nightBulbGreetings people. Que: What is the default kernel that is installed with Ubuntu 22.10 ?16:52
nightBulbI'm currently using the Linux 5.19.0-26-generic 16:53
nightBulbbut the default is set to 5.19.0-26-oracle ... ?16:53
nightBulbthe default is set to linux-image-5.19.0-1013-oracle16:54
nightBulbI don't know when the change happened (or how) ...16:54
nightBulbEvery time I have to select the Generic Kernel as the oracle on doesn't boot16:55
ahasenackthe -oracle suffix hints that it should be used in the oracle cloud18:32
nightBulbYup but its somehow installed on my non-cloud system ...18:39
sarnoldbummer, I'm sad he left20:01
sarnoldwe spent hours last week trying to figure out why a bunch of users got the oracle kernels installed on an update and we never figured out how that happened20:01
sarnoldof course, it took out the nvidia drivers, so the affected people were stuck with "no graphics", and recovering from *that* is in "must be good at debian/ubuntu" terroritory.. I wouldn't be surprised if there's folks who had to reinstall etc :(20:03
ahasenackwas that a kernel update you think?20:06
sarnoldall the pieces started falling after last weeks' kernel updates, yeah, but we never did figure out what caused it, we couldn't replicate it ourselves, etc :(20:15

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