penguin42<sigh> should say why - my dad died a few days ago, and well, lots of emergency 'get this' type of things00:11
daftykinsoh no - sorry to hear that :(00:12
daftykinswas it sudden, or was there an illness?00:14
penguin42~2.5 weeks - (maybe flu with) pneumonia00:14
daftykinsah that recent one that's meant to be particularly strong, doing the rounds? doh00:15
zxmpiso sorry to hear that :-(00:15
penguin42it's difficult to know - they never actually isolated the agent00:15
penguin42todays meta operation was scanning his death certificate with his scanner00:16
daftykinsthat must be a really odd experience00:17
penguin42one of many00:18
daftykinsthere's no good time, but oy what a time of year00:18
penguin42coldest night of the year00:19
penguin42it was first few minutes of Friday at the end00:19
daftykinsi hope the healing is prompt anywho00:20
davefpenguin42: my condolences :( 01:14
daftykinsthese ISOs auto checking these days is ruining my super slow over-WiFi remote console ISO mounting to the server i'm tinkering with01:15
daftykinsi've attempted to add the skip param this time but it's still a big wait01:15
davefwait. what? since when does ubuntu show ads logging in via ssh?!01:36
daftykinsare you seeing that little one that has a joke in it, too?01:37
daftykinsi was so disappointed01:37
davefno, it gave me some nonsense about using k8s01:38
daftykinsoh i've seen similar for quite a while01:38
daveffound what's causing it.. motd-news01:38
davefyeah, disabled that01:38
daftykinswith extreme prejudice!01:40
daftykinsi opened a galaxy ripple and found most of it mashed xD impossible to slide up out of the packet!22:28
penguin42well, at least it was only a Galaxy23:30

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