MooncairnHaving some issues w/ GNOME and Evolution.17:45
MooncairnMy entire desktop soft froze. Mouse worked, raising/lowering windows and accessing top bar icons worked, buy keyboard and actual app interaction didn't.17:45
MooncairnThis is at least the second time now.17:45
MooncairnAnd it was all trigged by me bringing up (my running Evolution), again.17:46
MooncairnLasted for about a minute or two. I kept pulling and replugging my mouse and keyboard cables to no positive effect.17:47
MooncairnOnce again I'm left to wonder if this a software or a hardware issues.17:47
MooncairnThe fact that Evolution keeps triggering it points at a software problem.17:48
MooncairnAlthough the is (at least) the second time it's happened desktop-wide, Evolution routinely locks up for 30 seconds after I bring it up.17:49
MooncairnThat and other issues with Evolution is pushing me toward abandoning it and switching to Thunderbird.17:49
cmaloneyI only use Evolution because Thunderbird spammed the crap out of my log files19:14
cmaloneyotherwise it's better for my overall workflow19:14
cmaloneybut Evolution also seems to work better over here than what you're experiencing19:14
cmaloneyIt could be a password window that isn't getting displayed that's causing it19:15
cmaloneyI've had some wonkiness with password key unlocks over here.19:15
MooncairnI've been having other issues. E-mails that are there one second, gone the next, then back after a minute.19:18
MooncairnAlso lots of errors connecting to my mail source. At its best, I have to retry fetching mail. At its worst, I have to quit Evolution and restart it.19:19
MooncairnSometime the message header will come up but the body can't be fetched. Things along those lines.19:19
MooncairnHow exactly did it spam your log files? Is it just that verbose in it's logging?19:21
* Mooncairn smacks forehead.19:21
MooncairnPardon the grammar errors. My brain's already on holiday.19:21
cmaloneyNo worries19:21
cmaloneyThunderbird was just logging a boat-load of errors every time I brought it up, which got surfaced in log-check.19:22
MooncairnSpeaking of log checking, Ubuntu doesn't seem to mail warning messages to root like Debian does by default, nor is there a .xsession-errors for X problems.19:50
MooncairnUgh. It doesn't look like GNOME's calendar program supports tasks unless I've missed something.19:59
Mooncairn*sigh* I'm back in Calendar Hell which I'd thought I had left behind with KDE.20:31
MooncairnAt least I'm not losing calendars or having events getting eaten by the PIM system, so there's that. :S20:34
MooncairnAnyway, I found some breadcrumbs to the whole freezing thing. I'm seeing a lot of GNOME keymap reassaignment errors in syslog around the time of the freeze, and there's been reports by others with the same thing.20:36
MooncairnBest guess right now is that GNOME is flooding the kernel's logging system with errors faster than the kernel can write them out, and the freezing is a result of the kernel pausing the offending process.20:37
MooncairnI'm not sure if I buy that, but it does fit the evidence pattern so far...20:37
cmaloneyah, that makes sense21:45
MooncairnOh lovely, Clementine is spitting out debug messages into the syslog every 10 seconds.22:23

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