sarnoldarraybolt3: :D yay!00:21
arraybolt3I can't believe some of the antics he was doing at the end. Like good grief.00:22
arraybolt3He got his file size almost down to as small as his return value :D00:22
sarnoldhaha, yeah; it's pretty wild. I do wonder how many of those things still *work* today, though, as the ELF loader went through a *lot* of security fixes..00:26
sarnold(I even found one bug in it while working on the signed executable work, but when I went to report it I found it had been fixed in a newer version :( )00:27
lotuspsychjegood morning02:41
Y05hito__what's up?02:53
Y05hito__seen the last blender open movie short? try it in youtube it's action packed.02:54
wezMornin' lotuspsychje 03:38
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