* zxmpi microwaves a few mince pies and leaves them on a plate for the channel15:52
daftykinsooh i haven't even picked any up so far this year, i could definitely murder a mince pie15:53
zxmpiit's the little things you forget... the 16kg tin of quality street15:54
zxmpithe secret prize at the bottom of the tin is diabetes 15:56
daftykinsand there can be many winners!15:58
davefQUALITY STREET .. god damn it.. I knew I was missing something17:03
davef(yes, one of the things I can get in Canuckistan)17:03
daftykinsmission pop-into-co-op for a mince pie failed! none!17:23
zxmpistill 1 thing to get pre crimbo https://jacobs.ie/product/elite-chocolate-mikado/17:26
daftykinsoh wow i don't think i've ever seen that17:28
zxmpiwhen they were first released in ireland a few years back 2006ish? they had to ration them to 1 tin per customer they sold out so fast17:30
zxmpinicer than a jaffa cake but you wouldn't have them as often as they are 1)expensive and 2)too rich17:31
penguin42oh I've heard of the Mikado's but never found one18:13
penguin42zxmpi: When you say 'expensive' - do you mean relative to the same mass of jaffa cake, or to the entire case of jaffa cakes one normally eats in a sitting?18:14
zxmpiE16 per kilo of jaffa cakes. E16.23 per kilo of elite mikado18:21
zxmpiE15 per kilo of jaffa cakes. E16.23 per kilo of elite mikado18:21
zxmpiand that's with mikado now on clearance 18:22
zxmpimuch more expensive in october/november18:22
davefJaffa Cakes > Mikado .. sorry18:25
penguin42perhaps this requires a deep scientific experiment?18:28
zxmpii'll write up the facilities request for the hadron collider18:31
penguin42oh dear, cleaning the orange jamions off the inside will take some time18:32
zxmpiyou can't do proper science without mashing jaffa cakes. well known fact that18:33
penguin42but, tbh I was thinking of more of the scientific experiment where we all get 1kg of each and eat them in random orders and decide afterwards which was the best18:34
zxmpiwell that is part of the experimentation process but it also includes a multi player session of doom in cern and how handy the jaffa cakes/mikado are for snacking during it18:36
penguin42perhaps we need to build an equivalent ring between the Jacobs and McVities factories?18:45
zxmpian advanced site testing biscuits are up to spec and haven't been optimised for the benchmark tests18:52
daftykinsi could definitely lend some hours to such a worthy cause18:55
penguin42zxmpi: Bah! Optimising your biscuit for the ISO standard dunking machine!18:56
daftykinscommence 'soak test'18:57
zxmpiof course the iso committee meetings on which tea to use in the tests will take years to come to a standard18:59
zxmpimight need to find a working leo to get a fair answer to that19:22
daftykinspicked up a box of these after being disappointed by no mince pies - https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/26534225819:58
penguin42a grim substitute21:32
daftykinshaha, i got lots more to console myself21:34
zxmpia tesco with no mince pies... before crimbo... ::shakes head sadly::23:34
daftykinswell that was just an example, we don't have them here - just local co-op was where i went23:37
zxmpistill, a supermarket without mince pies a few days before crimbo. should be a wall of them they're worried won't shift23:38
zxmpiyou walk into any supermarket day 27th and it's 'MUST CLEAR' items everywhere you get for a steal23:41
zxmpithat's when you replenish your choccie orange stash :-D23:41
daftykinsi'm still recovering from last time :(23:42
penguin42I was wondering about walking in just before closing on 24th23:51
zxmpithey'll be jammers with so many people coughing up a lung with latest variant 23:52
daftykinsi did get some jaffa cakes as well of course23:53
penguin42I had to break my 2.5 year supermarket-abstinence in the last week or so, and yeh hmm23:53

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