ahasenackdep8 queues are sad11:56
JackFrostIndeed, garcon and xfwm4 are annoyingly stuck. :/11:58
arraybolt3vorlon: If you have a minute, I have a question related to licensing. I believe we have included pictures from Unsplash in Ubuntu in the past, and I know we use at least one picture from there in Lubuntu. However, recently I looked at the Unsplash License, and it restricts collecting pictures from Unsplash to develop a competing site, which appears to possibly conflict with DFSG requirement 620:53
arraybolt3(no discrimination against fields of endeavour). For instance, someone could arguably violate the license by including Ubuntu/Lubuntu wallpapers in an Unsplash-like website. However, arguably this wouldn't be a license violation because they wouldn't be gathering pictures from Unsplash, but from Ubuntu. Is this a potential concern?20:53
arraybolt3(Asking you specifically at Simon's suggestion)20:54
arraybolt3tsimonq2: ^20:54
tsimonq2ubuntu-archive too ^20:55

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