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IrcsomeBot<fr3ts0n> 506:36
IrcsomeBot<fr3ts0n> 306:37
user|87Bonjour, je cherche une distribution qui installe automatiquement linux en dual boot avec windows. Qui peut me renseigner ? Merci08:35
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minjunhello from hannah montana linux version10:29
* arraybolt3 really hopes that person doesn't use that for their daily driver - way too outdated and probably a security nightmare11:07
guovim /etc/default/locale12:04
IrcsomeBot<Charlie1024> I am getting ACPI bios error while rebooting13:10
IrcsomeBot<Charlie1024> My kubuntu 22.10 blutooth issue not showing devices13:12
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mybalzitchdunno where to ask, but I hit some key sequence in firefox and it seems to have completely muted itself13:49
mybalzitcheven application under the kde mixer says no apps are playing audio13:50
mybalzitchoh, sigh. was super simple fix. thanks for listening13:52
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Glad we could be your rubber ducky :)14:05
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IrcsomeBot<Gecko250> Would purging entire snap from kubuntu break the system?20:03
mmikowskiGecko250: Do you mean will removing snap from the system break it?20:56
mmikowskiIf so, the answer is mostly no, but you will likely have some plugins lying around that expect snap to be there, like a snap backend for Discover.20:56
mmikowskiIMO, best to keep it around for when you need it, and prefer Debian packages if that what you want.20:57
jeffersonGood night, I have installed Kubuntu, I'm Brazilian and I can't add portuguese language to work and the keyboard to ABNT2, can you help me?22:52

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