itloftSpricht hier jemand deutsch?07:34
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efixDas clickup snap paket funktioniert nicht richtig. Hat jemand eine Idee was ich da machen kann?07:37
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BluesKajHi all13:29
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user|4Hello, what qemu command should I use to boot kubuntu?15:30
user|4I guess `qemu-system-arm -machine virt  -cdrom kubuntu-22.10-desktop-amd64.iso` but it isn't quite working15:30
arraybolt3user|4: You're trying to boot an AMD64 ISO with an ARM emulator. That is likely to never work.15:37
arraybolt3user|4: QEMU is pretty complicated, but once you know how to use it it's not too hard. Let me see if I can give you a working command line.15:38
arraybolt3user|4:        qemu-system-x86_64 -accel kvm -cdrom kubuntu-22.10-desktop-amd64.iso -m 4G -nic user -smp 215:39
arraybolt3That should give you relatively good performance. You'll need a system with at least 6 GB RAM to be able to run that.15:39
arraybolt3Note that this only just boots the ISO and doesn't provide a disk image to install to - doing that requires some extra work.15:41
arraybolt3You may also want to add "-vga qxl" to the end of that command if you want better graphics acceleration in the VM.15:41
user|4ah ok thx15:51
user|4Thought amd = arm XD, only used intel before15:52
user|4Wait why is the command qemu-system-x86_64? shouldn't it be something like qemu-system-amd6415:53
arraybolt3x86_64 and amd64 are the same thing, but QEMU uses the x86_64 terminology.15:58
user|74After upgrading from 20.04 -> 22.04, all my desktop icons/thumbnails are gone?!17:23
cbreakuser|74: are they still in ~/Desktop ?17:35
user|74I don't have a ~/Desktop ?!17:36
cbreakthat's weird17:37
user|74also all in the taskbar/panel are gone17:40
cbreakuser|74: why do you think you have no desktop?17:45
cbreakdid you chedk with ls -la ~/Desktop on a terminal?17:45
user|74(base) marcow@feather6:~$ ls -la ~/Desktop17:46
user|74ls: cannot access '/home/marcow/Desktop': No such file or directory17:46
user|74(base) marcow@feather6:~$17:46
user|74And all the 'taskbar icons' should not be anywhere local to the user anyhow ?!17:50
cbreaksome of them are local, in ~/.local/share/icons17:51
cbreakdepending on how you got them17:51
user|74There is something else going on?! 'blending/merging' different images/layers?! Look at the following screen shot, the icon for the pop-up *is* found https://www.bytesalad.org/owncloud/index.php/s/QkNrwRqnUTAGrdK18:05
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user|74cbreak I had to replace *libqt5quick5-gles* with *libqt5quick5* and now things seem to work again. Not sure, why/how that got messed up:-(22:32
-ubottu:#kubuntu- Launchpad bug 1999946 in qtbase-opensource-src-gles (Ubuntu) "System icons missing in kubuntu 22.04.1 (after upgrade from 20.04.5)" [Undecided, New]22:41

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