fixed, confirmed in a ppa and reuploaded (I rejected the buggy one, thanks again for catching the issues, sorry it's a bit of a rush week and I hadn't planned to work on that so I tried to make it not too time consuming but should have tested a bit more anyway)20:34
seb128ahasenack, and the kinetic retry worked20:53
ahasenacklemme check21:25
ahasenackwas in a call21:25
ahasenackseb128: I think you missed a -v for the changes file21:30
Odd_BlokeMy @ubuntu.com email address is bouncing: what's the right channel to get that sorted?22:00
stgraberdoes #canonical-sysadmin exist on libera?22:00
stgraberor sysadmins? can't remember the exact name :)22:00
ahasenackseb128: want me to fix that?22:01
Odd_BlokeThanks St├ęphane!22:03
seb128ahasenack, I reuploaded, thanks!22:27
seb128and calling in a day on that note, thanks again for the reviews, I hope things are in shape now22:28
seb128I will investigate the pkgconf issue in lunar tomorrow but that's not a problem with the sru22:28
ahasenackit's not indeed22:28
ahasenackhave a good one22:29
ahasenackI'll continue tomorrow, almost done. Have to check something in bionic, the automake stuff23:00

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