SirLouenand see if I can debug the issue with the KDE team00:00
arraybolt3SirLouen: You generally aren't supposed to report bugs to upstream KDE. Report them to Ubuntu, then we can help fix them.00:00
arraybolt3You can run "ubuntu-bug kwin" in a terminal to get started.00:00
arraybolt3From that point, the Kubuntu developers can handle testing and whatnot, reporting a bug to the upstream developers if they can reproduce the problem in the latest version of KDE.00:01
arraybolt3That's how all bug reporting in Ubuntu is supposed to work.00:01
SirLouennah I don't like to report bugs with bug reporters00:02
SirLouenI want to followup my own bugs00:02
arraybolt3You'll be able to do that.00:02
SirLouenhow so?00:02
arraybolt3The ubuntu-bug command collects system info and then pops open a browser window for you to report the bug.00:02
arraybolt3From that point, the developers can ask question and get the rest of the info they need. You can add further comments in the future as necessary.00:03
SirLouenok i see, and why the devs detach from kde upstream?00:03
arraybolt3It's just like reporting a bug to upstream, except that we actually can and want to deal with a bug in the version of KDE you're using, and the upstream developers, don't.00:03
arraybolt3We don't keep software upgraded to the latest versions for stability reasons, instead fixing bugs as they come up when we can.00:03
arraybolt3Upstream doesn't want to deal with the old software we ship.00:03
arraybolt3Which is reasonable, they're busy making the new software that we'll get to ship later.00:04
SirLouenin fact they do. They are maitaining KDE 5.24 and 5.26 but not 5.2500:04
arraybolt3Right, 5.24 is an LTS release, 5.26 is the latest... interim release, I think? 5.25 is not really maintained anymore by them, but it is maintained by us.00:05
arraybolt3We chose to ship it in Kubuntu, since it was ready for use at the time, now we will maintain it, even if upstream doesn't want to anymore.00:05
SirLouenkind of strange the amount of maintenance carried by so many devs00:05
arraybolt3(I use the term "we" loosely - I'm not a Kubuntu developer, though I work with the Kubuntu developers and am a Lubuntu developer, so I know how this process works.)00:05
arraybolt3SirLouen: Heh, yeah, but it lets us ship a stable OS that works :)00:06
SirLouenalso 22.10 is not a an LTS and 22.04 I believe that ships KDE 5.2400:06
SirLouenprobably 23.04 will go with 5.26 that is the next LTS for KDE and for ubuntu right?00:07
arraybolt322.10 is not an LTS release, true. But it is supported for now. Non-LTS releases get support just like LTS releases, just for shorter periods of time.00:07
cbreakthe kde in 22.10 is better than the one in 22.0400:07
SirLouenthe X.10 are the discord versions00:07
cbreakbefore upgrading, kde always leaked x11 connections until I couldn't open new windows00:07
SirLouennot too early versions, but not too stable00:08
arraybolt3I don't know which release of KDE will be used by 23.04.00:08
SirLoueni simply assume that there is a KDE team backporting 5.26 bugs to 5.25, a massive job00:09
SirLouen# ubuntu-bug => It says that the issue cannot be notified because i don't have kwin package installed00:11
arraybolt3Argh, my fault, one moment...00:11
arraybolt3ubuntu-bug kwin-x1100:11
arraybolt3^ Try that.00:11
arraybolt3(I forget that KWin has an x11 version and a Wayland version.)00:11
SirLouenright, now it works00:13
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> hey, anybody pls help me ,05:43
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> i can't able to create partition in pendrive05:43
IrcsomeBot<Fcost3> Hi how do I solve this error in Kubuntu 22.04 it exits at the end of the boot and at the beginning of it05:45
IrcsomeBot<Fcost3> 0.980738] ACPI Error: Needed type [Reference], found [Integer] (_______ptrual_05:45
IrcsomeBot<Fcost3> (20210730/exresop-66)05:45
IrcsomeBot<Fcost3> [ 0.9807531 ACPI Error: AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE, While resolving operands for [St ore] (20210730/dswexec-431)05:45
IrcsomeBot<Fcost3> [ 0.980780] ACPI Error: Aborting method PR.CPUO. PDC due to previous error (AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE) (20210730/psparse-529)05:45
user|22hello my kubuntu intermittently locks up and i need to restart my pc, is there anyway to check somewhere for maybe a crash log or something ?07:29
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fusionfutureTele<user|22> "hello my kubuntu intermittently..." <- what's your plasma version?11:04
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BluesKajHi all14:16
user|13hi all, im having random lockups with kubuntu that requires a restart of my PC. not sure where to begin or start looking for maybe some crashlogs or something. using plasmashell 5.24.716:12
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I keep getting this error when i turn my laptop off : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/557f5f28/file_62291.jpg19:21
rtsnikUpdated kubuntu 21.04 to 22.04. There were packages from the gnome interfering with working in the system. Example IBus Panel. Previously, this package did not exist, and it works regardless of the main system keyboard layout. If I make an exit, by the icon on the panel. The keyboard in the taskbar and Dolphin stop working. How can I remove gnome22:48
rtsnikpackages painlessly?22:48
rtsnikThe keyboard in the application launcher does not work. In the search field, the first character is entered, and then nothing ...22:50
rtsnikcommand - apt search gnome | grep installed, shows that there are packages in the system: gnome-desktop3-data, libgnome-desktop-3-19 and a few more. Are they needed? Help solve the problem if possible22:54
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