youngbin_Hello Fallen I just sent a email to Adam to ask about sponsorship payment but seems like his email address not exists. Are there other staff that we can reach out for this?02:46
lp2skylineheya Fallen I'm sorry I keep missing you04:51
Fallenlp2skyline: no worries at all, irc can be used async, just answer when you are there and we'll respond when we are.06:40
lp2skylineOh hey!06:41
Fallenyoungbin: 302 ilvipero since I am trying (unsuccessfully :) to be away.06:42
lp2skylineI'm not sure what you mean by "high level community strategy pieces"06:42
Kangarooo@Fallen dns admin replied he send email 4 days ago with correct dns to rt@admin.canonical.com but they didnt reply yet11:33
aaronprisk[m]<lp2skyline> "I'm not sure what you mean by "..." <- I believe he means some of the overarching goals we're striving for in the community. 19:13
aaronprisk[m]A good start might be telling us a little more about you and the types of activities you like to do. We may be able to help guide you to a place where you can achieve your goals. 19:13
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