wawqy[m]good afternoon! "I think that i had problem only in my notebook with the distro 22.04 of Ubuntu Studio, but now i discover that the same problem in others computers pc, practicaly don't start, fail after de grub, at the user login, don't work, sometimes is not posible type de pwd, for example. I seem that this are not litle problem, i think at least important ... i hope this can solve fast.". Maybe has a problem with plasma ? 20:09
Eickmeyer[m]wawqy: Not likely as it would be more widespread and affect Kubuntu as well.20:10
arraybolt3Actually, I have noticed problems with unlocking the screen sometimes, on both Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio.21:09
arraybolt3Sometimes the password dialog just doesn't want to take a password. For me, Kubuntu would fail the password two or three times and then let me in, and on a much slower system, it would just keep failing the password until I unlocked the screen with loginctl.21:10
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: That's pretty universal. Just be patient for about 5 secs after wake from sleep.21:11
EickmeyerInteresting tidbit: you can enter the password and, even if it's not registering feedback with the dots, it's still receiving input and will unlock when you hit enter after inputting the password correctly.21:11
arraybolt3Oh, the dots show up just fine, it just says "Unlocking Failed" every time you press Enter.21:12
arraybolt3(Or the first few times.)21:12
EickmeyerProbably a libinput initialization issue, takes a few seconds, like I said.21:12
EickmeyerBut yes, I experience it too.21:13
arraybolt3Ah, OK. It only took longer than a few seconds on the slow laptop, so you're probably right.21:13

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