JanCnothing in the APT logs?00:33
sarnoldi've never learned anything useful from dpkg logs, so I never think to look there00:36
sarnoldand I didn't remember that apt actually logs the terminal output until yesterday, in the shower .. I thought "I should ask the apt team to always log the terminal output, that'd be useful!" and then it hit me, that feature already exists. heh.00:36
sarnoldso when I had a guy on irc, I hadn't thought to ask for those logs. when I remembered, nobody on irc. :(00:37
JanCat the very least the APT logs would show what else was upgraded at the same time01:05
JanCmost likely one of those packages is involved...01:05
sarnoldhaving the term log of the event would answer so many questions :(01:07
JanCalso, a list packages that were installed before & after might be useful01:07
JanC(also, it might be a _missing_ package, but that would also be derivable from all that)01:08
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