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guiverclp2skyline, ping so you can read ^/back and Lyz's (pleia2's) response on Ubuntu Women  (said a little under 12 hours ago)02:49
guiverc:) & thanks Fallen 02:50
Bashing-omguiverc: IRT: https://youtu.be/tQj9pMBCbc0?t=563 ... Had the wife pull it up on her graphics station // Inclusion of our UWN played nicely in the contribution theme; Fallen presented it well. Hey big thanks Fallen :D02:55
lp2skylinepleia2 oh, okay! I.. don't know what I want to do then :(04:50
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guiverclp2skyline, it's saturday morning (my local time) & it's today I write summaries for UWN  (not now, later today), I can let you know when I start that if interested and maybe guide you a little?21:31
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guiverclp2skyline, if interested, let me know (& time that suits you) as I maybe to adjust my time to better suit you23:26

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