JackFrostarraybolt3: ...Bored?04:13
arraybolt3More busy than bored, whatcha up to?04:14
JackFrostMeh, nah then.  I was gonna give you a link for ISOs.04:14
arraybolt3Which ones? I like new ISOs. :)04:15
arraybolt3i EVEN HAVE A FAST ISO TESTER.04:18
arraybolt3(semi-oops caps lock)04:18
arraybolt3JackFrost: I literally thought you were a Xubuntu developer I hadn't seen before the whole time I've seen you here. It only just now dawned on me that you're probably Unit193 (which a /whois just confirmed).04:23
arraybolt3Alright, that's just too funny. Where's the ISO?04:23
arraybolt3I actually do have a bit of time to play with that sort of thing, and my vm-isotest script makes it fast.04:23
JackFrostGot something that can test UEFI+sec?04:24
JackFrostThere ya go.04:24
arraybolt3Thanks, testing!04:25
arraybolt3(Funny thing, my vm-isotest script actually *can't* do Secure Boot yet, but GNOME Boxes can... or I can add SecBoot functionality right now :D)04:28
JackFrostFunnily enough, I have a PowerEdge that needs bnx firmware for network, Debian's mini.iso of course was useless and had issues with the non-free installer too.  But booting this and doing a debootstrap install worked like a charm. :P04:29
arraybolt3Heh, advantages of being a Linux developer I guess?04:29
arraybolt3(Oh that lovely feeling when you're lookking at code you wrote 6 months ago and have almost no idea how it works D-X)04:30
JackFrostJust feels weird booting a UI on server hardware...04:31
JackFrostMy plan for the actual install will be to boot this on the old and new host, set up ssh, and rsync everything over to "install". :P04:31
arraybolt3Out of curiosity, where are you running this PowerEdge at? I wanted to buy one to act as a build server some time ago, but then was scared off when I found out that running them in a residential area could be breaking FCC rules.04:32
JackFrostNot at home, and this is an old beast anyway.  1950.04:33
arraybolt3o_O They had servers back then?!04:34
arraybolt3Oh, wait, you mean it's a Dell Poweredge 1950, not a 1950' Dell Poweredge. My brain may not be working all the way correctly...04:34
JackFrostComputer years maybe.04:35
JackFrostStill though, older CPUs but 8 cores and 16G of ram is nice for a server.04:36
JackFrostIt won't be a buildserver, anyway.04:38
arraybolt3OK, here's hoping my new Secure Boot support works...04:50
arraybolt3I mean it can boot Kubuntu anyway (waiting for the other one to download)04:50
arraybolt3Alright, looks like it works!04:51
JackFrostI don't even have a nice way to test UEFI alone.04:52
arraybolt3Well then you'll love this script.04:52
arraybolt3You can do a UEFI test on a BIOS system even.04:52
JackFrostI don't have nor plan to use "Boxes"04:52
arraybolt3I'll push my changes once I verify they work, then send you the link. It's just a script that runs QEMU.04:52
arraybolt3But it's somewhat fancy :)04:52
arraybolt3Like you can do "vm-isotest -live -nodisk -secboot -m 8G -cpus 4 l kinetic-desktop-amd64.iso.04:53
arraybolt3(Argh, my connection to my IRC bouncer is lagging so I keep deleting characters I didn't mean to :P)04:54
arraybolt3Like you can do "vm-isotest -live -nodisk -secboot -m 8G -cpus 4 -ll kinetic-desktop-amd64.iso".04:54
arraybolt3Oh. My. Gosh.04:54
arraybolt3Like you can do "vm-isotest -live -nodisk -secboot -m 8G -cpus 4 -l kinetic-desktop-amd64.iso".04:54
arraybolt3^ didn't typo it this time!04:54
arraybolt3Anyway I'm happy to be the local UEFI and Secure Boot tester, it's kind of fun.04:57
JackFrostThanks for checking it.04:57
arraybolt3JackFrost: OK, finished downloading the ISO. When I booted it, I saw a ton of "Prohibited by security policy" messages scroll down, but it then let me proceed to boot the ISO properly.05:13
arraybolt3Installation seems to be working.05:14
arraybolt3Thanks to a boffo in my script, getting the installed system to boot was a challenge, but it boots and seems to work! I really am liking it.05:23
arraybolt3Firefox is working to stream media. For a second I thought audio was borked but then I figured out it was muted :P05:25
arraybolt3I say it's a success. Also, very nice work on this, it's very comfortable and easy to use.05:27
JackFrostIt's basically Xubuntu.06:45
arraybolt3Well you and everyone else here did a really good job on Xubuntu too. :)06:46
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