BluesKajHi all13:44
will1166how to find channel regarding kubuntu???21:05
arraybolt3will1166: I think you were there already, in #kubuntu. However, that's the technical support channel. If you're looking for a chat channel, #kubuntu-offtopic (or #ubuntu-offtopic) might be better.21:06
will1166thank u kind friend21:06
will1166arraybolt3, sorry i said mirv i thought i clicked on someone else.. maybe if u have free second how do i create an actuall login or do ii even have to?21:10
will1166if ur busy no problemo soorry to interupt21:10
arraybolt3will1166: One moment...21:11
arraybolt3will1166: https://libera.chat/guides/registration and https://libera.chat/guides/sasl21:12
arraybolt3The first link is how to make an account and log in, the second link is how to set up your IRC client to automatically log in when you turn it on.21:12

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