arraybolt3[m]Any plans on the lubuntu-update-notifier front?20:50
arraybolt3Also since the removal of compton and the switch to Pipewire should probably get some pretty thorough testing, would anyone object to me tackling those changes while we have things pending on the bugfix front?22:15
arraybolt3[m]Simon Quigley: Once a Debian package is fully fixed and the changes land in Sid, is it acceptable for me to double-check that we can sync over Ubuntu and then use syncpackage?22:57
arraybolt3[m]I get the feeling that doing so would be a bad idea, as we have stuff like alternate Git locations and the like.22:57
arraybolt3[m]Unless I can sync Debian and Ubuntu together and then sync our Git instance with the archive (thus plowing over anything that was an Ubuntu delta that we can drop).22:58
arraybolt3[m]Maybe this is where merge-o-matic is supposed to be used?23:25
tsimonq2<arraybolt3> "Also since the removal of..." <- ACK 👍23:53
tsimonq2<arraybolt3[m]> "Unless I can sync Debian and..." <- This 23:54
tsimonq2I'm sorry for my absence- I will have more thorough responses soon heh23:54
arraybolt3[m]tsimonq2: OK, makes sense, but for stuff like our Vcs-Git fields and the like, how do we handle that? Just make a delta every time? (Also, no worries, I have plenty to do in the mean time.)23:54
arraybolt3[m](I mean, change those every time we make a delta :P)23:54

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