oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:44
seb128goood morning desktopers!09:02
oSoMoNsalut seb128 09:14
seb128oSoMoN, salut! en forme ?09:14
oSoMoNça va, et toi?09:15
WimpyBonjour o/09:20
seb128Wimpy, salut, ça va ?09:48
WimpyAller bien. Mais il fait un froid glacial ici !09:50
seb128brrrrrrrr :)09:51
oSoMoNhi Wimpy !10:17
kenvandinemitya57:  hey, i got a ping for the folks at telegram asking if i can help them transition the telegram-desktop deb to a snap.  Looks like you have had a number of uploads on that, is that a package you typically look after?12:56
kenvandinethe older versions do not work well and they need to be able to make sure users stay pretty current12:57
ograsounds like you want something like firefox or chromium do ? (deb2snap transition)12:57
kenvandinethat's exactly what they are asking for13:02
jbichagood morning13:04
ogralooks like it is an import from debian though ... there was only a singl no-change rebuild to have it pick up new Qt versions from the archive13:06
mitya57kenvandine: Hi! All my telegram-desktop uploads were just rebuilds for Qt ABI breaks :)13:32
mitya57If you need someone who needs the package well, you may try asking the maintainer of it in Debian.13:33
mitya57*who knows the package13:33
kenvandinethat's fine, we wouldn't want deb2snap in debian13:33
kenvandinejust making sure i wasn't going to step on anyone's toes :)13:34
kenvandinequite a few features in the version in bionic and focal aren't supported, and users just quietly miss messages, for example13:35
kenvandineand that kind of thing will continue to happen13:35
ricotzhello desktopers, could someone take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~ricotz/ubuntu-seeds/+git/ubuntu/+merge/43477814:24
bandaligood day18:34
bandalihey ricotz, so there was a new firefox point release (108.0.1) today. i'll push to both PPAs (~mozillateam's and ~ubuntu-mozilla-security's), though the sponsoring/uploading of it by security team will most likely be done after the holidays18:35
ricotzbandali, hi, great, please *only* push to ubuntu-mozilla-security ppa18:50
ricotzthere is no need for two identicial source builds resulting in different binaries18:52
ricotzbandali, still around?19:20
bandaliricotz, hey, am around now19:59
bandalisorry i'd already pushed to the mozillateam ppa for bionic and focal :/19:59
bandalii see the builds were cancelled20:00
ricotzbandali, hey, to not conflict with the official builds in the security ppa I am adding ~mtX suffixes, but if there are foreseeable uploads to the security ppa then a binary copy of the successful builds are the best20:01
ricotzsame for the thunderbird builds20:02
ricotzyeah, I cancelled them in favor the security ppa builds20:02
bandaliah ok cool cool. yeah i'll push to the security ppa for bionic and focal in a bit20:03
ricotznote that the build-deps are not an exact match between the two PPAs, so the security PPA builds are preferred20:03
ricotzthanks! I am going to binary copy them from there when they finished :)20:04
bandalisounds good!20:06
ricotzbandali, I am wondering if there were any issues with the missing s390x builds?20:06
bandaliricotz, the desktop and security team seem to agree that the broken builds on s390x for firefox are not critical20:07
bandalibut if i do manage to get my hands on a s390x vm i can try generating patch like you'd done for the other arches and see if it helps20:08
ricotzbandali, I see, noted :)20:08
ricotzI still have hope for an upstream fix to have those files properly generated on build-time :)20:09
bandaliright, yeah that would be great20:10
seb128ahasenack_, hey, unsure what happened to update-notifier/bionic, didn't I fix it yesterday?21:01
ahasenack_seb128: I don't know, but the last upload again didn't have the autoconf generated files, and the build failed21:02
ahasenack_seb128: I filed a bug for it, #199989721:02
seb128ahasenack_, where did it fail? I don't see it accepted21:03
ahasenack_seb128: I tried a build before accepting21:03
ahasenack_seb128: the one at the top (most recent), https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+queue?queue_state=4&queue_text=update-notifier21:04
ahasenack_you can see in the diff it's removing the autoconf generated files21:04
ahasenack_I was considering uploading with that restored and accepting, but didn't get to it today21:04
seb128ahasenack_, I don't understand, I've a .upload from the right version21:05
ahasenack_seb128: do a dget https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+upload/29992183/+files/update-notifier_3.192.1.15.dsc21:05
ahasenack_open it up21:05
ahasenack_and you will see there is only autogen.sh in the source directory21:06
seb128ahasenack_, I'm just saying I don't understand what happened21:06
seb128the content on my disk is right21:06
seb128I reuploaded...21:06
seb128it's in the queue21:06
ahasenack_seb128: the upstream bionic branch has the problem, it doesn't build in bionic21:06
ahasenack_but the bionic package, in the archive, builds21:06
ahasenack_it has the autoconf generated files21:06
seb128ahasenack_, right, I fixed manually the source yesterday to get that moving, I don't want to investigate buggy vcses at this point before holidays21:07
ahasenack_likewise :)21:07
seb128ahasenack_, the queue has a working one now21:07
seb128I just opened the source from the queue in my browser21:07
ahasenack_maybe you fixed it for one upload, then there was the wrong changes file, and that upload lost the fix?21:07
seb128it has the configure21:07
seb128yeah, dunno at this point, but if you want to wrap that before holidays the queue should be right21:08
seb128let me check xenial as well21:08
ahasenack_xenial was fine, but yeah21:08
* ahasenack_ dgets21:08
seb128ahasenack_, ah, I misread what you wrote on the bug about xenial, k, so we should be sorted out now21:10
seb128ahasenack_, thanks again for catching up the different problems and sorry for the buggy uploads21:10
ahasenack_seb128: the changes file again... ;)21:10
seb128ahasenack_, reupload, let's see if I managed to yet again screw something :-p21:12
seb128reuploaded I mean21:12
ahasenack_changes ok21:13
ahasenack_getting the thing21:13
ahasenack_contents ok21:13
seb128ahasenack_, THANKS :-)21:14
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